Picky Goddess Searching For Her Alphas

10 Alphas, 1 Goddess. The Moon Goddess had thought marking one man as the chosen werewolf would be enough to protect the entire land of Nevrisea. She was wrong. The world had changed while she slept, and people no longer loved her. Upset with herself, she went on the search for new alphas. If they passed her requirements, she was going to mark them as her chosen protectors. What she didn’t expect was those she had marked were falling in love with her! That wasn’t supposed to happen! How was she going to do her job if they kept trying to fight for her?! *** “My Goddess, may my love blossom even more for you once we are wedded.” “She will marry me.” “Won’t you say yes already?” “Moon Goddess, I would rather wake with you in my arms than alone.” 'Oh no… It was happening again! Maybe ten was too much…' *** Title work by @26Stars Follow IG: @peachellie

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Torrence Wallace

She frowned and closed her eyes thinking to herself.

"Am I… not trusting enough of my people?" She whispered to herself and her eyes widened.

'Ah… What a thought...'

The cloud parted and the sun began to shine above them. The fire was already gone and the Moon Goddess was dressing herself. Clete had sat up with his shirt dropping off his face. Rubbing his eyes, he yawned and turned to see Moon pulling her long hair from under the white dress. It looked like the flow of a fin with the way her hair flowed behind her.

The Moon Goddess fixed her face covering and turned to find the fisherman staring at her. Smiling, she walked toward him as he stood up.

"You slept well, Sir Clete. You were snoring like a bear," she laughed.

"That bad?" Pink eyes crinkled as he pulled his shirt back on, "Must be cause I am really comfortable with you."

He grinned and looked up at the sun. Stretching he scratched the back of his head and joined Moon in stepping out of the cove. The grass was still wet and the river was higher due to the rain, but at least his boat was still around. It was filled a third way with water and he began emptying it by cupping the water and tossing it over. Moon joined to help and he couldn't help grinning.

Not far away, a dark skinned man was riding a horse to the river. He had hoped for some fishes to roast over a fire. With the rain, fishes must be in abundance at this time. Patting his horse, he continued onward to find the fisherman and a female.

'Clete Jackson is here? He is usually further up the river. Why is he at the bank?'

Getting off Lula, he ran his fingers over his horse's forehead and looked back at the laughing fisherman.

"Clete Jackson."

Pink eyes blinked over to see him.

"Oh, Torrence! Bright and early," The green haired man glanced at the female before looking back at him, "Remember the girl I was telling you about? This is her. Moon, this is Torrence Wallace."

"Torrence…" Moon heard that name before but she could figure out where, "It is nice to meet you, Sir Torrence."

"Likewise, Miss Moon."

Smiling, she looked at the scars that littered along his bare chest and face. Her eyes softened and worry filled her heart. To have so many scars like that… Was Torrence in a fight of some kind? She watched the black hair and golden eyed man bent down to cupped the river water. Drinking from it, Torrence grabbed the stick he had found on the way.

The stick was sharped at the tip so he was able to pierce the fish. Torrence did not have money like Clete for a fishing pole, but he would always find a way to survive. He watched the fishes swimming at the bank. Normally, he would need to trek further up to gather fishes, but due to the rain, some were stuck at the bank.

He readied his aim and tossed the spear. Bullseye. He pulled the stick out of the water and smiled seeing the fish at the other end. He continued doing this, while Moon was staring.

"Uh, why are you staring at Torrence?" Clete frowned as he angrily tossed the water out of his boat.

"Hm, Sir Torrence is skilled and have impeccable aim."

"Well, yeah. He was a slave for an archer before the guy died. So, of course he'd be. Why? You like that?" The frown deepened and Clete's scooped waters were crying from how hard he was throwing them.

"A slave… He is from Baystall?" She looked at the fisherman to see his brows dipped and deep frown.


"Mm… Oh! Now I remember," she smiled and looked back at Torrence, "He is the one who used to live in Baystall."

"Is that what the people there told you? Yeah, he is."

Her eyes brightened and she lifted her dress to walk down the shallow water to the other side. Bare feet touched the wet dirt, slipping between toes. Torrence looked up to see the female grinning happily at him. Confused, he pulled his staff back and stood straight.

"Sir Torrence," she smiled, "I was looking for you in Baystall. It is nice to finally meet you."

"We already… introduced ourselves…" the golden eyed man mumbled.

"Ah, right! Sorry. I was told you believe in the Moon Goddess. Is that right?"

She saw him nod and every fiber in her was screaming with excitement. This man was the one who she could feel the strongest love for her. With such little powers she already had, it almost surprised her when she felt the hug of devotion from this man.

"Are you single? Do you have family? Are you traveling alone? Do you not live in Baystall anymore?"

The Moon Goddess was so excited, she was throwing out the questions right away. She really wanted to know and finally, FINALLY, mark her chosen. She was buzzing where she stood and she had to clutch her dress before she grab Torrence.

The dark skinned man felt himself sweating.

Moon was… freaking him out. She looked a bit crazy and from the look on her face, he felt like she was going to jump on him. Looking over to the fisherman, Clete was watching with his arms crossed and a deep frown. Before he could call out to him for help, the female had grabbed his hand.

"Sir Torrence," her soft voice was filled with energy, "Please answer me."

"Uh…" he cleared his throat and looked over at his horse. Glancing at the horse and glancing at the female, he tried to inadvertently tell Lula to do something about Moon. The horse only stared before going back to drinking.

"Moon," Clete called out, "I see you have taken a liking to Torrence. I'll just leave then."

The fisherman pouted and got into his boat. Moon turned and bowed in thanks to Clete for helping her.

"You are leaving?" Torrence's golden eyes widened and he saw the glare from the pink eyed man.

"Yeah. Take care of her."

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