A child in the (A) Marvel Verse accidentally discovers the truth about his life. Discovering his ability is a lot more powerful now that he knows how the world will change. Trying to ensure he is safe from the coming storm and finding the mutants might just be his best way to do this.

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I announce on the vine, "All, please welcome the Goddess of Life and Death, Hela Odinsdottir, she will be in charge of our Afterlife, so be nice."

With that many greetings came across and Vine and Hela seems surprised and impressed.

I look over to Frigga, "Do we know where they will be arriving?"

She shakes her head, "No, Lady Sif said Loki was going to lead them through rifts between the 9 realms."

I nod, I thoughts as much, good thing we have the detection setup.

All we know is that they are coming today. 

I leave the mother and daughter to catch up and head home, I want to see if we had any luck with the drug we found in the first portal.

In the lab I go over all the results, it's not bad, just not very efficient, and it only seems to work on the young, it can be used to top up your powers when you are older, but it seems to affect the mind then.

Hm, I pull up the super soldier serum and parallel it with V, while there are some common, I am not sure it is enough to merge them, so let's just try.

Hours later Ion lets me know, that Hela and Widow went to greet the Asgardians who snuck in.

"Where are we now?" Thor asks sounding totally lost.

"How would I know, I never actually used this rift, we on Midgard, that was all I promised, " Loki replies with some exasperation. 

"South Africa, African continent."

"Ah, thanks Sif, do you know where we head to find them?"

"Thor, that was not me." Lady Sif replies as she looks around.

"Up here Lady Sif, I thought you would be the first to realize." Hela grins

The party of five looks up and sees two women, both stunning in different ways, one elegant with hair in two tones, white and black. The other is voluptuous, and beguiling, with red hair and lips to match.

"So, following logic you were going to start killing massive amounts of locals to draw the attention of the Solar Pantheon, since as the name says they are in the Solar system, not on a planet. That's pretty sick and bloody for the kind-hearted Odin, no?" asked the redhead.

"Wait, no, I would never hurt innocents," stated Thor

"But nothing else makes sense, no one would be dumb enough just to appear on a random planet within the realm and expect the pantheon to be there when it is obvious from the name the entire system is their realm, right?" Widow looks to Hela questioningly. 

"You have a very valid point, if it was not for a random detection spell, we would not be here, so the only way to get us to this planet would be to find a way to draw our attention here." Hela takes a moment to evaluate, then agrees with Widow's logic.

Loki, who is cringing at his brother's stupidity tries to deflect, "Then you are from the Solar Pantheon."

"Naturally, who else would come to arrest terrorists and those planning potential genocide?" Widow asks

Lady Sif tilts her head to the side, then backs up some.

Hela and Widow land on the ground, "Please put your hands behind your back, you are being attested for illegal entry, and suspected of planning terrorist attacks within our realm leading to possible genocide." Widow continues in a very professional way.

As they walk forward, Widow seems to be secretly dropping something on the floor, yet nothing is visible.

When they arrive in front of Thor he seems totally confused, then Loki speaks up, "Brother, these are the gods who stole Midgard, we cannot give in," Thor seems to have woken up and shouts, "For Asgard!" smashing his hammer forwards, Hela smiles and steps to the side, letting the hammer pass her as she steps on Thor's outer knee, sending him hobbling to the side. 

At the same time, Loki seems to be waiting for Widow to reach him, a grin appears on her lips as the image of Loki disappears and screams of pain are heard behind her, turning patiently she watches Loki hop on one leg, his other foot impaled by an almost invisible 3-inch long caltrop, as he hops he steps on another, Widow quickly speaks up, "Stop, or it's going to hurt a lot more, they made of adamantium." As she finishes speaking he falls backward as both feet are now impaled, Widow flinches before he hits the ground.

Loki lets out a deathly scream as he lands on another caltrop, impaling it into his rear.

While this is happening Thor, who has had his knee bent in a direction it is not meant to go starts swinging his hammer within his hand to build up momentum, "Wow, Ion predicted every move of his correctly," listening to the screams behind her she adds, " and Loki's as well." 

Lady Sid is holding back the other two men for some reason.

Letting the hammer loose Thor smirks as it flies true to Hela, who reaches out and grabs it firmly.

"No, impossible, that's impossible!" Thor screams.

Hela looks at Thor with a smirk, "My dear brother, nothing is impossible, if you cannot do something then you are simply not strong enough."

Loki, who is lying on his side trying to gently pull the caltrop out his rear stops, looking up he questions, "Did you say brother?"

Thor, who is still working through his hammer not returning, seems to have caught up with the conversation, "Brother? Who's brother?"

In Asgard Frigga has been telling Lady Sif what to do, she is standing with her husband at the Bifrost relay.

"Now do this right, you have one chance to make things right and make a new good first impression, I swear if you mess this up you are sleeping alone."

Odin really wants to roll his eyes but is fully aware his wife is not wrong, this is important to both himself, his daughter, and the two pantheons.

With a deep sigh, he nods to Heimdall.

Within the area of the skirmish, if you want to call it that, no time has passed.

A rainbow descends from the skies and the Asgardians say almost in unison, "The Bifrost."

Within the light Odin and Frigga appear, Frigga smiles warmly at Hela then shakes her head and goes to aid Loki.

"Please can I have them back?" Widow whispers to Frigga

Odin looks at his daughter and nods, then smiles and walks over and hugs her, following his wife's orders to the letter. "I am glad to see you Hela, there is a lot I should have explained to you but my ego would not allow it. I am proud of you and the choice you made."

Hela grins while hugging back, "Did Mother tell you to say that?" she asks.

"Well, some of it, some is me." Odin says with a chuckle.

"Father, who is she, is she really my sister?" asks Thor who is still watching his hammer in her hand.

Odin nods, "Thor, Loki, this is your eldest sister, Hela, and the Goddess of Life and Death for the Solar Pantheon."

"Does that mean I can get my hammer back then?" Thor asks.