Odin the Boundless

To the newest incarnation of Odin Borison, the All-Father and ruler of Asgard, a unique change occurs. Not only does this reincarnation merge Odin with the knowledge of his past incarnations, but it also introduces a fascinating twist: the infusion of meta-knowledge from another existence. In this new life, Odin becomes a fusion of his former selves and the accumulated wisdom and abilities of a separate existence (another reincarnator). This unexpected fusion bestows upon Odin everything that was which the other life wished for ... Essence of the King and Essence of the Blank ... what is that?

Vincent_0580 · Anime & Comics
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32 Chs

First Serpent problem

(Odin POV)

I went to space to create my weapon, the energies that would be needed would create untold destruction. I knew what I wanted. I wanted a weapon that was powerful enough to cut through anything. I had Uru, Adamantine and Vibranium at hand to create this. Normally combining all of these metals into one weapon shouldn't be entirely possible, but that is not something that has stopped me yet. 

I took all the metals and had them float in front of me. I concentrated on my divinity of crafts and then poured massive amounts of my Odin Force into the metals. I focused on the picture and shape that I had in mind. The Odin Force took the role of the heat, the furnace, the hammer and also acted as a matrix to hold everything perfectly together and have them fuse and form something never seen before in this Universe.

I held everything in my hand and focused. The Odin Force poured out of me. Space shook, the planet began to shake and a bright light permeated the darkness of outer space. Great heat could be felt and if you didn't know any better you would believe that a new sun was being born at this moment. 

After an unknown amount of time, the process was finished and the heat began to reduce. I slowly took back the Odin Force into my body and then looked at my finished product. 


It was beautiful. I held in my hands a long sword. It had a golden cross guard, grip and pommel. The double-edged blade would shine light blue when I hold it and send my energy inside it. Overall, I could sense the power it contained and the possibilities that it represented. I could still improve upon this glorious weapon. And the way to do that ... were runes. But for now, this was more than enough. 

There was only one problem now. No sheath could hold this magnificent blade. It was a literal sheath dodger. So now I have to find a way to keep this blade near me and I think I have just the way.

Using the 'meta-knowledge' once again, a certain man comes to mind. An arrogant man. He is a king, so it seems fitting. He calls himself the king of heroes, Gilgamesh. 


What I am talking about is the Gates of Babylon. 

Gate of Babylon: Treasure of the King is the "Golden Capital" and the "King's Treasury" of Gilgamesh, and moreover the golden key connected to it. It is the storehouse that Gilgamesh built to store all the world's treasures he claimed in life, referred to as the "Divine Gate". It connects the space of reality to the vault, opening an "invisible door" between dimensions that allows for the contents to pass through upon their owner's command.

I can't think of a more fitting ability or skill to have than this one. This only means that I will have to create this treasury as well as the gate/key to the treasury by myself. It is not easy to do that, but I will take my time doing it. No sheath could hold the Odinsword otherwise. 


I teleported back to Aesheim and appeared close to the house I had been staying at during these years. I could feel a presence inside the house. A presence I had gotten all too familiar with over time. I decided not to enter the house and instead got right to work on creating my treasury and the gate to access it. There was no skill that I couldn't learn, no ability that I couldn't get as well. That's why I am certain that I can create the King's treasury. 

I am in my favourite place, the top of the mountain, folding space to my will as I my Observation Haki picks up on the same presence as before. I can feel the presence settling beside me and observing me. I sigh and stop what I'm doing to look at the person. 

Gaea sits there and looks at me in a calculating way. I don't know how it happened but the relationship I had with Gaea was ... complicated. I tried to distance myself from her while being respectful, but it didn't work. She just never left. I didn't know what it was but she seemed to want to be close to me, even if she only observed me from afar. It was strange and I didn't like it in the beginning. 

Then as time changed and she showed me her experience with using divinity, I grew accustomed to her bit by bit. We grew closer for some reason. She was more powerful than I was, so there was little I could do than to just deal with it. But for some reason ... we grew closer. She told me stories of her birth as well as the creation of her siblings. 

She told me about the other elder gods and how most of them found their end. How Set grew greedy and absorbed other elder gods in order to grow more powerful. How he turned into a demon and other elder gods did the same, to grow more powerful. Gaea told me that she was effectively the only one who refused to do that and her sister Oshtur, who wasn't on Aesheim at that time. 

She told me about her son the mighty Atum. Absorbing the demons' powers into his own body, Atum became the Demogorge and wiped out almost all the demons, except Chthon and Set who escaped to other dimensions. 

Gaea told me about her life and what she liked and disliked. And for whatever reason, I did the same. I told her about the war in Jotunheim. I told her about my and my brother's trip to Muspelheim and their sacrifice and I told her about my brother Cull who was on Aesheim. 


The closer we got the bolder Gaea seemed to become. However before things could reach the next stage, I told her that I was not interested in ever sharing my woman with anyone. Never! I might sound hypocritical but I had no interest in polygamy anyway. I would never allow my woman to have children with other men and since that is what she would do in the future, I told her that I didn't see a future in this.

Contrary to what I thought, this didn't drive her away. She might have gotten a bit depressed for a time, but it was as if she knew all of this already. There was no way that I would allow my woman to have a child with her own son or other elder gods and the like and yet she didn't have a problem with that. She acted the same even though I tried to distance myself a bit. 

I realised that I might have gotten some feelings for Gaea and it would be hard for me to stop this, once it was official. So I tried to create distance between us. It didn't work, at least not fully. That leads us to this moment where Gaea is looking at me.


"What's wrong Gaea?"

"Odin ... I need your help. Please help me.", she said and I could tell that it was serious. She seemed ... vulnerable. 

"What's wrong Gaea? What happened?"

"I did something that might have been a mistake."

"And what is that?"

"A few days ago, I reluctantly decided to let the dinosaurs die out. This caused the course of evolution to shift in the mammal's favour. But ... Set seems to have found out about it. He refuses to allow the source of his power to slip from his hands."

"What did he do then?"

"He used his power and reached out into the minds of every dinosaur on the planet ..."


"Yes. Now each dinosaur has an overwhelming compulsion to kill the mammals. All over small predatory dinosaurs forsake other prey to pursue the relatively helpless mammals, Pterodactyls plunge from the sky to kill them, great carnivores easily devour entire families of mammals, while plant eaters simply crush them under their feet...

But the problem doesn't end there."

"What did you do?"

"I dared Set to confront me directly..."


"Indeed. Immediately the forest I was in shook and three enormous carnivors rushed towards me. Their eyes glowed eerily with evil energy. I watched in horror as the glow grew brighter, enveloping the beasts as they roared out in pain. The three dinosaurs' bodies seemed to melt together into one shining, throbbing mass that kept growing in size until ..."

"... Set appeared before you.", I finished her sentence. 

"Yes. But now he was unimaginably more powerful than when he fled to his dimension. He wants to destroy me and make this world his own. I possess the power of all living things on this planet but I'm not a warrior by nature ... Odin please ... please help me."

"I will help you.", I say and smile. It seems I am already too late in distancing myself. I'll test myself against Set and see how far I have come. All of this training hasn't gone to waste.


I grabbed the Odinsword and spread my senses. I could feel the foul and dark energy like a bright beacon. With a thought, I teleported there and appeared before a giant serpent, roaring and calling out to Gaea to show herself, while he was destroying everything around him.

Sensing me, the giant head of Set turned to me and tilted in wonder. Then a disgusting and cruel smile formed on the serpent's head. 

"Kekekeke if it isn't a young godling that appears before me. I didn't think that someone like you would appear before me. Well, I guess, an appetizer is not a bad idea.", he says and opens his mouth. Then a wave of evil thoughts attack my mind and dark energy tries to get into my head.

"Do you feel it? The difference in our power. You are nothing and you will die now. I will consume you and grow more powerful and then I'll-"

"Shut up! It's getting annoying.", I say and unleash my willpower, which I have learnt is also called Haoshoku Haki or Conquerors Haki. A fitting name in my opinion.


I see that Set is surprised at my willpower and ability to resist his mental attack. But he hasn't seen anything yet. 

"Come worm.", I say and take the Odinsword. I prepare for his attack and I don't have to wait long. A massive energy blast comes my way. I swing the Odinsword and slice through the attack. I can feel his power and prepare to go all out. 

I jump towards him and appear in front of his face. I imbue my Haki into the sword as well as the Odin Force. A giant sword arc appears and cuts through Set in one swing. I land on the ground behind him and look back. His head slowly falls to the ground. 

I stay cautious and sense that he is not yet dead. Set is not slain. Far more powerful than before, the snake grows even bigger with two heads to replace the one he'd lost! 

"YOU DARE!!! I SHALL KILL YOU!!", Set screams and attacks me again. He opens his mouth wide and from one head a giant red blast of energy comes towards me. From the second head, a big green stream of what feels like poison is spit my way. 

I dodge around and use the sky as a defence. I take the sky and use it like a blanket, to cover myself with it. Both attacks bend around me and I then move the sky to have them go back where they came from. 



The attacks and the poison impact the two heads and cause him to scream in pain. Not giving him any time, I appear in front of Set again. I pul back my fist and punch as hard as I can.