Painful Addiction Book

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Painful Addiction


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Methamphetamine, fentanyl, coke and alcohol. All capable of bringing out the worst in a person or leaving you in a euphoric state. Either way, you end up addicted. There are addictions that are sweet and non-threatening, like loving someone you know loves you equally, deriving happiness from eating a bowl of chin chin but there are some that leave you hollow; a shell of your former self. "They say that pain is a sign of weakness leaving your body but in my case, it's a clamp that refuses to let go of my heart no matter how hard i try." Chisom has had a complicated life, her indecisiveness and confusion on what love truly entails has spiraled her down a path of heartbreak, tears, regret, laughter and lessons. Despite masquerading as the strongest person she knows with nothing being able to move her, deep down, her emotions are as fragile as an egg: easily shattered. Meeting him was one of the best things to happen to her; with her never ending family drama and figuring out her place in the world, he was her safe space. She clung to him, let him seep into her like oil and allowed herself to become addicted to him. Transform into Chisom's mental diary and follow her through her journey as she navigates university, relationships and family while also trying to be the best version of herself. This story means so so much to me because it is very personal and has come from years of grief that I decided to throw in both fact and fiction in order to produce this. I hope you all enjoy.


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