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QT: Against My Will


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[Update Schedule: minimum 3ch/week] SYNOPSIS: After a painful separation from her boyfriend, Bing Shi gets an opportunity to meet him again. Under one condition. To get her wish granted, she will have to travel to different worlds and finish all the assigned missions from the System HeadQuarters. In each of these universes, she's thrust into the company of the creme de la creme of men - alpha males who could stir butterflies in even the most self-assured and independent women. Will she be able to keep her cool around these magnetic hunks, or will her resolve crumble like a stale cookie? Amidst the chaos, Bing Shi stands firm: "I want only one thing – my boyfriend." In a cosmos filled with temptation, will her loyalty and love for her boyfriend emerge victorious? [Author's Note]: Don't be fooled by the term "quick transmigration." Each arc is a full-length romance novel in its own right, complete with side characters that are capable of development. :3 [EXTRA CHAPTER WITHIN 24h FOR EVERY: 1500 Gifts, 15 Golden Tickets/month, 150 Powerstones/week] [Challenge update: 10/1500 Gifts] [Amount of chapters to release: 0/0] [Amount of released chapters since the start of the challenge: 8] Illustrator/Artist: E.Y.R. E.Y.R's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_snoozy_cat_/

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