Percy Jackson: Son of Hades - Prince of the Underworld

An orphan gets reincarnated as the Son of Hades, as his mother a powerful witch, with such a powerful lineage how will his fair in the Percy Jackson Universe, well read and Find out. ... Fair warning I'm closely following the books, while changing some things like how strong their abilities actually are and how strong the God's actually are since they're in fact Gods and stuff.

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Chapter 31

[Third Person's PoV]

"Can we go back inside? I'm cold again" Annabeth said while hugging herself and slowly making her way towards Lucian.

"Oh right, Here you guys go" Lucian said as he ended up taking out sweaters for each of them.

Thalia looked at the leather jacket Lucian handed her and said, "No offense but the last thing I need right now is to wear something made out of cold leather and take off this coat that's barely functional."

Lucian rolled his eyes at that, "While inside I was able to finally use my magic since I wasn't in that magic dampening snow storm, and so while Annabeth was defrosting I used that chance to enchant the sweaters/Jacket we mostly wear with an enchantment that provide warmth"

They all quickly took off what they were wearing and put on their respective sweaters making them release a satisfied moan.

"Ahhhh~ Lucian you are a lifesaver." Thalia said enjoying the warmth.

Annabeth, although already warm, started inch-ing herself closer to Lucian while blushing to herself. Everyone mostly thought that it's due to the lingering effects of the cold but if Annabeth saw her own face she would know that it was for a different reason.

"So what do we do now… where do we go, do we just wait?" Thalia asked with her hands inside her pockets.

Luke, although wanting to refuse his fathers help, looked at everyone around and sighed.

"We'll wait for the Satyr to arrive, with his help We'll reach camp half-blood faster which I assume is the camp your dads were talking about, and end this quickly"

There was an awkward silence between them before Lucian decided to end it by looking at Luke with a teasing expression,

which he caught on and looked at Lucian in confusion, "What?"

Lucian put a hand on his throat and coughed to prepare his throat, he used a bit of magic and mimicked Luke's voice perfectly.

"I'm fine without any of you! I already have a new family!", Lucian voice then returned to normal and looked at Luke with his teasing expression still on, "So you consider us family, aww Luke you big old softy"

Luke then got embarrassed and turned his head away… "After everything we've been through I would be surprised if you didn't think we grew closer" he mumbled.

Annabeth smiled at that and leaned her head against Lucian's arm. 'Even after everything we have experienced and coming close to death almost daily I'm sure that running away is and will be the smartest decision I made'

Thalia just blushed and playfully punched Luke in the arm, "Who knew that's what you really felt huh"

There was a beautiful silence between before Lucian decided that he had enough of the mushy feeling vibe they were all radiating.

Lucian point his index finger towards his mouth and made a exaggerated gagging sound, which everyone could tell he was being playful, "Ew that was weird, I'm the son of Hades, I'm supposed to be all gloomy and shit, what was with that weird vibe"

Everyone just started chuckling, which Luke was grateful for. After everything that just happened with his father a laugh between the people who he considers family is the thing he really needed.

A few hours later…

Lucian and everyone else were seen sitting a few feet away from May's house, Lucian made his shadows go and searched for logs which they used as seats and waited in the cold in front of a campfire for their guide to appear.

"You guys didn't have to do this, you know" Luke said with a sigh, "I would have been just fine sucking it up and going back inside and dealing with what needed to be dealt. You guys don't have to deal with this cold for me"

All three of them then started shaking their heads in disagreement,

"We saw how uncomfortable and uneasy you were when you were inside. A little cold is nothing compared to what you would have felt if we went back inside" Thalia said with a smile.

Annabeth and Lucian nodded their heads. Annabeth then just shrugged her shoulders, "Plus with Lucian's enchantments it's not too bad. Just like how you consider us family we consider you family as well. If something makes you uncomfortable there's no way we would force you to go"

Everyone turned towards Lucian and waited for him to say something but he just looked at them with a raised brow, "What? Oh you want me to say something. Well I can survive just about anywhere, the cold never bothered me anyways, so you good bro"

Luke just smiled at that, between guy friends they don't need to say much to express how they feel, Luke immediately understood what Lucian wanted to convey and smiled.

While the girls weren't the same, Annabeth nudged Lucian on the ribs and gave him an 'seriously? That's all?' Look, meanwhile Thalia just rolled her eyes.

However, before they could say anything or make new conversations, a few feet away from the woods they heard the sound of what appeared to be a goat coming down a mountain, its hooves making contact against the rocks as it came down.

A satyr came down from the ridge to the side and stood in front of them nervously,

"Baaahh N-Nice to you meet you everyone my name is Grover Underwood, as I'm assigned as your protector I'm supposed to help you get to camp half blood safely… Baah" Grover introduced himself nervously.

(Grover Underwood, a/N: yall put the pictures, any Grover pic I put just gets shadowbanned so enjoy yourself)

Everyone then started to introduce themselves, starting from Youngest to Oldest, Annabeth, Lucian, Thalia, and Luke.

Lucian looked around trying to see if they sent anyone else. But when he saw that he didn't he turned towards Grover and asked

"Hey do you mind if I ask you a question and just know I'm not trying to be rude or anything but isn't there nobody else?"

Grover's expression turned slightly sad but before Grover can misunderstand the situation Lucian continues.

"Can you let me explain why I asked that?"

Grover, although slightly downcasted at Lucian's reaction to seeing him, he nodded his head.

"Looking at You I can guess that in your race you would be considered very young right?"

Grover nodded his head.

"So they sent someone so young to bring back 2 demi-gods of the big 3 which would attract a lot of monsters. which is why I asked if they sent sound else, sending some so young for such a dangerous mission is just stupid… whoever sent you must hate you for some reason"

"Baaaah It can't be that baaaaaadddd right?" Grover asked, feeling even more nervous than before he started.

Everyone just started looking at Grover with pity, which just made Grover more nervous



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