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Daelius Vortem was an enjoyer of Anime and Manga. He was a cultivator, during his breakthrough to the last realm he died. But he sent a fragment of his soul to a new body with a system. He is transmigrated into the universe of Overlord. Follow his journey as he rises to power. A/N This is a non-canon fanfic of Overlord. There will be other worlds of different animes, manga, and games. Also, I am just writing this for fun because there are no good Overlord fanfictions. There is no definite update schedule. So, if you have any suggestions please write them in the comments. Also, there might be grammar mistakes because English is not my primary language. I don't own anything in this fanfic other than my OC. The main focus will be on the story, with not a lot of focus on the cultivation aspect of the novel.

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Yggdrasil XXXIII

To unlock the 'Lich' racial class, I first needed to get the 'Skeleton Mage.'

Because of my high Level, killing enough enemies to get it wasn't a hassle.

After selecting the 'Skeleton Mage' as my second racial class, I needed to learn a set amount of specific spells to unlock the 'Lich' racial class.

After that, I needed to unlock the 'Elder Lich' racial class.

With my high level, it took me only a short time to unlock the needed racial classes. Elder Liches were powerful magic casters, capable of commanding lesser undead. The 'Elder Lich' racial class had many specializations, like Necromancer Lich, Black Lich, etc.

Because I wanted to play as a Necromancer, I chose the 'Necromancer Lich' racial class. After that, I needed to unselect the 'Skeleton Mage,' 'Lich,' and 'Elder Lich racial classes.

After asking someone to kill me, I started again with the 'Necromancer Lich' as my new racial class.

~Scene Change~

I was standing in the poisonous swamps of Helheim.

[Image Here]

To unlock the next advancement of my racial class, I needed to create a horde of undead beings. The horde should contain the 6th or lower-tier undead, and the quantity of undead should surpass 10,000.

The Elder Liches could command the undead of the 4th tier. On the other, the Necromancer Liches could command the undead of the 6th tier.

I began venturing into the swamps. On its outskirts, many undead of 1st and 2nd tier were roaming around.

Because I was a higher-tier undead, they didn't attack me. I raised my right hand in the air and used one of the skills of my racial class.

Momonga: "Command Undead!"

This skill allowed me to command any undead whose Level was lower than mine and whose tier was 6th and descending.

The undead in my vicinity shone in a red light for a second and then started moving behind me; they included skeletons, liches, bone vultures, etc.

After half an hour, I had over 350 undead following me.

Momonga: 'This shouldn't take much longer.'

It took me 5 hours to get the required number of the undead. I stopped walking, and in tandem, the horde following me also stopped.

I opened my console to check the unlocked racial class;

[Availabale Racial Class(s): Skeleton Mage, Lich, ..., and Deathlord.]

I chose the Deathlord and disbanded the horde I was commanding. I allocated 10 levels to the new racial class. To get the next advancement, I needed Player's corpses. Fortunately, I had collected the required number.

I switched to my Demon variant and flew toward Nazarick.

~Time Skip~

It took me some to complete my Necromancer variant. My status looked like this;



[Name: Suzuki Satoru]

[IGN: Momonga]

[Race: Undead(13th Variant)]

[Bloodline: Undead]

[Rank: N/A]

[Racial Class(s): Necromancer Lich(15), Deathlord(10), Necroascendant(5)]

[Available Levels: 0]

[State Points: 0]

[Level: 100]

[Sense of Justice: -500(Extremely Evil)]

[HP: 65]

[MP: 120(Exceed Limit)]

[Physical Attack: 45]

[Physical Defence: 75]

[Agility: 50]

[Magic Attack: 95]

[Magic Defence: 95]

[Resist: 100]

[Special: 100]

[Job Class(s): Death Mage(15), Necromancer(10), Master of the Dead(5), Undead Summoner(15), Undead Shaper(10), Undead Lord(5), Death Shaper(5), Sould Binder(5)]


Unlike Ainz from the original series, who roleplayed Death, I decided to make this variant focus on Necromancy. I also had access to Instant Death Spells, and my racial classes boosted their effectiveness.

By doing so, I could even summon Players as undead. So, if I defeated a level 100 Player, I could use a ritual to turn their corpse into my personal summon.

I could then summon it at any time I wanted. The undead would have all the skills and states of the original Player. But I could only turn 10 Players into my summons.

My next agenda was to tame a few magical beasts and monsters for the 11th Floor.

~Time Skip~

It took a few weeks to tame the beasts I wanted. In total, I managed to tame 15 beasts and monsters.

I was standing on the shore on the second continent.

Momonga: "This is where you will stay, oci. Wander."

Oci was one of my tamed monsters. It was a giant level 95 Octopus named Kraken.

[Image Here]

After that, I flew toward the flying island. I needed to set up the World Items for this Floor.

Once there, I took out the 'Loki's Mimicry' and placed it inside the 'Room of Requirements' in the replica of Hogswart.

The 'Room of Requirements' had 25 different variants, and one acted as a control room for the entire Floor. I could use all the functions of the Floor from here.

For Example, I could forcibly teleport someone on the Floor to somewhere else if they had a low Magic Defense, command NPCs from here, observe anything on the Floor without moving the island, etc.

These were just a few examples.

The most potent of the abilities was that I could integrate World Items to the Floor through this room. If I had a World Item that could summon monsters at a specific location, I could use this room to configure the World Item.

[Image Here]

The Floor Guardian was also painted in this variant of the room.

I also created an NPC for this specific variant of the room. Her task was to oversee the Floor and report to me if anything went wrong.

[Image Here]

Her name was Aria. Her status looked like this;



[Name: Aria]

[Creator: Momonga]

[Backstory: A robot created by Momonga to oversee Grotto Sanctums.]

[Floor: The Control Room in Hogwarts on the Floating Island]

[Race: Automaton]

[Racial Class(s): Automaton(15), Arcane Construct(10), Mechanoid Overseer(5)]

[Available Levels: 0]

[State Points: 0]

[Level: 100]

[Sense of Justice: 0(Neutral)]

[HP: 60]

[MP: 50]

[Physical Attack: 55]

[Physical Defence: 60]

[Agility: 70]

[Magic Attack: 55]

[Magic Defence: 60]

[Resist: 90]

[Special: 100]

[Job Class(s): Overseer(15), Task Master(10), Prime Supervisor(5), Mastermind(15), Strategy Sage(10), Decision Matrix Maven(5), Techmancer(5), Lord of the Castle(5)]

[Flavor Text: She is the AI created by her creator Momonga. Her task is to oversee the Grotto Sanctums. She can use the facilities of the control room to complete her tasks. She only listens to her master, and doesn't have any emotions. Her only desire is to be of use to her creator....]


This room took more Data Crystals than small clans used to make their entire bases. But, this room was one of the safest locations of the tomb.

The walls had many compartments that were covered in glass. I opened one of them and placed the item inside.

To integrate an item with the Floor, I had to place it inside one of the compartments.

I then walked toward Aria, standing beside the central seat like a good secretary.

Momonga: "Hello, Aria. How are you doing today."

After a bit of small talk, I started configuring the World Item.

The abilities of this World Item were the same as the 'Cryptic Beacon' on the 8th Floor. But there was one major difference: the 'Cryptic Beacon' could only summon monsters found in Yggdrasil; conversely, the 'Loki's Mimicry' could summon monsters using the monster data. This reduces the cost of summoning.

I only needed to provide the monster data once, and it will continue to summon them. The advantage was that I could make custom monster data with the help of 'Ouroboros' or 'Wish Upon A Star.'

Momonga: 'Let's get started.'

Firstly, I added all the monster data I had in my possession. In total, I added monster data of about 136 monsters.

Another great feature of this World Item was that if a monster had a maximum level of 35, I could increase its level with extra gold coins.

Configuring the 'Loki's Mimicry' took me a few hours. I didn't add any custom monsters for now; that was for the future.

I turned toward Aria.

Momonga: "I must now go, Aria. Take good care of the Grotto Sanctums for me."

~Time Skip~

It has been 3 months since the Red Bears attacked Momonga. And now, one of the largest collations of various Human and Demi-human guilds was heading toward Nazarick.

At the forefront of the volley of Players were the members of the Red Bears, the defacto leaders of this collation.

Ivan: 'Let's see how you cope with this.'

The collation consisted of over 2,500 level 100 Players. After traveling for a few hours, they reached the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick.

Ivan: 'This is it.'

Ivan: "Get your stuff ready. Follow the discussed strategy. The victory will be ours!!"

After a few minutes, the first wave of the Players entered the marshes surrounding Nazarick.

Low-level undead skeletons rose from the marshes and attacked the first wave of the Players.

???: "Let me handle them."

A buff human Player spoke in a heavy tone and approached the undead. He then swung his massive war hammer, which crushed all the undead in its path.

???: "Let's continue."

After clearing the marshes, the first wave reached the tomb's entrance.

A few seconds later, the other Players also reached the entrance.

Just like before, a party of 100 Players entered the tomb. After venturing the narrow paths of the 1st Floor, they reached the 2nd Floor. The 1st Floor contained many undead of different kinds.

But with a party of 100 Players, they weren't a huge problem.

???: "Message the remaining ones to come."

A mage wearing light armor told another Player.

Without waiting for the remaining Players, they began exploring the 2nd Floor.

???: "Hey, who is that? Is she a part of the guild?"

A male elf asked the party while pointing toward a little girl wearing gothic clothing.

???: "No, I don't think so. Maybe, she is an NPC."

???: "This should be easy then. You guys cover me."

The elf walked toward Shalltear. Shalltear equipped her Spuit Lance and attacked the Player when he got near her.

The Player wasn't able to dodge her surprise attack and flew back.

???: "She is strong."

Shalltear had already equipped her Valkyrie armor and was ready to intercept the first party of Players.

???: "Let's rummble."

Out of Player's sight, Fenris was buffing Shalltear. The elf was a sword master; he lunged toward Shalltear with his sword.

Shalltear sidestepped and attacked with the lance. But, this time, he didn't fly back.

The mages of the party were buffing him.

???: "You are making me mad!"

He attacked Shalltear, and this time, the sword connected with her. As a result, she flew back.

???: "Take that, you bitch! HAHAHAHA!"

???: "Finish her quickly; we don't need to waste our time fighting with NPCs. We also need to conserve our skills for the members of the guild."

The same old man spoke.

???: "Got it, old timer."

???: "How many times do I need to tell you to not call me by that name."

The elf Approached Shalltear, who was now standing. Without waiting, Shalltear used a 9th-tier spell *Vermillion Nova*.

Because of the buffs of Fenris, her casting speed was faster.

A pillar of flames exited from her palms and traveled toward the elf Player.

The pillar engulfed him because the elf Player wasn't ready for this.

???: "How the hell is she able to use magic?!"

To Be Continued...

A/N: Apologies for the bland chapter. The Yggdrasil arc is coming to an end in 2-3 chapters. I plan to do a big time skip, after which the new world arc shall begin.

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