Picky Goddess Searching For Her Alphas

10 Alphas, 1 Goddess. The Moon Goddess had thought marking one man as the chosen werewolf would be enough to protect the entire land of Nevrisea. She was wrong. The world had changed while she slept, and people no longer loved her. Upset with herself, she went on the search for new alphas. If they passed her requirements, she was going to mark them as her chosen protectors. What she didn’t expect was those she had marked were falling in love with her! That wasn’t supposed to happen! How was she going to do her job if they kept trying to fight for her?! *** “My Goddess, may my love blossom even more for you once we are wedded.” “She will marry me.” “Won’t you say yes already?” “Moon Goddess, I would rather wake with you in my arms than alone.” 'Oh no… It was happening again! Maybe ten was too much…' *** Title work by @26Stars Follow IG: @peachellie

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Moon, Wake Up!

The rocking of the boat was rocking more and she could feel the coolness of the air around her. She looked at the river to see small waves forming. Her fishing line was being pulled and she quickly slipped her hand off under Clete's to wind up the line. She moved to stand for better balanced and ignored the fisherman's face against her bottom.

"I will definitely get you this time!" Moon smiled and pulled the line, winding it, and doing her best to pull the fish up. She could see the scale color of the fish. A rainbow colored scale that shined under the water, her purple eyes widened with awe. She pulled harder and just when the head of the fish broke the surface of the water, the river rocked against the boat hard.

Moon fell over and shut her eyes as her body dunked in. Her heart beat quickly and she tried to reach up, but the rush of the water pushed her down the river. She was dragged down the river and she could taste the water in her mouth.


The fisherman bounced against the boat and he groaned. Pink eyes opened slowly before it widened. He climbed up to see a storm was rolling in and his fishing pole was floating in the water. That didn't bother him. What did was the missing female he was in the boat with.

"Moon!" He cried out and received nothing back. He worried she had went under.

Rowing his boat down the river, following the current of the river, he looked around hoping to find the female. He made it to the end of the river and where the current was more stilled.

"Moon!" He called out again and looked around.

Getting out of the boat, he ran down the edge of the river hoping to find Moon. Rain slowly fell from the clouds and drenched his skin.

"Moon Goddess, please. Tell me she is fine. Please!" He prayed aloud with his heart pumping loudly in his ears.

Just as he finished his prayer, he saw a body in white at the edge of the bank. Heart in his throat, he ran to the body and dropped to his knees. He wiped the black strands away from her face and didn't know what to do. He had never been in this situation! He dug through his mind as he tried to remember what his uncle once told him.

["What happens if I drown?" A Young Clete looked at his uncle with big pink eyes, "Will I die?"

"Maybe," his uncle grinned and his eyes teared up, "But don't worry, nephew. I am here. You will be safe."

"Bu what if I do?! I will die! Wahhh!"

"Listen," his uncle placed a hand to his head, "If you drown, I will do this to you. Lay down, Clete."

He followed his uncle's instruction and felt a push against his rib and he scrunched his face.

"I'll help your heart to pump and push the water out like this, but if that doesn't work then I would blow air in your mouth."

"My mouth? That is gross!" He sat up frowning.

"Yeah, it is, but if it is to keep you alive, then I will," His uncle patted his head, "Although it would be super gross."]

'That's it!'

He quickly did what his uncle had done to him. Pushing down the middle right in the middle of the rib and relieving pressure, then repeating, he waited for any movement. Moon was still not reacting so he swallowed deeply and peeled the face covering off her lips.

"Sorry, Moon. I have to save you," he apologized before pressing his lips to hers.

He pinched her cheeks to open her lips and blew in. He did it again a few times, before moving back to press right below her chest. The rain was picking up and the clouds were covering up the sun. He blinked away the rain from his eyes and continued pumping below her chest and then moving to blow air into her lips.

"Come on, Moon. Wake up," Clete growled upset. He was doing everything his uncle said, but it wasn't working! Did he lie to him?

'No, it has to work. Moon can't die! Moon Goddess, please, please help.'

Back and forth, back and forth, he continued to pump air. He shut his eyes and prayed harder. He couldn't have her die! He wasn't a killer!

'Not again! Not like uncle. This isn't my fault! Wake up! Wake Up! WAKE UP!'

"Sir Clete," her voice filtered through his ringing ears, "I am alright."

The female pushed herself up, but arms wrapped around her and brought her back down. Under the grey clouds and rain pattering over their skin, she held his shaking body. Her body felt so sore, but she was glad she was alive. She wasn't a swimmer, not like her brother, so falling into the river scared her. She thought she was going to die.

The fish she could never reel in, swam toward her and she saw clearly it belonged to her brother. The rainbow fish swam around her twice before she reached to grab a hold of it. By the time she reached the shore, she was too tired to even open her eyes or talk.

So to say she was surprised with the desperation in Clete's voice, she wanted to say she was fine, but she couldn't. She could hear his pleas to her and felt his lips on hers. When she was able to collect her energy, she opened her eyes to see the green haired man without his hat and tears in his pink eyes.

"You will catch a cold, Sir Clete," she spoke softly and he laughed wetly.

"Mmm, come on," Clete pulled back and helped her up.

His hand continued to hold her hand, pulling her under a tree. He looked around and pulled her to a small cove near the large rocks. His sisters had joined him once to see what was so great about fishing, only to sit in the cove away from the sun complaining.

"Stay here, Moon," he smiled, "I'm going to gather wood to make a fire. Don't leave, okay?"

She smiled and nodded.

'Brother, are you well?' She wondered looking up at the dark sky, 'Thank you for sending your creature, but am I… straining your power?'

Clete kissed Moonie! 0_0

Sun God will have his moments later in the story~

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