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one night of undiluted pleasure


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Some people are lucky to fall in love with someone and have them reciprocate the love while some are so unfortunate that they are left hanging with just hope as their solace. Having fallen in love with her mentor, Ifeoma is left standing and waiting in lives waiting room clinging only on a ting of hope. One sided love was something she only read in books or watched in movies, who would have thought she would not just experience it first-hand but be the one at the receiving end_ the recipient of rejection . How would she begin to tell her story. Who would believe that are supposedly husband refused to touch her or even share a room with her on their wedding night. Their marriage had being a mistake; one night of undiluted pleasure made a big troll on her life. Obi her accidentally husband sees her only as an obligation he has to fulfill. He vowed to love just one woman; Lucy is missing wife. What do you think would happen? Would Obi learn to love and accept Ifeoma's feelings towards him or would he continue to love his missing wife and cherish the memories they shared together? What do you think would happen especially if his missing wife would resurface? Read and find out.