Percy Jackson: Son of Hades - Prince of the Underworld

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What is Percy Jackson: Son of Hades - Prince of the Underworld

Read Percy Jackson: Son of Hades - Prince of the Underworld fanfiction written by the author Shadow_D_Monarch3 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Book&Literature fanfic stories, covering action, romance, adventure, reincarnation, r18. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


An orphan gets reincarnated as the Son of Hades, as his mother a powerful witch, with such a powerful lineage how will his fair in the Percy Jackson Universe, well read and Find out. ... Fair warning I'm closely following the books, while changing some things like how strong their abilities actually are and how strong the God's actually are since they're in fact Gods and stuff.

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I’m giving an honest rating, I got interested in this after reading a 1star and felt like this deserves some attention. This fic is the typical Percy Jackson or Greek oc fic, with a slightly edgy kid who hates the Gods. This is a fun read if you want a simple or quick Percy Jackson book, but it has no actual background in Greek Mythology. Characters are portrayed wrongly and for some reason there’s tons of poems or spells or something that takes up like 12+ lines of nonsense. Read for quickness and fun, not if you want something realistic or in-depth


It started very well, but as soon as he left his house the story declined quite a bit, I mean, the story was filled with holes in the plot that the author fills in the comments and that, if you don't read the comments you will have no idea what happens, besides quite ugly nerfs, such as going from 500 shadows to only 150 or that the MC is "Equal" with Luke when that should not be possible, even if Luke has "experience" fighting if when he met the MC he lost immediately.


Reveal spoiler


My opinion? The story had good potential, but it started to fall apart the moment other characters were introduced, becoming... A complete disappointment, why? Their depth is non-existent, their personality is not well developed, and above all... I feel as if I was seeing an ignoble person with a superior complex when seeing the protagonist and his attitudes, in addition, he has a naivety that irritates me, teaching and basically giving power to other characters, any of which can betray you when considering that Gods have mental manipulation in their hands... Sigh, anyway, the last part is just my personal opinion and not that of a reader like the rest... ..


I really enjoyed it till the author decided to nerf TF out of his MC. He literally reduced his shadow warriors ability from 500 to 150 for no apparent reason at all other than juvenile need to "fit" the other characters combat profile to match the MC's. Then he decided to reduce the MC's personal combat ability following that nerf by making him an equal of Luke when just few chapters before that, the MC was playing with Luke and Thalia without any apparent effort. Now I'm not against character development but the author sets up the MC to be OP and literally makes him train from the age of 1 by one of the most powerful witches in magic and weapon proficiency. After all that, the author somehow and for some stupid reason decides to reverse all that set up in the favour of nonsensical "development" of his MC with his supporting characters. Tip to the author: if you wanted the MC to be what you made him then you should've set him up to be that from the beginning and not setting him up to be a "god killer" from the beginning. He was set up to be OP to grab readers (since half of the readers are here for the Harem and an OP MC) but then the author didn't know how to follow upon that so he decided to bring him back to the level of author's talent in writing mediocre characters.


I really like this one very nice start. Feels a little unreasonable, but it has gods. Wonder how he'll interact with the cast and a little more shown of the powerscale compared to original.




Quality of the sorry gets worse as it goes. Mc gets a massive nerf. The nerf was reasonable but then we saw how big it actually was the next chapter. Mc isn’t smart at all and constantly limits himself in fights causing him to almost die and is just dramatic for no reason


Reveal spoiler


no matter what others say I like op characters and from apollos prophecy he's going to be and he doesn't act like a retard, and this one is way better than the Spiderman and jjk one, Eminence still top but this is close second


I have read this up to chapter 21 and I believe that this is one of the best Percy Jackson fanfics I’ve read. I also really like the authors writing style as well as how he does in depth research about the world in order for it to be acurate. The main character is also creative and actually trains his powers properly. Overall really good story.


Percy Jackson = A child = A boy = A son of his parents = Son of his mother and Father. His father = Hades. Hades = Brother of Zeus = not the water one = The king of underworld. Percy Jackson = Son of the king of the underworld. Percy Jackson = Prince of the underworld. Equating 1, 2 and 3:- Percy Jackson = Son of Hades = Prince of the underworld.


You get a two for one reason and one reason only. Scythe.


I love Percy Jackson, I like Hades,I like harems, I like scythes and finally I like your stories, there's nothing more to be said I only saw half of the first chapter I'm already in love I hope this continues on I'll try to remember to drop power stones on this book because I sometimes forget to have a great day and thank you for this wonderful story that I've been waiting for something similar to this and this is just perfect


we shall see if this actually deserves five stars








seems really great, op but not overly so (at least till now ch. 15) like it better than your other fics


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