Oshi no Ko: To Save a Star

Have you ever found yourself believing in the potential to achieve something extraordinary in your life? I was once a firm believer in such possibilities. In truth, my life was ordinary but satisfying. I found contentment in spending time with friends whenever I could, and my academic achievements at university even earned me the reputation of a genius. I never truly saw myself that way, but I accepted such compliments with a smile. One fateful day, a close friend urged me to indulge in an anime series called... Oshi no Ko As an ardent anime enthusiast, I willingly delved into its world. From the very first episode, it captivated me. Ai Hoshino—a character of extraordinary charm, capable of captivating anyone with a single gaze. Her life was a tumultuous blend of being an idol and a mother of twins, dealing with the demands of public adoration and motherhood. Witnessing her trials sparked an unusual and strong desire within me—a fervent wish to shield her from the harsh realities she faced. I wish that knife would've killed me instead. Such a thought may seem absurd, even melodramatic, but the series had stirred something profound within me. As I continued to delve into the world of Oshi no Ko, the stories of Ruby and Aqua further deepened my emotional involvement. Their arduous journeys and their struggles tugged at my heartstrings, and I couldn't help but feel immense sadness for them. Struggling to relate to their pain, I could only appreciate the stark contrast between their hardships and the relative comfort of my own life. I desired to rid the world of that despicable excuse of a father, perhaps even more than Aqua or Ruby did. But I had to suppress these feelings. After all, it was just an anime, just a manga... Tragically, my obsession with the series clouded my awareness, and I failed to notice an oncoming truck. The very cliché "truck-kun" became the instrument of my undoing. I lost my life because I couldn't tear my thoughts away from the anime world to focus on reality. Pathetic. In the gloomy aftermath of this unforeseen tragedy, I found myself standing alone in a desolate street, a murder of crows ominously watching over me. Amidst this eerie silence, a haunting question pierced through my thoughts [Do you wish to change Hoshino Ai's fate?] --- My discord server: ava9cEr3eG

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34 Chs

The Audition

Hello, Suzuki Komura here.

I want to start by saying I detest child actors because of the challenges they bring to us, the less important members of the company.

When a child actor falls sick, which happens a lot, it's always up to us to find a suitable replacement and ensure the play goes on without a hitch. If we fail, the blame falls squarely on our shoulders.

Just two weeks before the premiere of our latest theater play, "A Detective's Hard Job," we faced a sudden crisis.

One of the roles had to be changed, and we needed to find a replacement for the role "Hiroto Suzuki", a 10-year-old boy.

Hiroto discovers a cryptic message on a note left by a Yakuza member in a local park, which eventually leads a group of detectives to the truth behind the drug dealers they were on, as it was a secret organization that worked for the Yakuza, thus making it a really important case.

Hiroto, with his dream of becoming a detective, is determined to decipher the message, and his efforts hold the key to later coming to a conclusion to the story.

The role is significant, with more than just a few lines; it was crucial for the plot's development.

In a frenzy, we searched for a child actor who could step into Hiroto's shoes. Time was of the essence, as rehearsals were stalling without the right actor in place. We asked around and held an audition, hoping to find a young talent who would fit the role...

But alas, my mood only worsened as I witnessed one child after another stumbling over simple words during the auditions.

The three empty coffee cups on my table were a testament to the long day and the growing frustration.

"What do you think, guys?" I asked my colleagues, even though I knew the answer all too well.


"Any of them would completely ruin it."

"What are these parents even thinking? If their child can't act, why waste our time?"

The standards for this role were stringent, and yet here we were, lowering them out of desperation. We needed to rise in the Entertainment business, and hiring someone who couldn't even handle a simple audition wouldn't do.

As despair hung heavy in the air, the door to the audition room opened once again, and my eyes immediately locked on the next candidate.

I sensed that something was off almost immediately as the young boy approached the set. He moved with a certain grace and poise that was uncommon for a child his age. His jet-black hair was stylishly cut, framing his oval-shaped face perfectly. There was no trace of baby fat on his slender frame; he looked like a little piece of art.

Standing a little taller than the average child his age, he wore a tiny suit that fit him impeccably. His deep black eyes held a natural curiosity, but it was as if he knew how to control and channel that emotion, ensuring it wouldn't hinder his acting abilities. It was impressive to witness such self-awareness in someone so young.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you. My name is Ren Hashibara."

I couldn't help but take a keen interest in him. His speech pattern was controlled and deliberate, designed to engage the listeners. I had expected a child of his age to be more carefree in their expression, but Ren displayed a level of maturity beyond his years.

...Of course, just that wasn't enough to get the role.

"Hashibara Ren. You can start with your acting. We just need you to try the first few lines of the character."

As we asked him, he took on the role of Hiroto Suzuki effortlessly. Holding an imaginary piece of paper, he delivered the lines with a natural curiosity and intrigue that perfectly embodied the character. I couldn't help but be captivated by his expressions and gestures, as he brought the fictional world to life before our eyes.

"The river flowing east crossing the sun...Could this be a hidden message?"

His words flowed seamlessly, and I observed every nuance of his performance. As expected, he captured the essence of Hiroto's character, leaving no doubt in my mind about his acting abilities. It was as if he was born to be an actor.

"The kid is good."

"If it's him, perhaps..."

My colleagues' whispers echoed my sentiments. We were all equally impressed by the kid's talent. He had the potential to become a true prodigy in the world of acting.

I couldn't deny it; this young boy had caught our attention. His exceptional skills, coupled with his unique appearance and controlled demeanor, made him stand out among the other child actors we had seen so far. As we deliberated over our decision, I couldn't help but wonder if we were witnessing the rise of a new genius child actor.

After the kid politely left the room, there was an air of inevitability that settled among us. It felt almost futile to continue with the auditions when we already knew who the perfect candidate was. Yet, we had to maintain appearances and carry on with the process for another hour.

The other kids who followed after Ren were, as expected, average at best. It only solidified our belief that Ren Hashibara was the standout choice for the role of Hiroto Suzuki. Yes, we were aware that his father held a prominent position as a Director in our company, but that was only a small factor in our decision-making process.

Ultimately, it was Ren's exceptional talent and presence that won us over. His audition had been nothing short of remarkable, leaving us with no doubts about his suitability for the role. Giving him the part was not merely a matter of connections; it was a matter of recognizing true talent and potential.

With the decision made, a sense of relief washed over us. The rehearsals could now proceed once again.

As soon as tomorrow, rehearsals will unfold with Ren in his rightful place as Hiroto Suzuki. We looked forward to witnessing his skills in action, and there was no doubt in our minds that he would shine brightly on the stage.