Pokemon - The Timeless Journey

No Truck-kun! Instead Aeroplane-kun helps our main character transmigrate in the beautiful world of Pokemon! But… the world of Pokemon is freaking dangerous! Follow the story of Orion and join him on the journey as he tours the world of pokemon while building the best team and battling against tough opponents while surviving numerous disasters. What to expect : 1. Smart and Consistent MC. 2. No Plot holes (hopefully). 3. An original story (I won't be following any canon storylines). 4. Lots of new characters. 5. Smart/Cunning side characters. 6. Chaotic and intense battles (I'll do my best. I'll need a lot of suggestions and constructive criticism to improve the battles). 7. No System. WARNING : 1. The world is dark. There will be a lot of deaths, killing and perhaps even gore (though I'll keep gore to a minimum and avoid using it when not necessary). 2. No Harem, No Lemons, No Pokephilia! 3. The MC isn't kind hearted and passionate like Shounen MCs. On the contrary, he will grow to be very ruthless to survive in this world. 4. The story will start slow. It will pick up pace after Orion begins his journey (I'll keep you updated about this). 5. I haven't seen the latest seasons. So you may not see many pokemons from Generation 8 and 9. 6. The world is an AU. Though many characters are the same, their teams and personalities could be slightly altered. 7. The MC won't become the best pokemon trainer in a short time. Though the story will revolve around him, the world will not. So don't expect him to receive much special treatment or gifts from every gym leader/champion/legendary pokemon. His struggles will be real. 8. There will be a lot of Monologues at the start of the story (especially in chp 3 and 4. Feel free to skip those if you aren't a fan of monologues). But later on it will be much less. If the above is what you are looking for in a fanfic, welcome on the journey :-) Disclaimer : I don't own Pokemon or its characters (except the original characters I create). The image used in the cover doesn't belong to me.

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Chapter 54 : Preparations

While the leaders in Saffron City were extremely busy, the common people were living their lives as usual. That suddenly changed when everyone heard the first bell ringing.

In order to ensure that no one in the city panicked during Pokemon Tides, the city would routinely conduct evacuation exercises. The bells were used for that purpose.

The first bell was to attract everyone's attention. The second bell meant that they were conducting a drill. However, when the third bell rang, the entire city came to a standstill! It implied that the city would face a Pokemon Tide very soon.

The young kids, who weren't aware of the horrors of the Pokemon Tide, were startled due to the reaction of their parents and other adults around them. Fear and shock were visible on everyone's face.

"Mother! What is happening? Why are you crying?" A young girl asked his mother, not understanding her sudden reaction. The mother didn't say anything and just hugged her daughter while looking at her husband and saying, "Dear?"

Her husband had a grim expression. He was a Pokemon Trainer. Since the city was facing a tide, he would be deployed to guard the city's borders. She was unsure whether he would return alive or not.

Similar scenes were happening throughout the city. Apart from the jobs that were essential during the tide, everyone else was dismissed. The schools were closed and everyone returned to their homes in an orderly manner, awaiting for the evacuation process to start.

The Pokemon Trainers who had just arrived in Saffron City and intended to stay there for a short time cursed their luck. The Trainers who were registered in the Saffron City's Army moved to meet their respective superiors to prepare the city's defence.

Back in the Saffron Gym, every Psychic Trainee and Trainer gathered in a large hall. Orion and Emma were among them. Orion cursed internally, 'So the odd feeling I had was due to the Pokemon Tide… I am lucky that I decided to return to the city. Otherwise, I'd be in deep trouble! Still, why did the tide form so suddenly? Isn't there at least a decade between every tide?'

Orion had to stop analyzing as Cedric addressed the crowd, "The Saffron City will face a Pokemon Tide in a few days. We will play an important role in protecting the city as usual. Every Trainer over the age of 15 will be deployed under the direct command of the four Commanders.

The Trainers under the age of 15 will be responsible for keeping the Gym safe. If the worst happens and the Pokemon Tide manages to break through our defences, then you will ensure that everyone taking shelter inside the Gym stays safe.

As for the Trainees, all of you will stay inside the Gym. If the worst happens and the Gym is broken into, all of you should evacuate into the bunker deep under the Gym and stay there until you are rescued. Is everyone clear?"

Everyone nodded. Meanwhile, Emma and Orion wondered, 'Am I considered as a Trainer or a Trainee?'

Cedric passed a few more instructions to ensure that there would be no panic inside the Gym. In the upcoming days, the Gym will be very busy as common people will be moved into the bunkers under the Gym. He assigned everyone their jobs before dismissing the ones who wouldn't be needed.

Walking back to their rooms, Emma asked, "So will we have to fight or hide?"

Orion shrugged and said, "I am not sure. What do you prefer?"

Emma fell into a thought. She had a Meditite and was quite strong among the kids her age who had a Pokemon. However, a Pokemon Tide was on an entirely different level. If it was to reach the Gym, then she had no confidence in facing them.

She answered, "I want to fight. However, I am not ready."

Orion nodded and thought, 'That's a good answer. As politically correct as one can be.'

Orion replied, "I have the same thought. Let's approach Master Cedric and ask him when he gets free."

Emma nodded and was about to reply when the two of them heard, "Come with me."

Even before they could turn around, both were teleported by Cedric and the three of them appeared in Cedric's office. He looked at them and asked, "You two must be wondering whether you'll be staying inside the Gym or protecting it, right?"

Both nodded. Emma said, "Yes, we were planning to approach you later."

Cedric replied, "Good. But neither of you will participate in the war. Even though you have Pokemons, you haven't begun your journey yet and have yet to experience how dangerous the wild is."

Though Cedric knew that Orion trained in the wild and wasn't as inexperienced as Emma, he didn't want to let him risk his life even before he began his journey. Luckily, Orion had no interest in participating in the war either.

Even so, Orion couldn't help but wonder if Cedric would say the same if he knew the type of stunts Orion pulled over the previous few days. More than half a thousand Pokemons had died due to the wars he caused. Several colonies were forced to move.

Cedric continued, "Only if the underground bunker gets broken into and you have no choice, will you fight. However, no need to be worried. The situation will never become that bad. Our defence lines will stay strong.

Also, even though your Meditite and Kadabra can teleport, neither of you should use it to attempt to escape. The range of their Teleportation isn't very large. If you try to teleport out of the city, you'll likely end up right in between the Tide. No one will be able to save you if that happens."

[A/N: I'm aware that Meditite doesn't learn teleport through levelling up. However, considering that humans can learn to teleport, I see no reason why Psychic Pokemons shouldn't be able to learn them through training (something along the lines of 'Tutor Moves'). Considering how useful the move is in the wild, almost every Trainer with a Psychic Pokemon will try to teach their Pokemon this move in this story.]

Orion and Emma nodded solemnly. Neither of them wanted to end up in such a position. Cedric said, "That's all. Stay safe during the battle."

Cedric dismissed the two of them. Emma sighed and said, "I hope the battle goes well."

Orion agreed and replied, "It should. Saffron City is one of the most important cities in Kanto. The League won't allow it to fall. It's just that many Trainers and Pokemons will lose their lives."

Emma said in a sad voice, "That doesn't sound very good either. I lost my parents in the previous tide."

Orion replied, "Me too." 'Or at least the parents of the previous owner of this body', Orion thought.

He said, "There are still a few days for the tide to arrive. I'll be training until then."

Emma immediately said, "I'll come with you too."

The two of them quickly moved towards the training area and continued their training. Though Emma's Meditite had higher talent, she couldn't fight as much as Machoke could. As a result, she was still at level 26.

However, not being able to roam in the wild meant that Emma had a lot more time to focus on her training. As a result, Meditite's move mastery was slightly better than even Rhydon's despite Orion having Rhydon for nearly a year longer. So, her basics were very solid.

While Emma and Orion trained, the Pokemon colonies around the Saffron City had begun moving. The tide was still in the process of forming as the colonies close to the city would only begin moving when the colonies behind them began approaching.

The major movements were taking place on the outskirts of the Forest that existed to the northeast of the Saffron City. The other directions were relatively calm. Discovering that relieved some of Sabrina's tension.

On the outskirts of the forest, a group of Golems, Gravelers and Geodudes were rolling through at a fast speed. Anything in their path would be crushed. Though they were a long distance away, they were moving towards Saffron City. Their movements made several colonies in their path move in the same direction as well.

The Golem leading this group was incredibly strong. He was at level 58. If Orion had faced him instead of the one he faced in the Golem hill, he'd be transmigrating once again. The Golem roared while rolling, increasing the morale of his underlings who roared in return. All of a sudden, Psychic energy surrounded him and the Golem, who was the only Elite Pokemon in the pack, teleported!


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