Queen of Ashes

Shen Xi wakes up one day only to find out she has transmigrated into a book as a mere supporting character, Ning Xi ,which was a character that was supposed to end up losing her life, Ning Xi is determined to change her fate. The girl whom everyone thought was the worst in class could actually score full marks? That was not all she had, she had many hidden identities to be revealed later. And her love life? The world's most handsome, dominerring, cold,aloof, powerful man who despised coming into contact with women, or ever had a girlfriend, the mysterious Gu Zhen was actually chasing after her? Why was the second most powerful family, the Fu family claiming she is their long lost daughter? Why was the vice CEO of one of the most powerful entertainment company claiming she was their boss? It was now time to get back at those trying to hurt her and her loved ones. But that was not all, she had many other tricks and identities up her sleeves to bring down the people who would hurt her. Was this really the unsightly girl whom no one had respected and always looked down upon? Other novels: Flames of Love Love In The Midst of Chaos

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She looked around for a nearby bar and went there although she didn't have any money on her. In her previous life she was a youth who lived a carefree life and had been hurt so many times by people she tried to help.

She usually went to the bar or read books to release her tension.

She was going to make sure this new chance of a new life would not be the same although it seemed this new life of hers wasn't going to be easy. Well in her previous life she had many talents so she would apply them here.

"Ning Xi?", a hand tapped her shoulder from behind and called out her name. She turned to see a very handsome guy who seemed about the same age as her.

She looked at him with confusion not knowing who he was.

"Who are you?", she asked in surprise at the stranger before her.

"Are you for real? You...you're asking me who I am? I'm your classmate", the boy coughed in shock.

"Ah...I have a problem with remembering faces that's why!", Ning Xi coughed, feeling a bit embarrassed.

Actually she loved people with very handsome faces or beautiful faces and this guy seemed to fall into that category.

"I feel like you're acting weird and different today! Judging from the look on your face you definitely do not remember my name right? It's fine, I'm Tan Yu and I'm surprised to see you here. what brings you here?", hee looked into her eyes as if trying to read her thoughts.

"I see... I've been here before but maybe you probably have not seen me around... I'm just here to take a look around since home is quite boring!", Ning Xi forced on a smile, she was going easy on this guy because of his pretty face.

"You really seem different now, however are you sure you're not looking for someone?" he asked and followed her eyes which were looking around.

"Hey buddy what's up! Oh f*CK! Who's this pretty lady? Never seen her around here, is she one of your chicks?", A blonde guy appeared beside Tan Yu and placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Go away! She's not one of them!", Tan Yu pushed the blonde guy away.

"Woah! First time seeing you defend a girl...is she your girlfriend?", The blonde guy asked in suspicion.

"No!", Ning Xi immediately said out aloud

"Of course not!"

Both Ning Xi and Tan Yu answered at the same time.

"Whatever! I'm taking my leave then!", The blonde guy patted Tan Yu on the shoulder and left.

"That's one of my friends, don't worry he was just joking!", Tan Yu's face flushed red

"I'm going to have a sit then!", Ning Xi waved her hand and walked away Tan Yu, followed suit walking hurriedly to catch up to her.

When did Ning Xi learn to walk this fast?

"Are you going to drink?" he asked after noticing her sit at the bar counter.

"No I don't have money!", Ning Xi shook her head and emptied her pockets to show she had no money.

"Then why did you come here?", he asked in confusion.

"To release my tension, stop asking so many question, it's about to give me a headache.

Tan Yu,"..."

Had this shy girl always been so sharp-tongued?

The Ning family house...

Ning Rou sat in the living room seriously studying when she heard footsteps at the door, when she saw who it was she got up and run to hug the person.

"Brother!", she exclaimed with happiness and looked up at him with her hands circled his waist

"I missed you so much", Ning Rou said shyly.

Shu Man looked down at the pretty girl and smiled at her. This was his girl, pretty, humble, intelligent, kind and so loving.

"Brother, why did you come?", she asked with joy.

"RouRou I came to visit you since it's been a while", he kissed her forehead and held her hands as they walked in together.

Ning Rou was smiling all along. After he sat down he handed Ning Rou two large gift bags.

"Brother what are these?", she took them and looked at him questionably.

"Gowns and pieces of jewellery for my grandfather's birthday party, I want you to look all glamorous and be the prettiest that day!", he smiled in response.

At the bar...

Ning Xi was enveloped in thoughts about the mysterious guy in whose arms she woke up in, such a line did not exist in the book when she had read.

What could have gone wrong? Did something change because of her arrival or had she missed out on something?

She subconsciously touched her lips and smiled.

Tan Yu saw her movements and was dumbstruck. Everyone knew how pretty Ning Xi was, she was so pretty that no one in this world could compare to her beauty, she was...too pretty. Her smile just now was so mesmerising that he couldn't help but also smile, no one knew this but only he knew he had a crush on this pretty lady.

Ning Xi snapped out her thoughts after someone tapped her for a long time.


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