Oshi no Ko: To Save a Star

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What is Oshi no Ko: To Save a Star

Read ‘Oshi no Ko: To Save a Star’ Online for Free, written by the author DeeplyLostInShadow, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Have you ever found yourself believing in the potential to achieve something extraordinary in your life? I was once a fi...


Have you ever found yourself believing in the potential to achieve something extraordinary in your life? I was once a firm believer in such possibilities. In truth, my life was ordinary but satisfying. I found contentment in spending time with friends whenever I could, and my academic achievements at university even earned me the reputation of a genius. I never truly saw myself that way, but I accepted such compliments with a smile. One fateful day, a close friend urged me to indulge in an anime series called... Oshi no Ko As an ardent anime enthusiast, I willingly delved into its world. From the very first episode, it captivated me. Ai Hoshino—a character of extraordinary charm, capable of captivating anyone with a single gaze. Her life was a tumultuous blend of being an idol and a mother of twins, dealing with the demands of public adoration and motherhood. Witnessing her trials sparked an unusual and strong desire within me—a fervent wish to shield her from the harsh realities she faced. I wish that knife would've killed me instead. Such a thought may seem absurd, even melodramatic, but the series had stirred something profound within me. As I continued to delve into the world of Oshi no Ko, the stories of Ruby and Aqua further deepened my emotional involvement. Their arduous journeys and their struggles tugged at my heartstrings, and I couldn't help but feel immense sadness for them. Struggling to relate to their pain, I could only appreciate the stark contrast between their hardships and the relative comfort of my own life. I desired to rid the world of that despicable excuse of a father, perhaps even more than Aqua or Ruby did. But I had to suppress these feelings. After all, it was just an anime, just a manga... Tragically, my obsession with the series clouded my awareness, and I failed to notice an oncoming truck. The very cliché "truck-kun" became the instrument of my undoing. I lost my life because I couldn't tear my thoughts away from the anime world to focus on reality. Pathetic. In the gloomy aftermath of this unforeseen tragedy, I found myself standing alone in a desolate street, a murder of crows ominously watching over me. Amidst this eerie silence, a haunting question pierced through my thoughts [Do you wish to change Hoshino Ai's fate?] --- My discord server: ava9cEr3eG

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I loved it, I have no words, I read all the chapters without stopping, it is my second favorite oshi no ko story. Thank you for doing it. PD: The last chapter leaves me a little frustrated because it ended at the moment I most expected, but it also fills me with excitement waiting for the next one.


Well, I love finally finding someone who isn't obsessed with being a god for no particular reason and just enjoys what the world has to offer, and doesn't put magic into this anime that ruins the story. So far the only negative I see is that the synopsis sounds like something a yandere would say and the fact that the villain is a threat that requires the intervention of a god is absurd.


friend by the way remember that it was a guy like you who killed ai so keep schizophrenia under control. Did you make the father of the twins a multiversal threat? there are hundreds of less smoked reasons to take care of that guy who is a friend of the family for example


Cute and adorable to see an impossible obsessive romance come true. The only pity I see is his tendency to involve Gods and wars between transendental beings in his two stories. I feel that things escalate too much and lose focus on the obsessive romance, I would like it to hear more simplicity and be more common, normal, I think that way the romance would be valued more, but this is the only negative aspect I find and it is one more personal preference. You write very well and if possible write more. "Thank you for being born and bringing this into the world."


Awesome fic. The writing is really, really good: Author manages to make use of developped and complex vocabulary without the sentences feeling too wordy, which is a mistake a lot of authors tend to make. The plot is simple and made character developpment its centerpiece: moroever, the execution is not clumsy. Good job Author. Props for making a non-harem story, because I love those.


As always, the Author has managed to get me really hooked on their story. The MC is always particular and is really expressive. I don't see any of the classic beta characteristics many authors tend to overuse for their MCs. The personality of his is not flawless, which I like more. If he was just a normal paladin of justice, then it wouldn't have been as fun. I can see that the Author has a clear grasp of the ugliness of this business and the world itself. It's clear by the chapters that it's not a childish approach to it all. I feel like there could really be something dark happening without the usual annoyances like choosing over a good or bad side etc, etc. This novel feels appropriate and is not weird in the slightest, even if its base is a manga, which is impressive by itself. I've said all I had to, peace.


Reveal spoiler


There are no problems with the quality of writing, the text is very clear, the plot is interesting, and the rest you can find out for yourself.I will not describe all the pros and cons for a long time, I personally enjoyed this fanfic very much. I recommend to read it.




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