Chapter 2: Spring Passes, Summer Comes, Autumn and Then Winter_1

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Not only Jiang Hui noticed these few golden yellow saplings, but the Black Giant Python did, too. Judging by the Python's expression, it seemed to have known all along that these golden sprouts would take root and germinate here.

Jiang Hui gave them a few extra glances, but that was it.

He was only a willow tree after all. Even if these saplings were some extraordinary treasures from heaven and earth, he had no use for them.

Besides, these peculiar saplings were growing in the Giant Python's den. It was clear that the Python was their owner. While Little Black, the Python, might look terrifying, its nature was simple and honest. They had been living together for so long, it was only fair to leave these saplings to it.

Jiang Hui withdrew his gaze, resuming his watch over the distant scenery.

In the far distance, a massive red sun towered high, tinting the horizon with a blanket of red, like being draped in a robe of ethereal crimson-rose, bathing everything on the ground within that splendidly hazy rosy hue. It was extraordinarily beautiful.

This breathtaking scene, solely from nature, was irresistibly tantalizing to him.

However, before he had a chance to marvel, the sound of sudden rain startled him back to reality.

The rainfall was abrupt, carrying the unique chill of late autumn, without any sign of warning. It wasn't heavy, though.

Autumn rain was continuous and incessant.

Although willow trees were not afraid of rain, the soaking wet feeling still made Jiang Hui feel slightly uncomfortable.

Fortunately, this period saw quite a few rainfalls, almost every few days. The discomfort was not as intense as before.

Despite his subjective dislike for rain, it was the source of life for the majority of plants.

Jiang Hui was no exception.

His roots were deeply embedded in the soil, robust and thriving, dense like a spider web, currently absorbing the accumulated moisture from the soil surface, stocking up nutrients.


Time flew like a shuttle, years passed in a flash.

Time rolled on, and the years vanished. Where can we find the vicissitudes of past days?

In the blink of an eye, three years had passed.

Throughout these three years, Jiang Hui had still not spotted any traces of humans, gaining 10 experience points every day regularly.

Although the points were not many, they added up over time.

It took 1,000 points to level up from Level 0 to Level 1, and 10,000 points to level up from Level 1 to Level 2; a tenfold increase. The same pattern applied to further levels.

After three years of accumulation, Jiang Hui had gathered a total of 10,800 experience points, enough to level up again.

After spending 10,000 experience points, he made it to Level 2. Just like the first level-up, this time, too, he was rewarded a lucky draw.

Jiang Hui didn't feel like saving it, he used it straight away.

"Draw is complete, congratulations, you have won the Skill Method: Body Refining Scripture."

"Body Refining Scripture: Upon successful cultivation, it will strengthen muscles and bones, enhance body constitution. Minor success can yield the Power of Ten Thousand Catties, while Completion can achieve the Power of One Hundred Thousand Catties."

"Completion could actually have the Hundred Thousand Pound Colossal Strength?"

Jiang Hui became rather envious. However, what frustrated him was his inability to cultivate it. He could only pass it on to his believers.

As long as the believers had a Faith Value of 60 or above, he could directly teach them various Skill Methods and Divine Skills, thereby gaining enormous Experience Points.

Anyone who had received the blessings would reach a Faith Value of 100 instantly, thereby becoming a loyal believer regardless of who they were.

"The system only mentioned 'believers', but it didn't specify that they had to be humans." Watching the Giant Python climb towards him leisurely as usual, Jiang Hui suddenly had an idea.

This idea took hold the moment it surfaced and was hard to dissipate.

Subconsciously, Jiang Hui used the Surveillance Technique on the Giant Python, but was taken aback by the result.

Race: Underworld King Python (Rare Ancient Species).

Age: 13

Faith Value: 80

Skill Method: None

Divine Skills: None

"What? The Faith Value of this Giant Python is a staggering 80 points?!"

He thought he had it all figured out until he actually measured it, to his surprise.

Completely beyond Jiang Hui's expectations, the Faith Value of the Black Python reached an astonishing 80 points, which significantly exceeded the system's requirement of 60 points. With just 20 points more, it could even become a loyal believer.

A snake could actually produce Faith Value? And such an outlandishly high value, too!?

Jiang Hui was astonished. Even after racking his brains, he couldn't figure out how. All he could do was refer it back to all things having spirits.

Deciding not to dwell on it further, he comforted himself with the notion that it was enough as long as it was his believer.

He now had a believer, but Jiang Hui started hesitating again.

Would it be too absurd to let a snake cultivate?

However, he didn't come by a believer easily. He felt unsatisfied if he didn't at least give it a try.

With a resolute decision stemmed from the notion of treating a dead horse as if it were still alive, Jiang Hui passed on the Body Refining Scripture he had just received to the Black Python.

The Black Python was of extraordinary origins, even recognized as a rarity by the system. There was a chance it could produce an unexpected reaction.

In the midst of nowhere.

A willow leaf slowly floated down, goofing off in mid-air before gently landing on the forehead of the Black Python.

"Hiss hiss hiss..."

The Giant Python, which was taking a nap, woke with a start. In its daze, it felt that something had been stuffed into its rather barren brain.

It flicked out its tongue, taking in the information, surveying the surroundings. There was no movement at all, just the whistling of the wind against the vegetation…

"Little Black, I gave you an opportunity, you must not squander it. Start moving, the deeper you cultivate, the more experience I end up gaining."

Although his first believer was a snake, Jiang Hui was still somewhat hopeful.

Yet, quite apparently, the Black Serpent did not understand his blazing ardor.

Just under Jiang Hui's expectant gaze, the Black Giant Python shook its head, a puzzled expression on its face. It resumed its previous position and sunbathed contentedly in the warm sunlight.


Watching the Black Python falling back into its "Gentle Township", Jiang Hui was left speechless.

So be it, he should continue looking for another good believer.



There are no seasons in the mountains. The cold weather doesn't change the year either.

In a blink of an eye, another twenty-seven winters had come and gone.

That year.

Heavy snow closed off the mountains.

The continuous snowfall, as fine as goose feathers, lasted for three whole days. Everywhere was covered in a blanket of white, not until the fourth day at noon it started to slow down.

In the coldest of days, all was quiet, as though everything was deep in slumber under the chilly air.

The Black Python, true to past winters, had gathered enough food in its body before the arrival of winter, and found a dry cave to hibernate early on.

It's worth mentioning that six years ago, those golden sprouts had finally borne fruit. Five fruits, in total, about the size of a fist and looking like fabulous agates, had emerged.

The Black Python swallowed these shiny fruits without a bit of hesitation.

After swallowing the radiant fruits, the Black Python seemed to have acquired some level of intelligence. It had actually begun to cultivate the Body Refining Scripture that Jiang Hui had passed on. What's more, it had made significant progress within a short period. Not only did its body become larger, the scale armor on its body had also become denser and harder.