Chapter 1: The First Lottery Draw_1

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"Ding, experience +10."

Feeling the system's voice ringing in his mind, Jiang Hui, bored, shook his slender green branches.

Three months.

Unknowingly, he has been reincarnated as a willow tree for a full three months.

From the initial disbelief to awakening the Golden Finger, to the present-day go-with-the-flow attitude.

In these three months, with the help of Golden Finger, he has been receiving a reward of 10 experience points every day. However, he is still just a level 0 common willow tree.

It's simple.

It takes a whole 1000 points of experience to upgrade from level 0 to level 1. With his current growth rate of 10 experience points per day, even now, he still falls short of 100 points.

There are roughly two ways to increase experience points.

The first one is system-given, an incremental increase of 10 points of experience per day.

The second one is through cultivating believers and power.

The more the number of believers, the stronger their abilities, the better their talents, the greater the opportunities they get, the more the experience points that are rewarded.

The same goes for power, the larger the power, the more the experience points that are given in return.

However, as a level 0 common willow tree, he is currently unable to hear or see, let alone people, he can't even detect a ghost. Naturally, this grand path is out of the question.



On this day, the span of ten days finally hurried past.

The dew accompanied the dawn, the warm glow illuminated the earth...

"Ding, experience +10."

"Congratulations, host's experience has reached 1000, would you like to level up immediately?"

After these days of accumulation, Jiang Hui's total experience points finally reached 1000, allowing him to level up from 0 to 1.

Without hesitation, Jiang Hui immediately chose to level up, he had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

"Successfully leveled up, as a reward, you get one chance to participate in the lottery!"

The system's voice rang out.

After leveling up to 1, Jiang Hui's body instantly became as sturdy as a water tank, and his height suddenly grew by ten meters, reaching over 30 meters.

"So comfortable!"

Feeling the vibrant vitality spreading from his body, Jiang Hui couldn't help but want to yell out.

This sense of comfort is far beyond the description of language, it reaches deep into his soul. It's as if there's a clear sky after the rain, and it seems like thousands of rhythm flashed through his mind...

However, he can't make any sound at the moment, so he can only enjoy it in his heart.

[Race: Mutant Willow]

[Level: lv1]

[Annual Ring: 10]

[Power: None]

[Number of believers: 0]

[Divine Skills: None]

[Kung Fu: None]

[Items: None]

[Psychic Power: 100]

[Number of lottery draws: 1]

After leveling up to one, not only did Jiang Hui's body change, but a personal panel that only he could see also appeared before him, with his information briefly recorded.

After a quick glance, Jiang Hui directly clicked on the lottery.

"The lottery is complete, congratulations on winning the Divine Skills of Five Senses and a Junior Surveillance Technique."

"Five Senses: Upon use, you can permanently gain vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Except for touch, the effective range of vision, hearing, smell, and taste is within 300 meters (can be increased with levels)."

"Junior Surveillance Technique: You can view basic information of any item (cannot be upgraded) (automatically activated)"

"I actually won this!!!"

Looking at the introduction, Jiang Hui couldn't help but feel exhilarated.

Leaving aside the surveillance technique for the time being, the most important thing was this Five Senses.

Although after reincarnating as a willow tree he didn't have to worry about hunger or thirst, he had lost his sight, hearing, and tactile sensations, feeling dazed and aimless as if he were a walking corpse.

Now that he had acquired the Five Senses, he could finally see the world he was currently in and experience the most natural changes for himself.

"Use the Five Senses immediately."

Suppressing his inner excitement, Jiang Hui then thought.


The next moment.

A chill sensation, subtly brimming with coolness, suddenly came over him, settling on Jiang Hui's body, just like the feeling of an electric shock.

What followed was countless droplets of water falling down like parachuting soldiers, within the range of his vision...

In the distance, towering ancient trees blocking out the sun, crisscrossing streams and waterfalls formed a landscape resembling an earthly paradise.

However, due to the range limitation of the Five Senses, Jiang Hui couldn't see too far.

But even so, this was enough to make Jiang Hui happy.

He could see, he could hear, and more importantly, he could feel.

This feeling of being able to control his body again almost moved Jiang Hui to tears.

Who knows how tough it has been living for three full months without hearing, sight, or touch!

After a long while, Jiang Hui regained his senses, turning his attention to the second divine skill.

The changes brought about by the surveillance technique were not as apparent, but being able to investigate the basic information about any object was still a good help.

In the following days.

Jiang Hui's life undoubtedly became much more interesting. He either gazed into the distance or watched the small animals frolicking by. Although the range is only three hundred meters in radius, he still found joy within.

Unlike the common viewpoint, the Five Senses would let one perceive movements from all directions. This almost omnidirectional view gave him a unique feeling.


After observing for some time, Jiang Hui had somewhat sensed that the world he was currently in was probably not Earth.

After all.

He didn't remember any forest on Earth being as dense and mysterious, as mythical and boundless as this, with towering mountain ranges emerging one after another, looking like it was from prehistoric times...

He also didn't remember any serpents on Earth reaching a terrifyingly astonishing length of 30 meters, even much longer than the known biggest python on Earth, the titan python.



On this day.

Just after finishing his photosynthesis and "filling" his belly, Jiang Hui was about to take a short break when a rustling sound abruptly echoed.

Jiang Hui glanced at it and then withdrew his gaze.

Without guessing, he knew who was coming.

A moment later, the rustling sound vanished, and a huge black shadow slowly appeared.

Just as Jiang Hui expected, it was that enormous black python over thirty meters long.

The python was glowing black all over, resembling a black-spined snake from his previous life, but much bigger in size. It slowly crawled over.

After it arrived next to Jiang Hui, the giant snake chose a spot with perfect sun exposure, spread its entire body straight, and began lazily basking in the sun.

Ever since the python found that the spot Jiang Hui was in was the most comfortable for sunbathing, it virtually became a regular visitor here, making a pit stop every day unless the weather was poor, wind blowing or rain falling, almost consistently.

The first time they met, Jiang Hui was so scared by this giant python that he was almost paralyzed. Fortunately, after seeing that the snake mean no harm over time, Jiang Hui finally let it go.

After basking in the sun for half a day, the black python finally woke up contentedly from its nap, yawned, and lazily crawled towards the bushes nearby.

Although it was a gigantic creature, it moved pretty fast, disappearing from Jiang Hui's view in just a moment.

The python's den was not far from him. He sneakily peeped at it as soon as he got his Five Senses. It was merely an open pit, deeper and larger, with nothing noteworthy to pay attention to.

Jiang Hui habitually glanced at it as always on that day.

"Huh? Something seems off."

This time.

Jiang Hui's gaze, which was about to be withdrawn, paused.

Several tender shoots that had just burst out from the soil next to the python's den caught his attention.

Unlike other seedlings, these few were glowing in gold all over their bodies. Under the slight light, they sparkled with a metallic sheen, pretty dazzling. Anyone could tell at a glance that they were extraordinary.