Chapter 3: Human_1

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Little Black became even more robust, its scale armor shining brightly, significantly enhancing its attack and defense capabilities.

Importantly, after successfully cultivating the Body Tempering Scripture, Little Black provided Jiang Hui with more than a thousand experience points. This was equivalent to three months of his "arduous training", which made him very excited.

Besides, after Little Black became his devoted follower, a vague connection appeared in his mind. Through this connection, he found he could communicate briefly with Little Black.

However, Little Black's intelligence was still limited, and their communication was limited to the simplest words. But Little Black was quick to learn and follow his instructions, which comforted Jiang Hui...



Majestic Mountain Range.

A few kilometers from Jiang Hui, in a low and flat mountain valley, everything was silent.


A few figures broke the rare silence.

The one who led was a young man clad in beast skins, with loose hair, a tired face, walking slowly.

Behind the youth dressed in beast skins followed a woman with a similar appearance. The woman's features were not extremely beautiful, but her natural simplicity, especially her clear black eyes, added even more charm.

A man and a woman, wrapped in thick beast skins, were struggling to trek in the deep snow.

"Ah Meng, are we really leaving the tribe?"

The woman smacked her lips that had turned purplish due to the cold and spoke weakly. Her physical strength was almost exhausted after the long journey.

"Our tribe has been annexed. We only have to run, the farther, the better!"

The youth wrapped in beast skins declared decisively.

Not long ago, a war broke out between his tribe and another tribe over territory and food. Unexpectedly, the clan leader of the opposing tribe had reached the Cave Heaven Realm.

Those in Cave Heaven Realm have extremely powerful bodies, which are not only strong but also terrifying. Their vitality hums like a long river, and they can imprint the totem of the tribal sacrifice or a ferocious beast on their bodies. Thus, even the most average Cave Heaven individual has a strength of tens of thousands of kilograms.

What does the force of tens of thousands of kilograms mean? Just one punch, and even a boulder can't stand it, let alone their weak bodies.

The scales of the war became unbalanced.

Even if they tried their best, they were still far from being a match for the others.

The adversary was too powerful, with vitality like a raging river, a casual punch could explode their bodies.

In the end.

The tribe was defeated, the chief was killed in battle, young men were slaughtered, old men and children were made into laborers, women were captured to serve as slaves, and to become machines for giving birth.

The youth wrapped in beast skins and some other tribesmen fought desperately and barely managed to escape. However, due to the enemy's pursuit, they unfortunately became separated on the escape route.

"Ah Meng, if we go further, I'm afraid we will enter the depths of the Great Wilderness. The old Clan Leader said that there are terrifying beasts inside, some of which are even more fearsome than the leader of the Fire Tribe. We cannot go on."

The woman in beast skins exhaled a breath of cold air and grabbed hold of the man who wanted to continue moving forward. The towering spike-like trees in front of them were visibly more dense, obscuring the sky. The woman's intuition began warning her she must stop here.

"Then let's rest here for a while."

The beast-skin-clad youth nodded, took out a pack of folded beast skin from his arms, spread it on a flat patch of snow.

These accumulated snow were exceptionally solid, not to worry about sinking into it.

Afterward, he took out several pieces of frozen, salty, and hard rabbit jerky from his bosom.

"Ah Meng, why don't we settle down here? Not only is it far from the Fire Tribe, but it's also in a good location. We haven't encountered any ferocious beasts along the way, it's suitable for our survival."

The beast-skin-clad woman suggested.

As she said.

This place is not only wide and open, but the terrain is flat, and the mountains block on all sides, there's ample supply of water. It is indeed a place for living that has been favored by nature. Even the previous tribe site selection was not as good as here.

The beast-skin-clad youth surveyed his surroundings and indeed it was so.


From atop the mountain, Jiang Hui noticed these two figures and was somewhat excited.

Although the man and woman were thousands of meters away from him, his Five Senses were able to enhance with the increase of his level.

At level one, his hearing, vision, and taste could reach 300 meters.

Now at level two, these abilities have directly reached 3000 meters, increasing ten times, and all of the other party's actions were within his sight.

It had been more than thirty years. This was the first time Jiang Hui saw humans.

From their dressing, it seemed they were in the Primitive era, clad in beast skins, and with weapons made from the bones of unknown beasts, indicating a low level of technological advancements.

However, this couldn't be said so absolutely because even in his previous life, there are also some primitive tribes in unfrequented deep mountains and old forests.

As for appearance, they had yellow skin and black hair, more like Asians, and their facial features were no different from modern people. They looked even more handsome and beautiful as a result.

In his line of sight.

After the man and woman stopped for a rest and didn't continue forward, they found a huge hollow tree hole, stuffed some dry thatch in it, and moved in directly.

This unmatchable living style of their tribe, is not only convenient and warm, but it can also prevent attacks by carnivorous wild animals.

Having a place of rest and multiple days of exhaustion, it wasn't long before the youth and woman in beast skins fell into a deep sleep.

Jiang Hui did not take any action to startle them. He decided to observe for a few days. Although he now urgently wanted to grow his congregation of followers, he wouldn't take just anyone.

At the very least, these two people cannot offend any unoffendable figures. Otherwise, if such figures come to find them, he is possible to be implicated.

He's not strong enough yet, and the only two Divine Skills he has, can't assure his self-protection, he needs to lie low.

In the following few days, the youth and woman in beast skins stayed in the hollow tree almost all the time, except for addressing their natural needs and hunting.

The hunting skills and experience of the youth in beast skins were very formidable, he still reaped a lot even in the harsh wintertime. Almost every few days, he would catch a small animal.

The two didn't have fire, but they had brought a lot of crude salt. Every time they killed an animal, they would smear the salt on it, and then put it on the snow for marinating. After being thoroughly marinated, it could be eaten raw.

The accumulated snow began to melt on the 19th day...

On this day, Jiang Hui finally gathered enough experience points to level up to level three.

It took 100,000 experience points to level up from level two to level three, which cost almost thirty years of his time.

Thirty years, it was enough time for an ordinary person to grow from birth to adulthood. Fortunately, his life span was very long, with each breakthrough adding at least tens of thousands of years to his lifespan, otherwise, he might have not been able to endure it.

With a move of Jiang Hui's mind, the 100,000 experience points that he had painstakingly accumulated were immediately emptied.