Pokemon - The Timeless Journey

No Truck-kun! Instead Aeroplane-kun helps our main character transmigrate in the beautiful world of Pokemon! But… the world of Pokemon is freaking dangerous! Follow the story of Orion and join him on the journey as he tours the world of pokemon while building the best team and battling against tough opponents while surviving numerous disasters. What to expect : 1. Smart and Consistent MC. 2. No Plot holes (hopefully). 3. An original story (I won't be following any canon storylines). 4. Lots of new characters. 5. Smart/Cunning side characters. 6. Chaotic and intense battles (I'll do my best. I'll need a lot of suggestions and constructive criticism to improve the battles). 7. No System. WARNING : 1. The world is dark. There will be a lot of deaths, killing and perhaps even gore (though I'll keep gore to a minimum and avoid using it when not necessary). 2. No Harem, No Lemons, No Pokephilia! 3. The MC isn't kind hearted and passionate like Shounen MCs. On the contrary, he will grow to be very ruthless to survive in this world. 4. The story will start slow. It will pick up pace after Orion begins his journey (I'll keep you updated about this). 5. I haven't seen the latest seasons. So you may not see many pokemons from Generation 8 and 9. 6. The world is an AU. Though many characters are the same, their teams and personalities could be slightly altered. 7. The MC won't become the best pokemon trainer in a short time. Though the story will revolve around him, the world will not. So don't expect him to receive much special treatment or gifts from every gym leader/champion/legendary pokemon. His struggles will be real. 8. There will be a lot of Monologues at the start of the story (especially in chp 3 and 4. Feel free to skip those if you aren't a fan of monologues). But later on it will be much less. If the above is what you are looking for in a fanfic, welcome on the journey :-) Disclaimer : I don't own Pokemon or its characters (except the original characters I create). The image used in the cover doesn't belong to me.

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Chapter 56 : Meetings

To break the silence, Giovanni said, "The good news is that this is a one-off incident. So those dangers don't exist. In addition, the power of the tide will be quite weak as well. And, it'll also help Saffron City during the next tide. Isn't that right, Sabrina?"

Sabrina nodded and answered, "Yes. The power of this tide is weak. We should be able to handle it easily even without any reinforcements. There is no risk of the tide spilling over to other cities or towns either. The only concern is of Team Wraith.

If they have any plans to take advantage of the chaos and strike us in the midst of the war, then our losses will be very high. If their leaders make a move, then they can keep me occupied as well. I'll need high-level trainers to keep an eye out for them during the war. Preferably a couple of you guys."

Lance thought for a bit and replied, "That might not be a good idea. We don't know whether Team Wraith did this just for testing purposes or for making a move on Saffron City. It is also possible that they did this to attract our attention here and strike some other place.

The Gym Leaders will remain in their respective cities. Lorelei will enter Saffron City undercover and stay hidden to catch Tean Wraith by surprise if they intend to take advantage. The remaining Elite Four will stay in the Indigo Plateau and be prepared to move.

Since the strength of the Tide isn't very high, the League Army won't be moving. The Saffron City's Army should be sufficient to deal with the Tide."

Sabrina thought for a bit and nodded while thinking, 'Lorelei should be able to handle a couple of their leaders. It's unlikely that all four of them would move at the same time. It shouldn't be an issue.'

Lance said, "Good. However, we will need to reevaluate Team Wraith's threat level. Even though they have long exceeded the level of an ordinary criminal organization, with acts such as these, we have no choice but to hunt them down and annihilate that organization.

From here onwards, this will be a top priority for every one of us. I'll be establishing a new communication line to exchange information about their movements. If their leaders are discovered, I'll make a move myself and eliminate them."

Hearing Lance speak with full seriousness, Agatha warned, "Don't take any unnecessary risks. All four leaders of the Team Wraith are at the Elite Four level and have amazing coordination with each other. Though they are weaker than us, they could occupy the Elite Four seats in the weaker regions. Facing all four of them together will be risky even for you. Take me or a couple of others with you."

Lance nodded and said, "Don't worry. I'll take proper precautions. We will end the meeting here. Good luck, Sabrina."

Sabrina nodded as everyone logged off. She got up and walked into the meeting room, where the leaders of Saffron City had already begun the meeting.

While Sabrina was meeting with the leaders of the Kanto region, Eliza was leading another meeting which was attended by the leaders of Saffron City. She started the meeting by saying, "The preliminary scouting has been completed. We have some good news."

Everyone listened carefully as they all wanted to know what they would be facing. Eliza said, "The Pokemon Tide is only forming in one direction. Only the colonies on the outskirts of the Slumberwood Forest are moving. The other three forests are calm. The strength of this tide is less than a fourth of what we faced last time."

Immediately sighs of relief could be heard. The news of the tide had made everyone very tense. Hearing that the tide was so weak relieved their pressure. Eliza continued, "The strongest colony that is heading towards us is an Exeggutor colony that is moving from inside the Slumberwood forest. They have 3 Pseudo Champion Pokemons, with the strongest one being at level 75.

Only two other groups have Pseudo Champion Pokemons leading them. One is a level 73 Nidoking and the other is a level 71 Ninetales.

As for the Pokemons that we will be facing, we detected several colonies of Sandslash, Rhyperior and Dugtrio making their way from below the ground. As usual, a vast number of Rattata and Raticate should follow through those holes.

A few Golem colonies are making their way here as well. Several fighting types like the Hitmon line, Machamp line and Primeape line are making their way as well. So are several Grass types like Vileplume, Parasect and Victreebel along with several Bug hives like Beedrill, Venomoth and Butterfree.

There aren't many Water types heading towards us, but we can expect a few to join the tide once the tide reaches the northern river. One Persian colony was noticed moving as well. And we can expect Fearows and Pidgeots to attack from the skies as always.

In all, we have detected 107 Elite Pokemons. However, the real number is likely to be between 180 and 250. The total number of Pokemons will likely be between 2 to 5 million."

The room quickly noted down what she had said and analyzed the situation. Koichi, the Dojo Master, said, "This doesn't sound too bad. We won't even need the League's help to defeat this tide. Though the casualties might still be high due to the number of Pokemons."

Damian Silph nodded and said, "That's true. When Slumberwood was mentioned, I was worried that those Snorlax would move towards our city. As long as they and the other colonies in the core of the forest aren't moving, we don't need to be too worried."

Eliza replied, "Yes. Lady Sabrina is of the same viewpoint. However, there are a couple of other problems. The first is the direction of the tide itself. Since it is only arriving from one direction, it will be difficult to say from which direction every colony will attack as the tide will disperse and hit us from all sides only after they reach the city or after getting very close to the city. So, we won't be able to assign Trainers appropriately in every direction.

Another problem is Team Wraith. Lady Sabrina said that she is sure that the Tide is influenced by them somehow. There is a high chance that they might take advantage of the chaos and attack us in the back. So, we can't take this war lightly."

Hearing Team Wraith's name, everyone in the room became very serious. No one there had the confidence to take on any of the leaders of Team Wraith. While they could hang on for some time under normal circumstances, doing so while they were occupied would be nothing short of a death sentence.

Koichi said, "In that case, we will need someone from the League to intercept them. Even though I have three Pseudo Champion Pokemons and you have one, we will need Sabrina to deal with the 5 Pseudo Champion Pokemons. That will free us up and will reduce the casualties considerably. However, if she is busy dealing with the Pseudo Champion Pokemons, she will be vulnerable if she gets attacked at a bad time."

Damian nodded and added, "They might after my technology as well. I will need to keep some forces behind to guard Silph Co."

"How much have you discussed so far?" Sabrina teleported into the room, attracting everyone's attention. Eliza quickly informed her, "We discussed the composition of the tide and Team Wraith."


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