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Daelius Vortem was an enjoyer of Anime and Manga. He was a cultivator, during his breakthrough to the last realm he died. But he sent a fragment of his soul to a new body with a system. He is transmigrated into the universe of Overlord. Follow his journey as he rises to power. A/N This is a non-canon fanfic of Overlord. There will be other worlds of different animes, manga, and games. Also, I am just writing this for fun because there are no good Overlord fanfictions. There is no definite update schedule. So, if you have any suggestions please write them in the comments. Also, there might be grammar mistakes because English is not my primary language. I don't own anything in this fanfic other than my OC. The main focus will be on the story, with not a lot of focus on the cultivation aspect of the novel.

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Yggdrasil XXXIV

The elf Player was caught off guard. At this point, countless undead creatures emerged from various openings that suddenly appeared on the floor.

???: "Everyone gets ready!"

The undead were pop monsters. Usually, their level would be at most in the high 40s. However, Momonga had invested significant money and Data Crystals to boost their levels to the high 90s. The undead included vampires of various kinds, skeleton dragons, different types of zombies, etc.

The hordes of undead surrounded the players' party. Because they were invading a guild base, many restrictions had already been applied to them, like restrictions on teleportation, divination spells, etc.

Now, these restrictions could be bypassed, but that requires a build geared toward breaking them, like a mage geared toward teleportation magic could negate the limits on the teleportation spells.

But, unfortunately, the party didn't have anyone like that, so they were stuck. Even though 2,500 Players were invading Nazarick, only a few were min-maxed Players.

The rest were casual or slightly above casual Players. Now, some Players weren't min-maxed but were powerful in their own right.

But even so, 2,500 Players was a massive number of invaders.

???: "Contact the others and tell them about the undead. We need divine magic casters for them."

The party had 5 divine magic casters, but against hordes of high-level undead, they could only hold on for so long.

At the same time, the elf Player was also fighting with Shalltear.

The party's numbers dwindled as time passed, and the elf Player was also on his last stand.

Elf Player: "Damn, I didn't think an NPC could do this to me."

He turned around and saw the condition of his party.

Elf Player: "They wouldn't be able to hold on for long. Let's end this then."

He jumped back to create distance between Shalltear and him. He then took a stance with his sword in his sheath. After a second, his entire body began glowing golden.

Elf Player: "Take this!"

In an instant, he unsheathed his sword, lunged toward Shalltear and aimed to strike her neck. He did it in one swift motion.

But, before the sword could strike her, the blood from the corpses of the party members began to flow toward her, forming a crimson domain around her.

He ignored the domain and continued his motion. But, as soon as he stepped inside it, it shifted and formed into a cyclone made of blood.

This was one of her skills from the Noblesse Racial Class, known as 'Blood Field.' It could be seen as one of her trump cards.

This skill could erase its target from existence. Shalltear could use it only if she had blood nearby; otherwise, she would have to sacrifice her HP to activate this ability.

Elf Player: "What... the... fuck."

The blood cyclone kept smashing with him, which interrupted his skill. He tried to defend himself by moving outside the cyclone but failed to do so.

The cyclone's walls were solid, preventing him from leaving.

Due to his low HP, he succumbed to the cyclone's damage and died.

???: "Shit, Aeron is down. Have you contacted the rest?"

???: "Yeah, they are on their way."

The party was now entirely surrounded by the undead.

Fenris was still buffing her and the undead. Shalltear, having won her fight, approached them. She used her Blood Manipulation skill when near them to make weapons from blood.

She then used these weapons to start damaging the Players.

After 5 minutes, the second wave of the Players entered the floor and immediately attacked Shalltear and the undead.

Even though Shalltear was strong, she was killed after some time.

???: "Let's go."

The new party's leader commanded, and they started venturing deep into the floor. A few minutes later, they encountered Fenris.

But due to the number's advantage, they were able to defeat her. Though, they did take some losses.

~Scene Change~

Momonga was sitting on the Throne in the throne room. All the guild members also stood around him.

Pero: "They did take some losses in the first three Floors, but they still have an enormous number of Players remaining."

Punitto: "I suggest we force teleport those with low Magic Defense to the 8th Floor. We could engage with them there."

Touch: "I agree; we teleport some of them there while Momo, I, Ulbert and Takemikazuchi confront them on the 4th Floor."

Momonga: "Let's do it then. Tell the non-combatants to keep making potions."

Momonga, as the guild leader, used his authority to forcefully teleport a portion of the Players to the 8th Floor. He then got up from the Throne and used the Ring of AOG to teleport to the 4th Floor.

Touch me, and the others also did the same.

~Scene Change~

We appeared on the 4th Floor. It was an underground cave with a lake in the middle.

Momonga: "Let's get ready."

I switched to my Vampire variant and equipped the World Champion Armor.

Touch: "Let's wait here, they'll be here shortly."

Momonga: "Yeah, Ulbert, start buffing us."

Ulbert: "You got it."

After a minute, the party of 56 Players entered our field of view.

Momonga: "Let's begin."

Without waiting, I lunged toward the leader of the party. Once I was close to him, I used a skill from the 'Weapon Emperor' job class.

'Piercing Whirlwind!'

I caught him off guard; my sword passed through his defences and threw him backwards. Without waiting, I used another skill.

'Widened Phantom Strike!'

I lunged toward him; my sword became ethereal and again passed through his defences, causing massive damage.

I stopped my attacks, and the Players got up. He took out an HP recovery potion, but I used another skill to kill him.

''Raging Tempest"

I lunged toward him and delivered many continuous strikes. In the end, he succumbed to the damage and died.

I looked back and saw the others dealing with the invaders. Ulbert, with his attack magic, managed to kill many Players.

Touch Me and Warrior Takemikazuchi also managed to kill several invaders.

I walked back and helped them deal with the remaining invaders.

~Time Skip~

It has been 3 hours since the start of the raid, and the original 2,500 Players have been reduced to just over 150.

Now, the final party was venturing through the 7th Floor. They managed to kill all the guardians of the Floor.

The party included 2 World Champions, the members of the Red Bears, and some runner-ups from the World Champion Tournament.

All in all, they were the strongest team of the invaders.

It took them a few minutes to reach the 8th Floor. They appeared in the The Wicked Forest.

Just as they were about to move, they heard a voice coming from behind.

???: "So, the final Players of the invasion finally made it to the 8th Floor of Nazarick. Pretty impressive if you ask me."

They turned around and saw Momonga in his Vampire variant.

Ivan scoffed and said in a mocking tone.

Ivan: "So, you have come alone to fight us. Even if we are in your domain, it doesn't mean you could take us all together."

Momonga: "Oh, I assure you; that thought never crossed my mind."

Ivan: "So, you have come to surrender."

Momonga: "You are wrong again; I haven't come here to surrender but to show you firsthand. Why am I considered the strongest Player of Yggdrasil."

Momonga then switched to his World Enemy variant.

Momonga: "Now, stop wasting time and fight me."

Ivan: "Don't mind if we do. Attack him."

Immediately, multiple spells and skills were unleashed toward him. But he didn't move from his location.

Momonga: "Gluttonous Domain: level II."

A small purple domain manifested around him and engulfed him. All the spells and skills that entered it vanished altogether.

This was one of the skills from his job class, 'World Enemy: Gluttony.' It allowed him to form a domain around himself or others that devoured everything.

There were limitations, like attacks from higher-level Players would pass through the domain, etc.

???: "What the hell is that?"

One of the World Champions spoke in bewilderment. He was the World Champion of Midgard, a spear user.

Ivan: "I don't know."

If Momonga could show emotions, he would have had a massive smirk.

Momonga: "What happened? I am just getting started."

Saying this, he used another one of the skills of his World Enemy job class.

Momonga: "Gluttonous Slash!"

To Be Continued...

A/N: Apologies for the short chapter. I am returning to my university right now, so I don't have enough time to write a complete chapter. Also, if you had a choice to change the 'Neuronist Painkill' with another character that is also a torturer, who would you chose. The character should be a male.

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