Odin the Boundless

Author: Vincent_0580
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What is Odin the Boundless

Read ‘Odin the Boundless’ Online for Free, written by the author Vincent_0580, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: To the newest incarnation of Odin Borison, the All-Father and ruler of Asgard, a unique change occurs. Not only does thi...


To the newest incarnation of Odin Borison, the All-Father and ruler of Asgard, a unique change occurs. Not only does this reincarnation merge Odin with the knowledge of his past incarnations, but it also introduces a fascinating twist: the infusion of meta-knowledge from another existence. In this new life, Odin becomes a fusion of his former selves and the accumulated wisdom and abilities of a separate existence (another reincarnator). This unexpected fusion bestows upon Odin everything that was which the other life wished for ... Essence of the King and Essence of the Blank ... what is that?

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This is great I can't wait to see where this goes No Harem pleas


One of the stories with too much nerf. He nerfed the essence powers so much that it would have been far better without any essence power. Because it was an insult to essence power. 27 years and still a weakling. Such a disappointment.


Started good but quickly lost originality. All his powers are just copies from anime. No imagination, only for fanboy without imagination. Always talks about 'meta knowledge' to the point where it would have been better to just do a normal reincarnation. I was originally happy that this was no harem but got disappointed when the love interest was Gaia. Could have chosen any women but chose the one that slept with almost all powerful beings of marvel and has more children than I can count.


Harem Please? As a tribute to the reincarnator who could've taken odin's body and lived a harem life in Marvel? And he's a king, of a godly civilisation, it's not that far fetched to have a royal harem


The idea is very sound but the execution is not up to par. Odin's character feels very off especially when the fic is written in monologue style. The way he speaks or internally process things does not fit with the character Odin. Even if he's a reincarnated one and merged with another reincarnator, it still feels off. The way he speaks and think feels more like a modern youth (childish). I think what went wrong here is that the author failed to separate himself from his MC (Odin). The MC's boons are also a problem. The MC is already a god and has meta knowledge, so the boons are very unecessary. It takes away the fun of being reincarnated since any challenge he will face will just feel forced since he already has everything. Those points and the fast pacing/wish fulfillment style doesn't help at all in the immersion to the story. It's not very immersive.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


is it harem or no ##№####££##££##££##££##£_&-++


i love the writing quality, the story development, the character design, and also the world background but the updating quality for me is meh. also pls. author finnish this story first before writing other fanfic novel🙏🙏


this one is an absolute treasure, I would love to see how Odin would change the universe with so much power and foresight


When will you ( the Author )post again in Odin the Boundless ?????




Is there a source material for this or is it self-made.....


Man do you know how long i have waited for this????Not a single day passes and i haevn't come here to check if you updated this story...look i dont know what caused you to go on a hiatus but know that i am a sucker for this fic..pls dont drop this one


Reveal spoiler


I really like this book with Odin and the essence’s the grammar and story telling has been good I’m gonna start the blue marvel one rn but I want you to make a t’chala one with the essence of the king


This surprised me tbh, it's really well written. I've only read up to 12 chapters so far and I enjoyed everything until now. There's one thing I fear, and that is the fact that MC seems to be able to create any ability from any world? if I understood it right, And this is totally subjective but I dislike whenever the protagonist is given powers that don't fit the world they are in. But so far it hasn't felt out of place. I do recommend this fanfic!


Reveal spoiler


Is this novel ( Odin the Boundless) over ???


Loved the new chapter…continue please…..


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