Percy Jackson: Son of Hades - Prince of the Underworld

An orphan gets reincarnated as the Son of Hades, as his mother a powerful witch, with such a powerful lineage how will his fair in the Percy Jackson Universe, well read and Find out. ... Fair warning I'm closely following the books, while changing some things like how strong their abilities actually are and how strong the God's actually are since they're in fact Gods and stuff.

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Chapter 32

A/N: Okay, so I'm a dumbass… There's no way around it, the way I worded the question was horrendous, so here's what I decided to do since I received some advice on the matter with the monsters:

I'll use some D&D monsters (This is honestly my first interaction with D&D), while giving them a brief Greek mythology background, while also using monsters from other Pantheons… so I hope you enjoy 😘😘


[Third Person's PoV]

Lucian sighed when he saw Grover started getting really nervous, he just kept making goat noises while looking around anxiously.

"Look, you don't have to fight, you just have to be our guide. We'll fight and protect you. While you take us to camp half-blood, how does that sound?" Lucian said, trying to calm him down, feeling a little guilty for bringing it up.

Grover took a deep breath trying to calm himself, "Bahhh. Although I'm scared and nervous for our journey ahead. I was assigned to be your protector. So if I'm going, baaah, I'm going to get my searchers license, I don't mind tussling with a few monsters"

Grover started shadow boxing to try and calm his nerves. After taking another deep breath, he turned towards the other and asked, "So are you all ready?" Trying to sound reassuring.

"In a minute" Luke said before kicking some snow towards the campfire and turning towards Lucian expectantly.

Lucian rolled his eyes and with a sigh summoned, a griffin for everyone. Which completely frightened Grover, he walked back in shock and fear tripping over his hooves falling butt first into the snow.

"I'm not explaining, I always explain, it gets tiring" Lucian said getting on his griffin and waited.

Annabeth playfully rolled her eyes, "Fine I guess It's my job to educate the ignorant"

Which just earned her a snowball to the face, she cleaned her face and looked towards Lucian who was just whistling looking around. But she managed to catch a shadow tendril going back to his shadow, causing her eyebrow to twitch.

Annabeth just glared at Lucian promising vengeance before turning towards Grover and explained what happened…

"I see…" Grover sighed in relief.

Everyone soon got on and waited for Grover to get on, Lucian leaned his arms on his griffins head, "What are you waiting for goat-man, you have a group of demi-god kids to lead don't you?"

Grover slapped both of his cheeks before nodding his head and jumping onto the griffin next to him.

And with that they started their Journey towards camp half-blood…

"Hey Lucian can you pass me the book please I'm bored" Annabeth asked as they traversed through the snowy winter forest.

Lucian willed a tendril to manifest itself from his shadow with the large book his mother gave him.

"Here" Lucian passed her the book with his shadow.

Annabeth got very excited and positioned the book on top of the griffin where she proceeded to fully immerse into it.

"Now that I think about it, Annabeth always asks for that book when he go on a long journey with almost no stops. What's so interesting about it?" Thalia asked, watching how happy Annabeth looks flipping the pages.

Before Lucian could say anything Annabeth looked up towards Thalia, explaining it to her, "Lucian's mother was amazing, she basically made him a guide towards everything there is to know about Greek mythology and then some.

There's knowledge about Ancient Spells, Artifacts, what appears to be a bestiary, and more. These are all so fascinating that I can't help but be immerse in it"

Lucian smiles to himself hearing his mother get complimented but before he could say anything else a large tail made completely out wood slapped Lucian right on his torso sending him flying off his griffin and crashing against a tree snapping it in half due to the force.

"LUCIAN!!!" They all yelled in shock

They all turned towards the cause, which caused their eyes to widen in shock, a part of the tree next to them slithered towards them,


Vines and roots started coming out of the ground and around its snake like body. It sent its roots to try and penetrate them but the griffins simply jumped out of the way on time.

Meanwhile Lucian slowly got up from the ground with a moan, he coughed for a bit, spilling out some blood, staining the white snow covered ground.

He wiped his lips while muttering to himself, "What the hell is up with these creatures and smashing my back against something."

"Just What is that thing!" Luke yelled before pulling out a purely Celestial Bronze sword for his side.

Annabeth started flipped through the pages of Chapters 6 of the book rapidly, "Ah here it is"

A root goes and tries to take a hold of her but the griffin slashes its talon ripping them apart.

"It's a Hydra Vine!" Annabeth yelled, making her griffin move around, "the Hydra Vines were born from the tears of the Gorgon sisters, Stheno and Euryale, after the tragic demise of their sister Medusa against the hero Perseus. Distraught and vengeful, the Gorgons wept bitter tears that mingled with the blood of Medusa, giving rise to the Hydra Vines. These serpentine plant creatures embodied the enduring sorrow and wrath of the Gorgons."


Annabeth read the passage out loud, while Luke slashed a vine that tried to constrict him and the griffin.

Thalia pulled out her Spear and Shield, which for some reason ended up enraging it as it became more aggressive with its attack.

Thorns started to now appear in Vines, which it started using as a Whip. One of those whips almost got Grover but Thalia Managed to get in front of him and protect it with her shield, Which enraged it further.

Lucian stood up and summoned his scythe before shadow blinking towards it.

Lucian tried to cut his body with his scythe but the Hydra Vine blocked it with the end of its tail which was cut off, it then grew back in a few seconds.

Normally Lucian would have ended up summoning his shadows to take care of it but that bastard made it personal when it threw him towards the trees.

Luke and Thalia then appeared, each slashing and Thrusting their weapons into the Serpentine plant.

Thalia would charge her spear with electricity and thrust it inside the root serpent. Causing it a large portion of damage but it would just heal up.

But every time Lucian would cut a part of the serpent it would take a larger amount of time to regenerate. Which Lucian noticed.

As the serpent which was as 15 ft tall, (4.5m), sent out and controlled the roots to try and get them Lucian used them as a foothold and got as close as possible.

Lucian spun his scythe around cutting everything the snake threw at him like a harvest.

Luke went around slashing and cutting all the Vines that went towards Grover, meanwhile Annabeth protected the book with her body and used a dagger to cut some Vines that started wrapping itself on her griffin.

As Lucian was running up the roots of the serpent, it managed to scratch Lucian with its thorn on his legs.

But Lucian didn't pay it any mind, he waved his scythe cutting the roots he was just on and jumping towards the next, the roots he cut then started shriveling up before turning to dust.

Thalia charged her spear with electricity again, she started following Lucian's example and started climbing the roots.

She started smirking to herself and tried out something she has been trying to do for a while now, she wrapped herself with her own electricity and sped her way through all the roots blocking her from its body.

When she arrived before its body, Thalia thrusted her impaling the snake's upper body causing it to roar in pain.

Lucian then appeared from the sky swung his scythe down, impaling the top of its head with his scythe blade and using all of his momentum and body weight to drag it to the ground with him.

And with a thud the root's serpent's head bounced off the ground before its entire body started shriveling up, turning dry before turning into dust…

With it defeated Lucian and the others let out a sigh of relief. Lucian then smirked as he then said, "Arise" causing a shadow of a snake made out dark shadowy roots and vine to appear from the dust it left behind and sink into his shadow.

Grover seeing the processes for the first time looked at Lucian in shock, while Thalia, Luke, and Annabeth shook their heads realizing that with each battle Lucian grows stronger.

Thalia and Lucian then looked at each other and smirked before they went to high five each other for their teamwork but as Lucian took a step forward his leg completely gave out.

Which caused him to fall face face towards the snow.

"Lucian! What's wrong!" Thalia shouted and went to help him up.

The others quickly got off their griffins and came running towards him.

Thalia grabbed his hand and put it over her shoulder, she tried to get him to stand but his legs would just not cooperate.

Lucian sigh when it happened, "It looks like the thorns were poisonous but it's not the bad kind only the paralyzing kind"

"Are you going to be okay!" They all looked at him with worry.

"I'm fine" Lucian willed his griffin to come to his side and with Thalia's help he sat down on its back.

"Hold on" Grover said with a serious expression, got off his griffin and got close towards Lucian's leg where he started examining it.

"It's only a minor case of paralyzed with a few common herbs from around here and he should be okay really" Grover said, "Wait here for a few minutes, although the snow is masking a bit of the smell, I can still smell it."

Grover got on top of the griffin before he started riding it around back and forth stopping for a bit before sniffing the air, picking up a small herb and bringing it all towards Lucian.

"Hear you go." Grover said, handing him a couple of flowers.

Lucian took them with a teasing smile, "Thanks for the get well gift, I'll be sure to put it in a vase and water it"

"Just eat it!" They yelled with a smile, while Grover looked at them in confusion.

Lucian grumbled before eating it all, "I can't believe you all peer pressured me towards eating grass"

"So can you stand?" Luke asked with a raised brow.

"It's not going to work immediately Luke" Annabeth said with a slight sneer while shaking her head in disappointment.

"Actually it is " Grover said, which caused Lucian, Thalia to chuckle

Luke looked at Annabeth smugly causing her roll her eyes, "You're older than me, grow up"

Lucian then tried to stand up and when he did his legs worked completely fine.

They all patted Grover on the back, "Good job protector"

"Baaaah" Grover bellowed due to his embarrassment, he rubbed the back of his head and blush.

After making sure everything is alright they got on their griffins again and road off through the forest…


A/N: Tell me what you all thought of the how I did with the background of the story, was it good, bad, or meh, good have been better.

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