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A high schooler on therapy runs into a campus bad boy...... It all started with him sneaking into her room through her window in the middle of the night. Atlas, a horny 24 year old handsome douchebag taught the naive Adora his own kind of pleasure. Things went as far as Adora running away from home to stay at his condo. Both messed up by their families, Adora thought he was her knight and shining armor....but was he? Atlas charmed all damsels in college to his den, tasting the shallow and deep waters as he often called it. Will Adora wake up from her dream and realize it was never about her but what was between her thighs?? GIST "I sure don't have that much strength to drive you out of my room..." "But have the strength to moan when I get in between your thighs, right? Oh Kiddo, you want this. Drop the act and spread your legs for me." He lifted my chin up. "Atlas we can't...." He sealed my mouth with his own, munching my lips rather hard and rough and before I could process the whole thing, he was pulling away leaving me gasping for air. "Don't spoil the fun, be obedient and show me what momma gave you. Your body keeps on betraying you, your anxiety, your haggard breath... it's all evident kiddo. You want me as much as I want you." He pinned me to the wall and raised my hands above my head. "Let me in, you'll never regret it...i promise. Let me show you how it feels when your core drips honey, throbbing hard for my manhood. The pleasure, the desire to burrow your hands in my hair as I pound into you...I want you to feel it."


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