81 Chapter 81:

As the midday sun danced across the sky, the team gathered for a pleasant lunch. Though Miltank was a bit reserved and didn't offer much conversation, she nonetheless seamlessly integrated into the small group. Being the only girl, Murkrow and the others took it upon themselves to ensure she was well taken care of. Even Gastly, typically known for his mischievous ways, showed an uncharacteristic level of consideration, doing his best to keep the newcomer happy.

In the afternoon, Cain could be found in his workshop, crafting delectable Pokéblocks while the Pokemon continued their indoor training. Murkrow had been carrying a load of 20 kilograms, which certainly slowed him down, but didn't seem to impact his combat skills. Slowpoke, on the other hand, was using his psychic energy to control every object in the room, lifting and replacing them with incredible accuracy to refine his skills.

Gastly, unfortunately, was limited by the space available for training, so he spent his day engaging in physical activity, his ghostly footprints marking every corner of the room. Miltank, not yet accustomed to the team's training regimen, was a bit out of her element. Nevertheless, she was determined to give it her all.

Cain assigned her a straightforward task for the day: engage in indoor physical training to rejuvenate her body after being cooped up for a while, then create some milk to replenish the Pokemon's strength. Any excess milk was to be collected and stored in Cain's space ring. Though the task was challenging, Miltank felt inspired by the dedication of her companions.

As Cain put the finishing touches on the last Pokéblock, it was clear that the team had made great strides. With all the materials they'd acquired, they'd managed to create enough advanced Pokéblocks to last more than a month, a testament to their hard work and dedication.

In just over a month, the team would devour more than a million Pokédollars' worth of food, and as more Pokemon joined their ranks and grew stronger, the cost would only increase. The pressing matter of earning more money loomed before them like a dark cloud.

With the Pokéblocks safely stored in his space ring, Cain finally had time to peruse the psychic training manual left by Sabrina. Though he'd skimmed the introduction before, it didn't offer much in the way of practical knowledge. He could only lift a pebble the size of a thumbnail and hold it for a brief time - not exactly a useful skill.

"Let's hope this book has something more to offer," Cain muttered to himself, eyeing the slim volume skeptically.

But as he delved into its contents, a whole new universe unfurled before him. Two hours later, Cain emerged from its pages, feeling as though he'd been given a glimpse into a secret world.

The book detailed a hierarchy for psychic users, ranging from beginner to intermediate, advanced, and ultimately, peak. Though it didn't explicitly outline the classifications of Aura Users/Waveguide Warriors, it did offer insights into the world of psychics.

Cain was particularly intrigued by the mention of the Telekinetic Bead, a seemingly unremarkable object that could be used to gauge a psychic's level of power. And intriguingly, it was also effective for Pokemon - a revelation that left Cain's mind reeling with possibilities.

The book's pages fluttered under Cain's fingers as he eagerly devoured its contents. The hierarchy of psychic ability was laid out before him like a roadmap to a distant destination: a hundred Telekinetic Beads lifted marked the threshold of a beginner psychic, a thousand for intermediate, and an impressive ten thousand for advanced. The pinnacle psychics were shrouded in mystery, unmentioned in the book's pages. Perhaps their level of power was simply beyond what any human could fathom.

Cain couldn't help but wonder what level Sabrina had achieved. If anyone could reach the pinnacle of psychic ability, it was her. If even she couldn't do it, then who could?

His eyes scanned further down the page, and he was struck by the mention of talent. Much like Pokemon, psychics had their own unique moves that determined their ultimate level of achievement.

Cain was relieved to discover that he had the minimum requirements to awaken his psychic power: five times the mental strength of an average person. Slowpoke had taught him as much, and without Sabrina's guidance, he would never have discovered his potential.

But according to the book, someone with this level of power was merely scraping the bottom of the barrel. If Cain persevered and was lucky enough, he could become a beginner psychic in thirty years.

The thought made him want to throw the book across the room in frustration. Thirty years? What use would it be to him then? Time was a luxury he couldn't afford, and the idea of waiting decades to realize his potential was almost unbearable.

As Cain continued to pour over the psychic training manual, he was struck by the realization that he wouldn't have access to certain abilities until he reached beginner status. Telepathy was one such power, a potent tool in combat that could turn the tide of any battle. But if Cain's current strength was any indication, telepathy was a distant dream.

He read on, determined to glean what he could from the book. To be considered an "average" psychic, one's power of the mind needed to be ten times greater than that of an average person. It was possible to achieve this level within five years, a glimmer of hope in the midst of seemingly insurmountable odds.

An intermediate psychic required twenty times the mental strength of a normal person, a daunting but not impossible task. But to challenge the threshold of advanced psychic, one's power needed to be fifty times greater. It was a daunting prospect, but good talent could make it possible.

The book didn't delve into the specifics of talent, but it did outline basic methods of using psychic abilities. Cain had already experimented with telekinesis, but he was eager to learn more.

Several pages were highlighted, detailing the basics. It was the reason Sabrina had left the manual for him, and Cain was determined to make the most of it. He attempted to enter a meditative state, but his mind was too restless, too preoccupied with the weight of his own limitations. Two hours passed with little progress, but Cain refused to give up hope.

With a mental command, he instructed the A.I. System to scan the book's contents and cross-reference them with its database, hoping to find a way to increase his mental strength and psychic ability quickly.

"Beep! Database established. Searching for information. Estimated time required for search: 3 days! Remaining time: 2 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, 30 seconds! " the A.I. System replied.

Cain knew the wait would be excruciating, but he was willing to endure it if it meant unlocking his full potential. He hesitated for a moment before issuing a new mission. "A.I. System, calculate the time required for me to become a beginner psychic."

"Beep! Mission established. Become a beginner psychic. Estimated time required: 31 years! Remaining time required: 31 years! " the A.I. System dutifully replied.


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