Pokemon - The Timeless Journey

No Truck-kun! Instead Aeroplane-kun helps our main character transmigrate in the beautiful world of Pokemon! But… the world of Pokemon is freaking dangerous! Follow the story of Orion and join him on the journey as he tours the world of pokemon while building the best team and battling against tough opponents while surviving numerous disasters. What to expect : 1. Smart and Consistent MC. 2. No Plot holes (hopefully). 3. An original story (I won't be following any canon storylines). 4. Lots of new characters. 5. Smart/Cunning side characters. 6. Chaotic and intense battles (I'll do my best. I'll need a lot of suggestions and constructive criticism to improve the battles). 7. No System. WARNING : 1. The world is dark. There will be a lot of deaths, killing and perhaps even gore (though I'll keep gore to a minimum and avoid using it when not necessary). 2. No Harem, No Lemons, No Pokephilia! 3. The MC isn't kind hearted and passionate like Shounen MCs. On the contrary, he will grow to be very ruthless to survive in this world. 4. The story will start slow. It will pick up pace after Orion begins his journey (I'll keep you updated about this). 5. I haven't seen the latest seasons. So you may not see many pokemons from Generation 8 and 9. 6. The world is an AU. Though many characters are the same, their teams and personalities could be slightly altered. 7. The MC won't become the best pokemon trainer in a short time. Though the story will revolve around him, the world will not. So don't expect him to receive much special treatment or gifts from every gym leader/champion/legendary pokemon. His struggles will be real. 8. There will be a lot of Monologues at the start of the story (especially in chp 3 and 4. Feel free to skip those if you aren't a fan of monologues). But later on it will be much less. If the above is what you are looking for in a fanfic, welcome on the journey :-) Disclaimer : I don't own Pokemon or its characters (except the original characters I create). The image used in the cover doesn't belong to me.

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Chapter 55 : The Reason behind the formation of Pokemon Tides!

An Elite Golem, who had been leading his herd while roaring loudly and letting everyone know of his presence, was suddenly engulfed in Psychic energy and disappeared. It stunned the Pokemons that were following him and moving due to that herd and everyone stopped moving while wondering what had happened.

A few hundred meters in the sky, the Elite Golem suddenly appeared. His eyes widened as he noticed an Alakazam floating in front of him. Despite being an Elite Pokemon, he felt tremendous pressure coming from the Alakazam.

Realizing the danger, a brownish energy appeared around Golem. At the same time, several rocks began forming around him.

However, the Alakazam didn't react. Instead, his eyes and spoons glowed even more as he used Psychic on the Golem. Under the crushing force of the Psychic, the rocks that were forming crumbled into dust. Cracks began forming on Golem's body. He released all his energy to resist the Psychic energy but was helpless. The difference between the two Pokemons was just too large! To make matters worse, Alakazam's Psychic targeted Golem's weak Special Defence.

The Golem struggled and tried counterattacking for a minute, but his situation just kept worsening. The Alakazam didn't give him a single chance. At last, understanding his end was inevitable, the Golem decided to explode. However, a barrier formed around him, trapping the entire energy of the explosion within it. Even in his death, the Golem didn't manage to do any damage to the Alakazam.

Alakazam finally stopped using Psychic and dispelled the barriers before teleporting away. The dust and soil that remained floated away, eventually falling to the ground somewhere.

A few kilometres away, a similar scene took place as Gardevoir killed a level 53 Vileplume. The two of them continued targeting colonies that had just 1 Elite Pokemon leading them.

For the next couple of days, they routinely targeted such groups of Pokemon, demoralizing the tide slightly. During that time, Sabrina and others had completed scouting and understanding what they would be facing.

She entered a room which had a large screen and sat on the chair. Within a few seconds, the screen started. Within moments, 12 people appeared on the screen. They were Lance, the four Elite Fours and the remaining 7 Gym Leaders! The leaders of Kanto had called for a meeting since one of the major cities was under attack.

Lance started the meeting by saying, "Since we all know the reason for the meeting, let's not waste any time and get to the main topic. Sabrina, what's the status of the Pokemon Tide? Did you investigate why the Pokemon Tide is happening at such an odd time? Is there any chance of the Tide spilling over towards other cities?"

Sabrina answered, "This tide is strange. It definitely hasn't formed naturally. Of the four forests surrounding the city, only the colonies in the outskirts of the Slumberwood forest, the forest to Saffron City's northeast, are moving towards the city. There aren't any movements in the other three forests."

Hearing her words, a frown appeared on everyone's face. After a few seconds, Lance muttered, "An artificially induced tide… That damned Team Wraith!"

Agatha sighed and said softly, "They have got their hands on that tactic… They will become troublesome to deal with. The Saffron City won't suffer much, but if they used this tactic against smaller towns and villages, they could get destroyed."

Misty, the youngest Gym Leader among the current Gym Leaders in Kanto, asked in a confused tone, "What tactic can help them influence Pokemon Tides?"

Agatha explained, "Contrary to what most people think, a Pokemon Tide isn't a war that Pokemons declare on humans. They don't do it out of hate or spite or any such emotions. Even where human cities don't exist, tides form routinely.

A Pokemon Tide is a phenomenon that happens as a consequence of the number of Pokemons increasing beyond a certain limit. The resources in the wild can't sustain such a population.

Since there is a shortage of resources, the Pokemons begin fighting Pokemons from nearby colonies. At times, fights break out within the same colony as well. Slowly, several colonies enter into a full-fledged war with their neighbours. When the number of such battles reaches a particular threshold, the tide begins forming.

In essence, Pokemon Tide is just a way for the Pokemon colonies to reduce their populations to a manageable level while also eliminating the weaker colonies. At the same time, they use their combined forces to attack other places that could get them more resources.

Once the Tide is stopped, the Pokemons return back and create new colonies with the Pokemons that they fought with. And, the next tide won't form until such a situation happens once again years later.

However, there is an issue with this process. Or rather, a flaw. Even though the increase in population is the main reason for the formation of the tides, what actually triggers them is the battles in between the Pokemon colonies."

Misty's eyes widened as she realized what Agatha was hinting at. Agatha continued, "So, the tides can be triggered artificially by inducing fights between colonies. Several cities in Unova use this tactic to ensure that tides form when the Pokemons are still weak. That way, even though they have to face tides more frequently, they fare better as they don't have the forces to endure the tide at its full power."

Misty was surprised. So were a couple of others who hadn't heard about this tactic. She asked, "If that's the case, then why don't we do it as well? Won't our losses be lesser if we can control the strength and timing of the tides?"

Agatha shook her head. She was about to reply when Blaine answered, "It might seem that way, but interfering with the rules of nature has consequences. Unova is walking on a thin rope by using this tactic so often. Pokemons aren't foolish. They will realize that humans are using this tactic to induce tides and eliminate them.

Once the real strong Pokemons feel threatened or even annoyed, it can result in the Pokemon at the core of forests moving. For instance, if you were to try this in Cerulean City, it could result in colonies residing deep within Eternal Forest, Slumberwood Forest, Rocky Mountain and Mt. Moon making a move towards Cerulean City. I don't need to tell you what the result of such an attack would be."

Misty immediately became very serious. She knew that even defending against the core forces in any one of those four places would be a life-and-death struggle for Cerulean City even with the League's help. If all four made a move at the same time, they would have no choice but to issue a Black alert and abandon the city entirely.

Misty as well as Brock and Erika, analyzed Agatha and Blaine's words carefully as all three were hearing this for the first time.


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