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Queen of Ashes


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Shen Xi wakes up one day only to find out she has transmigrated into a book as a mere supporting character, Ning Xi ,which was a character that was supposed to end up losing her life, Ning Xi is determined to change her fate. The girl whom everyone thought was the worst in class could actually score full marks? That was not all she had, she had many hidden identities to be revealed later. And her love life? The world's most handsome, dominerring, cold,aloof, powerful man who despised coming into contact with women, or ever had a girlfriend, the mysterious Gu Zhen was actually chasing after her? Why was the second most powerful family, the Fu family claiming she is their long lost daughter? Why was the vice CEO of one of the most powerful entertainment company claiming she was their boss? It was now time to get back at those trying to hurt her and her loved ones. But that was not all, she had many other tricks and identities up her sleeves to bring down the people who would hurt her. Was this really the unsightly girl whom no one had respected and always looked down upon? Other novels: Flames of Love Love In The Midst of Chaos


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