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Daelius Vortem was an enjoyer of Anime and Manga. He was a cultivator, during his breakthrough to the last realm he died. But he sent a fragment of his soul to a new body with a system. He is transmigrated into the universe of Overlord. Follow his journey as he rises to power. A/N This is a non-canon fanfic of Overlord. There will be other worlds of different animes, manga, and games. Also, I am just writing this for fun because there are no good Overlord fanfictions. There is no definite update schedule. So, if you have any suggestions please write them in the comments. Also, there might be grammar mistakes because English is not my primary language. I don't own anything in this fanfic other than my OC. The main focus will be on the story, with not a lot of focus on the cultivation aspect of the novel.

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Yggdrasil XXXII

???: "Suprise Motherf*cker!"

I heard a male voice from behind. I turned around and saw about 40 Human and Demi-human Players standing there.

Momonga: 'Hmm, what's this.'

I faced them and spoke with annoyance in my tone.

Momonga: "What is this?"

After a few seconds, I kept scanning the Players and recognized someone familiar. I spoke, Pointing toward the Female Player.

Momonga: "I know you, we fought in the World Champion Tournament in Helheim, right?"

I pointed toward the female elf in golden armor; she had delicate features, platinum-white hair, and green eyes.

Momonga: "Yelena, right?"

???: "So you DO remember us."

A Human Player with fair skin, a bald head, and small red eyes spoke angrily.

Momonga: "Do I know you?"


Something clicked in my mind at this point, and I had a small flashback.

~Flashback Start~



~Flashback End~

Oh, now I remember. He was the one who was attacking Ulbert back then in Niðavellir.

Momonga: "You still holding a grudge over that; grow up man."

???: "YOU!"

He was about to attack, but an elven male with shoulder-length blonde hair, blue eyes, and a buff physique placed a hand on his shoulder and stopped him.

Momonga: "Have you gathered all these Players merely to seek vengeance over a trivial wand?"

???: "His wand isn't the only problem here."

A human Player with black hair, red wolven ears atop his head, and red eyes with slit-like pupils spoke sternly.

Momonga: "Is that so."

???: "Yeah, I heard from many players that you are going around and killing them, pillaging their bases, and even destroying clans and guilds."

Momonga: "Sooo? I don't get you point here."

???: "Please, don't try to play dense. You should understand that killing someone and ruining their day is wrong, right? You also destroyed some clans and pillaged their bases; isn't that stealing?"

I was amused by his reasoning.

Momonga: 'What a hypocrite. If you are trying to make someone look bad, atleast do it properly.'

After asking the System about their identities, I recognized their party.

Momonga: 'So, you are the streamer 'Maxer.''

They were so insignificant that I had already forgotten about them.


Momonga: 'I have let them enjoy their pitiful lives long enough. Today, I will show them the meaning of despair.'

The sole reason I initially spared them was that I didn't want to concern myself with mortals. If I had even a fraction of my original power, I would have destroyed them.

But now, I was a mortal with no power, and killing them was a hassle. But now, they have crossed the line. In the coming weeks, they will know despair.

Momonga: "Is that so. I could go on and on about how you are wrong, but I doubt anything will go through that thick skull of yours."

I switched to my World Champion variant and equipped the World Champion Armor.

Momonga: "What are you waiting for then? Let's allow our blades to speak."

Saying this, I took a stance and prepared myself for the battle. I quickly took out a spell scroll for *Message*.


Momonga: 'Do not interfere.'

Ulbert: 'Sure.'

*Message End*

I anticipated an attack because my popularity with the Human and Demi-Human guilds was not the best. I asked Ulbert to come with me.

However, Touch heard our talk and insisted they would not attack me. He kept going on and on about the goodness of the human heart. So, we decided to take him with us for a little reality check.

After the *Message* ended, I activated one of the skills from the World Champion job class.

Momonga: 'Dimensional Gap.'

This skill didn't have a showy activation, but it was one of my most potent Defense skills. It negated all the damage for as long as I stayed stationary.

Once I moved, the skill would deactivate, and I couldn't use it for 2 minutes. Also, the skill could only be used 5 times in 24 hours.

Ivan: "Yeah, lets let them!"

He unsheathed his Katana and took a stance.

Ivan: "Warriors, with me. Tanks, be ready. Mages, support us from the behind and also buff us."

All the warriors took out their weapons and surrounded me.

Ivan: "Now!"

His blade began to shine in a golden color; the rest of the warriors also activated their skills and lunged toward me.

Ivan: 'Why isn't he moving to defend himself from the attacks.'

For the next 20 seconds, I was struck with many different skills. But my defenses remained impenetrable.

???: "What is happening?"

???: "Why isn't he dying?"

Ivan: "How?"

They all looked toward Momonga dumbfounded.

Momonga: "HAHAHAHAHAHA! You normies can't beat me."

Ivan: "Oh, yeah! Let's test that."

Because Ivan was a Weapon Master, he could use different weapons. He took out a large War Hammer from his inventory.

Even though the Dimensional Gap negated all the damage, it couldn't counteract the special effects of a skill or a weapon. The attacks connect with my body, and the damage is negated.

But, the special effect is not. So, if a weapon inflicts weakness on someone on contact, Dimensional Gap couldn't counter that.

Momonga: 'Let's hope that hammer doesn't have the effect of Knockback.'

The only effects that could affect me were Knockback and Forced Teleportation. They would move me from my location, causing the Dimensional Gap to be deactivated.

Ivan swung his hammer and struck me on top of my head.

Momonga: 'Lucky.'

Luckily, the hammer didn't have the effect of Knockback.

Ivan jumped back after the strike.

Ivan: 'How? How is he alive.'

Ivan: "Mages, attack him from afar."

Many magic spells flew toward me.

Momonga: "Fire all you want. But as I said before, you normies can't beat me."

The spells struck me, but my defenses remained impenetrable.

Everyone: "~Excalimation~"

Ivan: "We are just getting started. Give him hell boys."

The mages and the warriors began attacking me with different spells and skills.

But Ivan kept observing the fight. After half a minute, something clicked in his mind.

Ivan: 'He is not changing stance nor is he moving to counter any attack. Maybe, he needs to remain still for his skill to work. There is a chance that he is using a powerful item, there is even a chance for it to be a World Item. But, I must try every possibility.'

Ivan: "*Message*: Vlad, try to move his from location with a spell."

Vladik: "Sure."

As they stopped talking, a fissure massive pillar of earth materialized beneath my feet, flinging me into the air.

Momonga: 'Fuck!'

This caused the Dimensional Gap to deactivate.

Momonga: "*Fly*."

While making the items for my NPCs, I also made items for my different variants.

For my World Champion variant, I made a Divine Class ring to cast spells and store MP. Even in the Divine Class item category, it was a top-tier item.

[Image Here]

I could store 50 spells in it and use the Meta-Magic enhancements. It could hold up to 70 MP.

Most of the spells were auxiliary ones like Fly, Teleportation, Fake Data: Life, Fake Data: Mana, Life Essence, etc.

Momonga: 'There goes my skill. I could use the World Item to decimate them, but would that be cool? Wait! I could use the World Item to destroy them, which may very well lead them to attack Nazarick.'

I kept dodging their attacks and spells using *Lesser Teleportation*.

Momonga: 'That will give me the option to test the 8th and 11th Floor and use my other variants. But, that would mean leaving them alive for a while longer.'

I could only use the *Lesser Teleportation* spell so much. I had to make a decision fast.

After thinking for a while, I decided to use the World Item on them.

I took it from my 'Item Box' and held it in my right hand. It was a dark purple crystal with uncut edges. On the surface, gold filigree intertwined to form ruins.

Inside, a red dot pulsated periodically while two lines of smoke, grey and white color, spun around it opposite each other.

It was called the 'Soulbane Eclipsis.' It possessed the ability to bypass all resistances and immunities against Instant Death Magic, afflicting targets with a range of Instant Death Spells.

Only another World Item was able to counter it.

Momonga: "Now, let the carnage begin."

I dodged a spell aimed at me and crushed the item. In tandem, black and purple gaseous waves began spreading out.

Ivan: "What are those waves."

No one expected Momonga to use a World Item. As soon as the waves struck the first batch of Players, they all began to die.

Ivan: "Is that a World Item! Quickly use that World Item."

But before anyone could use the 'Phoenix Ember Heart,' the waves struck them, and they all died.

Momonga: "This should make them attack Nazarick more brazenly."

Momonga didn't use his World Enemy variant or the Dragon variant because he wanted to fight them in Nazarick. He wanted to test the effectiveness of the 8th and 11th Floors.

Using a World Item to kill them will decrease their fear of him. And that's what Momonga wanted.

Momonga: 'Now, they might attack Nazarick in less than a month. I need to get my other variants finished before that. And I also need to finish the 11th Floor.'

Ulbert: "That was COOL!"

Momonga: "I know. But, we should get ready, they might attack Nazarick."

Touch also came with Ulbert.

Momonga: "Now you see, Touch. Their hypocrisy. They call me evil because I kill Human Players, but they don't take the time to look inward and start asking themselves the big question. Are they not also evil?"

I approached him and placed my hand on his shoulder.

Momonga: "It's time, Touch. It's time for the Heteromorphs to rise. It's time to show the Humans that we are united too."

I removed my hand and started walking toward the loot they had dropped. When using the World Item, I also used the 'Corpse Preservation' skill to preserve their corpses.

Momonga: "Let's pick up the spoils and go back."

~Scene Change~

I was reading a notification while standing in a rocky, empty room.

[The skill 'Altering Invocation' has been used, and all the necessary conditions have been fulfilled.]

[Congradulations for unlocking a new variant.]

[Race: Doppelganger(13 Variants) -> Doppelganger(14 Variants)]

I unlocked a new variant for my necromancer build. I chose Ainz's appearance from the original series.

I used the 'Experience Core' to level myself up to 100. After that, it was time to choose the racial and job classes for this build.

I didn't want to follow the original Ainz's build, even though I wanted TGOALID(The Goal Of All Life Is Death). I had another variant planned for such a skill.

My current build would only focus on necromancy, undead summoning, and dark magic.

To get started, I first needed to get the racial class 'Skeleton Mage.'

To get it, I needed to kill someone with magic.

To Be Continued...

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