3 Chapter: III


Standing in a room was a baby he had white hair with bright blue eyes, this was none other than Don.

Don Pov


I've been here for five months now. Since that day, three months have passed, and I have planned every step I will take to get stronger. I have had fun these past five months. In my previous life, I never had servants to feed and care for me the way I have now.

It should be simple for me to grow stronger with my understanding of the germa kingdom and my knowledge of the future, but it won't be enough, so I'll have to leave when I've learned everything I need to here.

I'm currently working on walking; I've mastered standing up, but every time I try to move, I keep falling. Since I had been immobile for four and a half months, it was difficult at just to stand, but it got easier as I progressed.

while I looked down at my legs I raised my right leg, then I dropped it down to the ground and did the same with my left. I soon found it easy to move about the entire room.

Even for me, learning to walk was somewhat difficult. I soon turned my attention to the window. I approached the window and raised myself using my arms.

Even though I'm a baby I pretty strong due the modifications to my body. I felt the chilly air touch me as I peered out the window. I could only see an infinite sea as I peered out from this enormous castle.

I couldn't believe I had been reincarnated in the one piece world, despite the fact that it was right in front of me.

As I heard footsteps approaching my room, I climbed down from the window and returned to my crib.

These modifications to my body will make it easier for me to grow stronger. Suddenly, a woman with black hair and chocolate eyes entered the room. She had on a traditional maid attire. She approached my crib, picked me up, and cradled me in her arms.

She then led me outside to my room.

Since this was the first time I had ever been taken out of my room, I was initially shocked and unsure of what she was up to. I could see an infinite brick hallway when I looked around. She made a few rounds before coming to a door, which she then opened.

When I opened my eyes, I noticed a room full of wires connect to a lone chair inside. My father Vinsmoke Judge and a man wearing a traditional science suit were standing inside this room.

"There he is, my boy." Vinsmoke picked me up, put me into a chair, and attached various kinds of wires to me.

" It's time to evaluate the success of my project. " Judge said chuckling. A short while later, Judge snapped his fingers, sending electric shocks through my body. I didn't feel any pain, but I could sense electric shocks flowing through me.

Judge stared at me with interest and gripped his chin.

" Okay, good luck on your next test. " As a servant entered the room wielding a sword, Judge snapped his finger. The servant walked over and handed Judge the sword.

"Let's test your durablity." Judge removed the wires that was attached to my skin and placed me on the floor.

" AHhh. " Judge raised the sword and swung it at my head.

' Whether he intends to kill me. I have only lived for five months in my new life, and I don't want to die this way! '

The sword struck my head, shattering immediately.

" Yes! My project was successful." Judge grinned, pleased with the outcome of his experiment.

I underwent additional testing before returning me back to my room.

I was pondering as I laid in my crib. I found it fascinating that I don't experience any pain, even after being exposed to electrical bolts. And it was a little astonishing that my new body could endure nightmarish experiments with little to no damage. I knew the Vinsmoke modifications were crazy, but to experience it myself is different story. Being mindful of this gave me many opportunities to grow stronger.


Judge Pov

I conducted tests on my children and discovered that my experiment was successful. However, it appeared that one of my children was unaffected by my experiment. Sanji is a failed experiment. I have high hopes for my other 4 children, though.

" This is so thrilling. "

I sat back in my chair and smiled while gazing up at the ceiling.

Pov End


One year time jump

General Pov

"Huff, huff,"

A boy running on a treadmill with wires attached to his skin could be seen. He was drenched in sweat.

"He's been at this for hours, judge. Compared to the 4 kids, they became fatigued after 2 hours of running. Judge he's a prodigy." To Judge, a scientist said.

As he observed Shiraga, Judge only grinned.

He was really the one who this experiment had the most of an impact on, as I had imagined. Judge folded his arms while admiring Shiraga.

Shiraga Pov-

Since that day, a year has passed. I've been working out consistently since last month, enhancing my physique and getting stronger. I've been attempting to follow Saitama's training routine since last month.

But because it was too simple, I had to make it harder. Instead of 100 situps, I did 400; instead of 100 air squats, I did 700; and in place of a 10 km run, I did 30. Since I'm just a year old, it was difficult at first, but considering how young I am compared to someone like Oden, I'm actually quite weak. He had thrown a grown woman across the room when he was less than a year old. Even with my modifications, I'm not yet able to achieve it.

Children in the one-piece world are absurdly powerful. He killed a bear at the age of 4 by tossing a whole boulder at it. No one could perform this feat even after years of training even in my past life.


Shiraga finally stops running after running nonstop for five hours. He stood up from the floor and inhaled deeply.

Shiraga was situated in a wide space. filled with a variety of objects, including wires and other pieces of gym equipment. A black glass with a door affixed on the side stood beside Shiraga.

Judge and another man emerged from this door.

"Good work! I'm truly amazed." Judge said in a positive manner.

" Yea. " Shiraga gave Judge a fleeting glance before departing. Reiju, Ichiji, Niji, Yonji, and Sanji were all standing outside with their heads facing Shiraga.

They looked at him attentively until he left.


Heh, I could tell they were jealous just by looking at them. Knowing that I am better to them feels so great.

For the first time Shiraga was smiling but menacingly.

- - - - - -

As soon as I got back to my room, I leaped into my king-sized bed.

" I enjoy getting access to all of these resources, including servants, as part of the germa kingdom.

When I jumped out of bed and rang the bell, a woman entered the room shortly after. It was the same women from before.

" Yes sir? what may I help you with what? " The w omen said while bowing.

" Just the same old. " Shiraga said in a cold manner.

" Yes sir. " She said as she closed the door behind her and left the room.

Power doesn't rest, so it's time for me to resume my training.


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