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Chapter 33 - Phoenix Awakening

[February of 2012]

[°Hellfire Mansion, London, England°]

3rd Person P.O.V

Cassandra Nova felt an overwhelming amount of psionic energy suddenly flowing through the air as she stopped her attack and psionically traced that energy and her gaze settled to red-haired woman named Jean Grey.

The woman in question was silent as she had her eyes-closed and her red hair began floating in the air as if she is under water as winds began blowing around her and the temperature began rising.

Jean Grey began lifting off the ground as the temperature around her continously rose in a steady pace. The winds blowing starts to get more and more chaotic as all the mutants that was just fighting stopped as they silently stared at her floating form.

Time seemed to stop as everyone in the place felt heavy in their bodies as they continued looking at Jean. The woman suddenly opened her eyes as a shock wave burst out from her and spreads omni-directional.

The shockwave seemed to also carry psychic energy as not only it made the mutants in the place stumble from the impact, it actually even stopped the still ongoing battle of Charles Xavier and Emma Frost as the former fell from his wheelchair and the latter slumped to the ground while holding her head.

All the mutants looked up and saw Jean Grey floating with large amount of mystical-looking flames surrounding her as her opened eyes seemed to also made of the same fire as it looked at all of them with an impassive look.

"J-Jean?" Scott Summers shakily raised himself from the ground as he spoke with some hesitation while looking at Jean Grey.

"Jean Grey" didn't even seem heard him as she continued looking down at them with an emotionless visage as her eyes began moving around and her gaze settled to the Charles Xavier that was pathetically slumped on the ground.

Xavier saw her looking at him and couldn't help but gulped as beads of sweat began appearing on his forehead. He then tried to test the waters "Jean?"


But he wasn't met with any reply as he began lifting from the ground and floated as "Jean" willed him to come near her.

"Jean, what are you doing!" The Wolverine slightly raised his voice as he asked after seeing Charles being roughly lifted like that.

"Jean" was about to do something ti Charles when her head whipped to the direction of Cassandra Nova as she spoke with an eerie calmness "You try control me? The Phoenix?"

Cassandra quick retrieved her Telepathy as she knows she made a grave mistake as the moment her power even neared Jean, she was met with the feeling of an endless amount of psionic energy. She tried to make a run for it as she flew away.

The Phoenix wasn't amused with her as she just waved her hand and Cassandra who was trying to fly away was then consumed by cosmic flames and was disintegrate in just two seconds – her soul not even spared by the will of the Cosmic Entity.

"Jean! What did you do!" Storm was shocked by how fast things was happening as she shouts at the Phoenix.

The Phoenix didn't also entertained her as it just turned back to Charles. It lifted her palm as flames manifested above it "I'll give you a slow, agonizing, painful and excruciating death."

"Ack-! Jean.. I know you're in there.." Charles Xavier tried to struggle to ko avail as he just did what crossed in his mind and tried to call out to her.

The Phoenix just said "She is already gone. I am fire, I am life incarnate – I am Phoenix." and tried to flick the flame in her palm to Charles.

But her hand suddenly flicked to the side involuntarily and the cosmic fire landed on the ground, started to burn the grassy grounds.

The fire was quick to spread as if it has a mind on its own and began spreading in rapid pace, the mutants who was all slumped to the ground while watching Jean was unaware of the fire as it slowly approached them.

Kurt Wagner also known as Nightcrawler noticed this as he disappeared and appeared next to Beast who was the most near and appeared inside the mansion and began saving all his comrades.

The Phoenix on the other hand made an expression for the first time as it frowned while looking at her hand. With a quick sweep to her mind, she managed to find the reason as a small smile surfaced on her face.

She turned to the floating professor and spoke with the usual calmness "Today, you live. Thank your student for you are still alive."

She then dropped her hold to him as he fell to the ground as his useless feet became more useless as its bones issued cracks because of the impact.

Nightcrawler – who have just teleported Colossus inside the mansion – saw the professor dropping like that as he appeared next to him and also teleported him inside the mansion.

"Jean! Hear me! What is happening!–" Scott who was just teleported inside made himself outside again as he shouted to Jean while Beast tried to restrain him as he can feel that Jean is different now.

The Phoenix seems to have been already fed by Scott's bullshit as she waved her hand and the latter fell to the ground, unconscious.

Nightcrawler teleported outside again to save Andrew's group but then his eyes widened as he saw the spreading flame already consuming the body of Andrew, Illyana, John and Azazel.

The Phoenix then turned its attention to the remaining people on the ground and just saw the one known as Emma Frost and Sebastián Shaw and their subordinates trying to get away from her cosmic flame that was already spreading fast.

She then saw her flames consuming three corpses and one already bordering death, she controlled her flames and extinguished it but the deed was already done as the four's material bodies was already destroyed.

She raised an eyebrow as she felt a large amount of psionic energy coming out of the burnt body of the one known as Andrew as it just floated there motionless.

Though it has a large amount of energy, the ball of psi was flickering continously as if it'd get extinguished from a single blow of air the next second.

The Phoenix floated down to the levels of the ball of psionic energy and came face to face with it. She spreads her senses to cover it and tried to inspect it but she found a spherical barrier surrounding it's whole memories.

Finding out that the ball was actually a soul, she didn't try to break it or force it open as that would completely destroy the ball of the psionic energy so she just stared at it for a while and then waved her hand.

A ball of vast amounts of psionic energy leaves her hand and floats in front of Andrew's psionic energy as it slowly neared and merged with it entirely.

The Phoenix made the ball of psionic energy to be able to perfectly merge and revitalize the psionic soul form of Andrew and will help it to sustain itself for a longer period of time even without a physical body housing it.

"That's your reward for surviving my cosmic flames." The Phoenix muttered as she gave the gift that didn't even matter to her entire power.

The psionic soul form then moved and flew away with relatively fast speed and dissappeared from the horizon. The Phoenix just looked at it and then turned her gaze back to the X-Men who was just watching her silently.

She didn't talked to them whatsoever as the flames around her intensified and she flew towards the atmosphere with immense speed.


The X-Men and the members of the Hellfire Club all unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief as the pressure that they were all feeling was removed.


The ball of pure psionic energy that came out of the body of Andrew flew the horizon while behaving erratically as it vibrated and stopped from time to time.

It then found itself in a hospital as it flew inside and directly went to the morgue that was full of corpses with no living human around.

The ball then went to one of the dead body of a male with brown hair, it skipped through the body's chest and disappeared.

Though, the drama wasn't finished as just after a moment, a black energy ball of something suddenly appeared out of nowhere and also slipped inside the body quickly.

The body that Andrew's soul suddenly underwent a change as it's hair changed to midnight black while its corpse pale skin gained a luster as if paleness was already its original skin tone.

A Few Minutes Later

The family of the corpse arrived and then grieved and mourned for their dead son and then ordered for the funeral to be conducted immediately.

[Two Months Later]

Andrew's P.O.V

Opening my eyes, I was greeted by darkness all around me as i tried to move and found myself lying in some kind of container.

I was a bit puzzled why i don't have night-vision seeing that i almost can't see anything here but i just set that aside and just gathered psionic energy in my eyes.

I then looked at my body and my eyes immediately widened in disgust, what i saw was some flesh-eating worms constantly moving about on my body.


I immediately made an outward psionic blast lets me out to whatever hell hole I was in. I landed stably on the ground and still saw some worms sticking on me. With a simple use of Pyrokinesis, I was caught in fire as my flames burned all the worms and my clothes.

Ew, where the hell am I? I looked around and saw some graves.. I'm in a graveyard? What the fuck happened? Did i die? Once again?

I reviewed my memories and all i can remember was me trying to desperately protect my mind from that woman which i realized as Cassandra Nova; sister of Xavier.

Though, doing that, I lost consciousness and was pretty sure that i died just trying to defend myself pathetically from a telepath of the highest order.

And that's where it all ended, i can't remember anything anymore. A frown surfaced my face as i didn't like not knowing what happened so i prepared myself to fly to the X-Mansion to question them when i remembered something.

I'm naked..

I then tried willing as the water vapor in the air gathered rather easily on my palms and turned into a mirror-like water that faced my face.

That was much easier?

I can clearly remember Hydrokinesis not being this easy to control but i just shrugged it off as i looked at my reflection.

But what greeted me was an unfamiliar face that clearly didn't belong to any of my two lives.

Unfamiliar face..

Waking up from the dead..

Did i transmigrated again?

I thought about it and came to the idea but erased that thought seeing that i still got my abilities with him, unless i transmigrated with my ability..

I then looked at my naked figure that was already healing at a visible pace as the missing flesh from here and there regenerated.

A Few Minutes Later

My whole new body recovered to its perfect condition in only a few minutes as a new question surfaced in my mind

Is my regeneration part of my telekinesis or what?

I sighed as numerous questions surfaces in my mind with no answers so just set it aside for now as i formed a force-field that has the invisible effect using my own telekinesis while mimicking my lost mutant ability.

After that. I looked around and saw the mess that I made on the graveyard when i woke up. I waved my hand and then fixed the messed up soil and ground and then the place looked as if nothing happened after.

Hmm not bad

I nodded with my job well done and then flew away, looking for place where i can "borrow" some clothes.


[Ancient One P.O.V]

She had been called on many titles; The Mystic, The High Lama, Ancient One, The Sorcerer Supreme.

Yao has fought numerous beings unimaginable to the limited imagination of the humans, but none had made her this wary.

Her usual calm and serene visage that had lasted for centuries was no more as she continously casted powerful searching spells looking for something..

Just earlier, It was the usual day for her as she peacefully sipped her favorite home-brewed tea while sitting on her personal quarters in Kamar Taj.

She had already saw the awakening of the Phoenix Force within the mutant known as Jean Grey. Though, she didn't interfere with anything as she already knows that the latter will not unreasonably cause mayhem within the planet, even with it being caged for years.

But just after the Phoenix left the planet, something entered the universe and directly appeared on the planet.

The moment that something entered the universe, she immediately felt the danger it carries even though it seems to be weak and fragile.

She immediately casted numerous tracking spells and readied her most powerful of containment spells as she tried searching for where the entity exactly was.

But just after it appeared within her senses, its presence immediately vanished and disappeared as if all was just an illusion that happened within the confines of her mind.

For the next thirty minutes or so, she was persistent as she casted all kinds of tracking spell she has in her arsenal to no avail as she just slumped tiredly to her futon.

She finally gave up while one question remained within her mind as she remembered the feeling of that things presence.

"What in Agamotto's beard was that?"


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