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Chapter 105

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[Raguel POV]

After meeting with that monster, I decided to go to Asgard immediately, Odin the asgardian king owed me some answers. One thing was that I owed him a favor for what he did for us a thousand years ago, and another was that he completely disregarded my life, throwing me into the abyss itself. Handling Lucy, that was easy, relatively speaking, handling that monster, not so much, "Odin!" I screamed as I entered the throne room, where Odin was sitting alone, the room empty for the most part.

"It was never my intention to put you at risk," Odin muttered, "I just didn't foresee his arrival, he wasn't supposed to be there, and for that… I am sorry,"

"I don't care much about what you saw," I roared in anger, why did he have to withhold information, if that monster wasn't one to play with his food, I would be dead by now, "You complelty disregarded my life and my safety! by throwing me into this fucking mess!"

"Perhaps," Odin acknowledged.

"I… we should just kill that kid," I stated, a son of that evil being could only be evil at its truest.

"I will not do or allow you to do such a thing!" Odin growled.

"You are playing with fire Odin!" I shot back, "If that kid ever learns of his heritage, life as we know will cease to exist!"

"I am dealing with that," Odin sighed, "If handled correctly, I can stop the end of times…"

"Wishful thinking," I scoffed, was he really so naive to think he had the power and the ability to control the spawn of the crawling chaos? "If the kid finds out that the only thing limiting his power it's his lack of understanding about himself… WE WILL FALL!"

"Are you deaf brat!" Odin roared, "I shan't allow it!"

"Once Gabriel finds out about this…" I paused, taking a deep breath, "We will wage war against the kid, and all of those who stand in our way to vanquish his existence,"

"You saw him… do you really think Heaven has the firepower to kill his dad if he so decides to intervene on his behalf," Odin chuckled bitterly, "That monster… is unpredictable, and if he so decides…. He can wipe not only my Pantheon, but yours…"

"God will not allow it," I stated, our father… our creator was ever so merciful, and I knew he would defend us should the heavens cry for it.

"He can," Odin nodded, "But you know how those primal gods are, always sleeping… always away,"

"He did say that," I muttered, "That our father would not interfere…"

"Do what you must Raguel," Odin sighed, "I brought you into this, and I accept the consequences of my actions, but know that Asgard stands by him,"

"Noted," With that, I teleported back to heaven, where I would tell my brothers and sisters about Adam.


[Odin POV]

That monster had made his move earlier that I had foreseen, and thanks to that I was lost for the first time in centuries. Adam would soon know about his heritage, and things would change... I had seen such a future, one that cannot be avoided... in that future the only thing I could see was his father congratulating him… not sure why or what he was congratulating. Regardless of the reason, this shouldn't be happening right now, in my previous visions, they met ten years from now… after he killed Hestia to make his son lose completely the light within him, resulting in the end of the world. Which is why I wanted Adam to become strong enough to deal with the crawling chaos when the time came.

But now… all I could do was watch and see… what the Outer God was scheming, and try to plan around that, but something didn't feel right, how was he going to tempt Adam… I had Hestia safe and out of his reach… and as long as I had Hestia… safe and sound, there wasn't much he could do to tempt Adam.

Then again… I don't know what I expected… Nyarlathotep, or the crawling chaos it's a being specially known for his unpredictability… not even the members of his pantheon that is filled with evils as old as time itself can predict his motives or even begin to comprehend his mad reasoning… I suppose it was to be expected, after all… he differs from every deity in his pantheon a lot, making him an even bigger threat to begin with. Most of the gods on his pantheon are evil without a real motive, but him? If he blinks, there is a reason behind for it, the ever scheming monster of the abyss, the fucking spawn of Azathoth.

Even in the way he interacts with humans, and gods… he would show his unpredictable nature... playing with them using lies and misdirection to trick them into a false sense of security, usually under the guise of a human, like a predator… waiting for his prey... he enjoys human suffering comparing it to a great song, but like a great song he considers that it should be prolonged… which is one of the reasons he uses a human disguise…. Instead of one of this thousand other forms or manifestations, that are usually most reputed for being quite horrific and sanity-blasting, which he considers it's not fun....

"Adam," I muttered, "I hope you are ready to face what you really are… otherwise, the end is near,"


[Adam POV]

Two days from now, I would face the demon who had demanded me to bend the knee... and I couldn't help but admit I was a tad excited. Not for the reason many might think, it's just that... once I killed the overlord I would gain a reputation. Meaning no more challenges from people beneath that rank.... so yeihhh!

"Honey prepare by tea bagging pants," I chuckled as evilly a hu—- godly possible, "I will like every mature COD player tea bag the guy after killing him,"

"Even that moron gets closer to your junk?!" Honey muttered.