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Chapter 104

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Time passed in hell with days turning into months, with no much changes in my routine besides the ones I myself imparted, day by day, my morning would start with a few demons demanding to fight, and like always I would deal with them accordingly, this routine however changed… when I got a letter, from no other than one of the overlords of the pride ring, Azothet. Not much was known about him in hell, according to Honey, except that he was one to get what he wanted, when he wanted it.

In his letter, he would go in great detail explaining how I should bend the knee to him and his prince, or face very descriptive consequences, and I am not even kidding, his letter was around forty two pages long, and describe with morbid detail what would happen, like forty out the forty two pages were this random overlord having a gory orgasm about what horrors he would inflict in me should I reject accepting his … kind… offer. Needless to say I sent his messenger with a equally descriptive message that basically could be summarized in one word, FUCK YOU.

And with that letter sent, it was time to prepare for what it was to come…. So far I had only faced relatively weak demons on the command ladder, but now… now I had challenged one of the strongest demons according to the hierarchy of this ring, and soon would find out how strong I was compared to quote… the big dogs. Pfff, don't get me wrong, I was sure I was going to win against the overlord with ease, heck maybe even I would even tea bag the poor idiot before making him watch a documentary about documentaries. So I wasn't really questioning my strength there, hahah, no… My angle was another, I wanted to see by fighting the second strongest rank in hell to see how I fared in terms of power against the famous Leviathan, the prince of pride. Defeating an overlord would give me a more accurate idea of where I stood in the ladder compared to the fodder I had eliminated so far, this… volunteer would help me further understand how things worked around here.

And, after that… I guess I would go ahead and kill the prince once I confirmed I was strong enough to deal with him, and… then do the same with each prince until I get to the final boss, Lucifer. For now though, for now I would enjoy my three way training and oh god I just realized how dirty that sounds. Oh well.


[Lucifer POV]

A Greek brat had fallen into my realm, what a… unexpected conundrum, one that I knew how to deal with, killing him. The kid was growing in power alarmingly fast, and by the looks of it it would threaten my reign if I let this little fire grow out of control. He had even started to challenge overlords, it wouldn't be long before he started to fight and kill my princes, and frankly… getting used to new princes was… too much work. So the brat had to die.

"I'll be back in a few, Lilith," I stated, kissing the first woman God created.

"Where are you going?" Lilith inquired with a soft giggle.

"I have a Greek brat to kill," I chuckled, giving her one last kiss, before something pushed me to my knees. An ancient power that I hadn't felt in a long time… he was here, that monster?!

"No you won't," That voice, that power… this cold suffocating feeling… there was no doubt it was him, "You see… that brat is my kid, and while I don't normally go out of my way to protect him, I can't just simply let you kill what it's mine, frankly Lucy, one would think ruling hell would make less prone to fuck things up," he chuckled.

"You think! You think! You can come here and tell me what to do?!" I roared, pushing myself up with great struggle, only to be forced back into my knees.

"Yes, hahah, I think I can," He laughed, "You see Lucy, power is everything, those in power set the rules, and control everything… and unfortunately for you," he grabbed my head with one hand, his eyes black and cold, "I am leagues above you child, so… for your sake, leave my kid alone," he then smiled, patting me on the head, "Besides he will eventually come to you, so… be patient and wait, if you kill him when he comes… well," he shrugged, "It would mean he was not worthy of being my seed, but to be honest… I don't think you will win Lucy, he is after all, my son,"


[Raguel POV]

I owned Odín a favor, but not this… not dealing with that monster, did Odín know that child was the son of that… of course he knew, he had to.

"Well, hello there," The monster whispered to my ear, "Let me guess, visiting Lucy… or perhaps… doing Odín a favor?" He laughed, what was I supposed to do now… this bastard was beyond what humans say my pay grade, "Don't be so tense, I came here to tell you… don't interfere with the events that are about to unfold in hell,"

"You don't scare m-me," I stated, sounding far less confident than I wanted.

"You could've fooled me," He chuckled.

"Our father is just, and should it be needed he will stop you!" I hissed.

At this he broke into a fit of laughter, "Sure, he could… not many beings can kill me, him and Chaos are one of the few, but… you must be stupid to think your father will do anything… he has been sleeping for eons, and when he was awake did nothing to stop me… so how about you start being realistic… and shut the fuck up? Can you?"

I glared at the monster, before teleporting to Asgard… Odin owned me… a few explanations.