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Chapter 32 - Fear

Author's Note: Prepare because something big happened in this chapter...


[February of 2012]

[°New York City°]

3rd Person P.O.V

Morning comes as the fresh breeze of air flows through the air while the trees danced happily and the birds chirped beautifully.

Andrew typed and searches something on the laptop for a bit and then clicked an image. He looked at it for a bit and then stood up as he exited his room.

He then entered the living area of the big place provided by none other than the Kingpin as he saw Illyana, John and Azazel watching the news.

Andrew turned to the Tv and saw that there seems to have been a terrorist attack that caused a explosion that killed about five to six people in Rose Hill, Tennessee.

'This was the plot of Iron Man 3, right?' Andrew thought to himself as the idea of the Extremis Virus came to his mind as a plan formed in his mind for the future.

He then got back to what he was about to do as he walked to the couch and sat beside Azazel as then said "We're gonna go somewhere later, Azazel."

Azazel just simply nodded as he knows that his job for now is to be an instant taxi.

John turned to him after hearing that and spoke "Where are you two going?"

"Gonna meet an alien.." Andrew replied as he leaned back to the couch comfortably.

"You serious?" John asked while chuckling but involuntarily widened his eyes after seeing the no-nonsense look of Andrew. "You're really serious?!"

Illyana was also curious after hearing this as she turned to Andrew and also asked the same thing.

"Yep. It's a warrior from a realm of gods, specifically from the Norse mythology."

At that sentence, the three whipped their heads to focus on him as they all asked the same question ""Gods??""

Andrew sighed and replied patiently "Yep."

"What you mean to say is Gods exists?" John asked with an incredulous look. While Illyana and Azazel just continued looking at Andrew.

"Yeah, but they're all not as Almighty as they appear in their mythologies as they're just simply another group of species that are just ridiculously more powerful than humans."

".. So does this mean that all kinds of different gods that the human history have exists?" Illyana asked.

"That I'm not sure." Andrew simply said.

"Wait wait.. how do you even know these things?" John asked as he realized something.

Andrew slightly smiled as he spoke mysteriously "I have my ways."

"Ugh! C'mon!" John sighed in frustration as he rubs his hair and just turned back his attention to the television trying to ignore Andrew.

"HaHaHa" Andrew laughed as the two couldn't help but follow seeing the frustrated look of John.

Andrew then thought of something as he turned to Azazel "Scratch that plan we have for today. I thought about something you would definitely like.."

".. And that is..?" Azazel asked seeing him smiling.

"How about we do that revenge thingy you have been bugging me for days?"

Azazel suddenly took a switch in his expression as he became serious and immediately stood up "Let's do it."


"Okay! Let's do this guys!" Andrew stood up with a clap as he spoke with enthusiasm. "Okay gather up. We are gonna hunt some elites of society."

All of them gathered up around Azazel as they all put their hands to his shoulders.



[°Hellfire Mansion, London, England°]

After a "talking" to a few people in the Hellfire Trading Corporation and finding out where the members of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club currently are. Andrew and the company appeared in front of a beautiful mansion in London, England.

Removing the force-field around them, Andrew looks around and quickly noticed that the surroundings were too quiet and he can't see a single shadow of a person anywhere.


"Did you guys hear that?" John asked as his ears perked up from the sound.


"Let's go see." Andrew said as took a step forward to the doors of the mansion.

He pushed the doors open but suddenly took a step back as he felt a vast amount of psionic energy involuntarily slamming at the four of them.

Illyana, John and Azazel Instinctively held their heads as they grunted in slight pain.

Andrew quickly conjured another layer of mind cloak to their minds to stop the telepathic energy from affecting them.

The three breathed in and out as they tried to compose themselves while Illyana asked as after taking a deep breath herself "What the hell was that?"

"It's the work of a strong Telepath.." Andrew frowned as he saw the messy state of the mansion and the booming sounds intensified as the sounds seems to come from the back.

"Should we really continue? I mean, we can do this the other day.." Azazel suggested as he doesn't have a good feeling with this.

John from the side nodded at that as he also doesn't feel good about this whole thing that they are about to do.

Andrew who heard this hesitated for a bit if he should continue after feeling that large amount of telepathic energy, but he steeled through as he trusts his mind realm to protect him and also trusts his ability that he'll be able to protect them.

"Don't worry guys, let's go."

Andrew confidently said as he began walking, followed by the hesitant three as they eventually got on the back side of the mansion and what they saw surprised them.

The entire back of the mansion was destroyed as rubbles and dust flew everywhere while two groups of people was fighting intensely.

Cyclops and Havok moved around as they fired concussive blasts at a guy who was manipulating large amounts of winds and was forming small tornadoes which they quickly tried to evade.

Colossus parried a punch as he tried to counterattack and punch a bald teenage girl which has red energy surrounding her whole body as she effortlessly blocked Piotr's attack and counterattacked with her own.

Beast and on the other hand was fighting a short man that has metal claws in his hands and a feral look on his face, though, Hank seems to be at disadvantage as he continously backed away while trying to evade those metal claws.

Storm in the other hand was also fighting, but not on the X-Men's side as she hurled lightnings at both Jean Grey who just always barely manages to conjure a shield and Kurt who repeatedly teleported away to evade those dangerous volts.

Charles Xavier seems to be battling a mind battle as he held his temples with pain visible on his face as he faced a blonde woman, wearing white outfit all over and radiates an elegant aura while her brows were slightly furrowed in struggle.

The mastermind of all this was a short bald woman standing with an arrogant look at the side while a middle aged man that has shoulder length hair tied to the back was standing beside her with a blank look on his face.

The short bald woman seems to have sensed the arrival of Andrew's group as she turned her head to look at them. She narrowed her eyes as Illyana, John and Azazel began bleeding from their eyes and nose fell to their knees.


Andrew frowned as he felt the telepathic power of the woman effortlessly shattering through its way to his groups' mind while the mind cloak that he put on wasn't even able to do anything to stop it.

He increased his vigilance as he felt the woman to be familiar as her look reminded him of someone from the comics.

He was ready to help the three when his eyes widened as he felt the woman focusing its attention at him, he then "saw" her monstrous telepathic energy slamming at his mind like a an unstoppable disaster.

Andrew was shocked as he immediately felt weak and fell to his knees. He felt the psionic energy of the woman rapidly covering his whole mind realm and in about a moment, it has a high possibility of finding its way into his memories and even shutting his mind down, essentially killing him.

He tried to conjure any power that he has. Pyrokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Geokinesis, Haemokinesis, Electrokinesis and even his own physical strength, telekinesis and force-field creation to no avail.

He can't get a feel to these abilities as the telepathic attack of the woman was messing with his mind and this was making him use all his focus just to protect his mind and prevent the inevitable.

Through this desperate struggle, a long lost emotion suddenly surfaced in Andrew's mind, the emotion that he had thought that he would never feel again, emerged and made itself known to him again.


Andrew's eyes widened at this realization as a self-deprecating smile surfaces in his face. He had been arrogant. Subconsciously, He had been too lax thinking that just because he had gained a bit of power, there is no one on this planet that can face him anymore.

Andrew supported himself using his arms to the ground as he weakly turned his head around and saw Illyana, John and Azazel already bleeding out from all their orifices as they lie on the ground with their eyes closed.


Simultaneously. Another emotion that he was very familiar also surfaced in his mind as it wiped the smile on his face.

Although he won't admit it. He have already taken a liking to the four's company.

And so. He felt genuine anger to the fact that he was too powerless and anger to himself that not only he can't save them, he can't even save himself as ha have been too careless and thought himself to be invincible.

The short bald woman; Cassandra Xavier Nova, slightly furrowed her brows as she felt the newly-arrived young man still holding on to his mind as if he was giving all his best just to protect his mind from her attack.

"Unusual.. But weak." Cassandra Nova muttered as she halved her attention and slammed her Telepathy at the three mutants behind the young man and killed them silently and painlessly – ending their miseries.

Andrew who felt the three behind him dying just like that, gritted his teeth in frustration but cannot do anything but just protect his mind at all cost.

Cassandra then gathered her stray attention and halved her main focus – which she was using to attack Xavier – to strengthen the power of the telepathic attack she was about to use on the cockroach like mutant that wouldn't just die immediately.

She then saw her accursed brother; Xavier's expression slightly getting better after she removed her continous attack at him coupled with Emma Frost's attack and thought that she should do this quickly.

Unbeknownst to her. She also accidentally removed her control to the minds of Storm, Wolverine, Riptide and Negasonic Teenage Warhead as the now uncontrolled mutants rubbed their foreheads, feeling thepain that the Telepathic control left to them.

Cassandra Nova then focused all her telepathic power into one attack as she prepared to kill the cockroach-like young man but something interrupted her as she whipped her head to that specific direction.


Jean Grey who managed to catch her breath after Storm stopped attacking felt something in her mind.

At the start of this battle, Cassandra Nova actually attacked her first alongside Xavier but all it did was "crack" something in her mind as she felt an unknown but monstrous amounts of anger emerging from an unknown part of her mind.

But she tried to do all her best to suppress this unknown something that is happening in her mind as she fought Ms. Munroe while trying to protect everyone from harm.

But after Storm was freed from control and stopped attacking her, she looked around and then she spotted the young sister of Piotr — Illyana, John, Andrew and the devil-like mutant all lying to the ground, bleeding. With a quick sweep of her senses, she quickly "felt" that Illyana, John and the red-skinned mutant was already dead while Andrew was already bordering life and death.

Even though she doesn't like the fact that Andrew attacked Scott and Alex in the past, she still considered him and his group as a friend seeing that they rescued many experimented mutants.

So seeing most of them lying to the ground dead. Something snapped in her mind as she heard sounds of glass breaking and followed by the sound of a bird crying powerfully and then there was fire.. and then darkness..