Percy Jackson: The God of Magic

One moment I was dying on a really uncomfortable hospital bed and the next... well, I’m alive... though this time, I'm not even human anymore... but who cares. If you want to read ahead! https://w w w.patreón.com/cornbringer

CORNBRINGER · Book&Literature
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So.... who wants another succulent, delicious, thicc and tasty chapter today? The next chapter reveals who the father is.

All you have to do to get this delicious chapter is.... I don't know.... post your most hilarious memes in the comment section or in this paragraph.

"Fucking finally, the hype is so big Vegeta is here," Adam sighed, as Vegeta shouted.

"I AM THE HYPE," Vegeta declared.

"Meh," Adam shrugged, realizing Vegeta was here to stay for the duration of this note.