8 Being watched

(Odin POV)

I looked around me and saw the greenery. It had some similarities to Alfheim the dimension of the Light Elves. Big trees and other greenery were everywhere. I started to walk around this biome that I was in right now. My senses were tingling for some reason. I felt like I was being watched. But even using my Observation Haki didn't yield any results. I was alone here, and yet ... someone was watching me. 

I first decided to look around a bit before I addressed this being. As I walked through this biome, I heard the sounds of an angry roar. Interested, I make my way over there to see what is going on. I am interested to see at what point in time I find myself.

Arriving at the scene I see what my knowledge tells me is a 'Triceratops'. In this dense prehistoric jungle, the Triceratops has also heard the roar and knows of the lurking danger nearby. Suddenly, the ground trembles as the earth shakes under the heavy footfalls of a predator. Emerging from the foliage, a ferocious creature which will in the future be known as a Tyrannosaurus Rex locks eyes with the Triceratops.

Sensing the imminent threat, the Triceratops lowers its massive head, preparing to defend itself. With a roar that must be heard for miles, the T-Rex charges forward, jaw wide open, showing an impressive row of teeth. The Triceratops meets the attack head-on, it thrusts its horns forward with remarkable speed and precision.

The clash of these lizards echoes through the jungle as the Triceratops' horns strike the T-Rex's side, wounding him deeply. Undeterred, the predator snaps and lunges, trying to sink its teeth into the Triceratops' vulnerable neck.

But the Triceratops fought valiantly, using its frill, the bony structure on its neck, and powerful legs to deflect the T-Rex's attack. With each blow, the Triceratops pushes back against its adversary, refusing to yield to the dangerous beast.

I am fascinated and watch the fight unfold, but something seems off. The battle goes on, and both creatures are locked in a primal struggle. One for survival and one for food. In the end, it was the Triceratops' resilience and defensive prowess that proved victorious ... at least that's what I thought for a moment. But something seems to happen and before the fight can end in the T-Rex's loss, he seems to gain a boost in power. 


I can feel something sinister lurking and fueling the predator. Something is going on that I don't know yet. I try to remember something from my meta-knowledge but come up empty. The soul must not have read anything about this point in time. I suddenly feel a presence behind me and turn around. There I am met with the most beautiful and enchanting woman I have ever seen in my short life or ... lives if you count the one from the other soul. 


I must have stared at her face for too long and she must have noticed because she started to smile at me. That smile almost made me get entranced. I forcefully snap out of it. I am Odin and not some love-struck fool. 

"Who are you?"

"Why my dear Odin, I am Gaea.", she says. Her voice sounds like what you would hear on a calm summer morning when you walk through the woods and hear birds chirping. 

"You know my name, my lady. I am honoured that an elder god knows my name.", I say. I can respect power and this woman is very powerful. I am not at her level ... yet.

"Of course, I know you. I was waiting for you."

"Is that so? I guess I am not as unpredictable as I thought.", I say in slight jest. I don't want the personification of this planet to get angry with me. I wish to profit from this stay after all. 

"Huhu, you are unpredictable, but I knew that you would come here. Long before you were even born, I already knew.", she laughed very lightly.

"And pray tell, why were you waiting for me? Is there something you need from me?"

She didn't answer my question directly and only smiled. It was a gentle smile but also one of slight mischief. She knew something I didn't and that wasn't a nice feeling. I let it go for now. She looked at the ongoing fight with sadness and disapproval. 

"You can sense it as well, can't you?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean the disturbing feeling that comes from this fight."

"Aye, it does seem to be manipulated by someone. The fight should have been over two times already but each time, something happens, some form of energy seems to fill the losing party with strength and the fight continues. It seems to be this age. What do you know about it?"

"It is the age of violence and death ... It is the age of Set!", she says and then I suddenly remembered something. I remember reading about the dispute Gaea had with Set about the Dinosaurs. 

"Your brother Set? The Serpent, the elder god?"

"Yes. Set has created a mystical affinity with the Dinosaurs. He has been banished to a separate dimension called 'Serpent's Sea'. He feeds off of the life energies released by these reptiles' violent deaths and their fighting amuses and pleases him.", she explained.

"So he is amassing power then."

"Indeed. Over millions of years, he has been doing that already."

"Does this trouble you? Or is there another reason you are troubled?", I ask her. She looks at me in a contemplative way and then smiles lightly. 

"I love all life, but with the Dinosaur's triumph, evolution has effectively stopped. I believe that there should be something else to take their place. I'm just not sure what. There are new living creatures that I call mammals who have potential. But I will need to observe them more."

"I understand."

For a while, neither of us said anything and we just watched as the T-Rex finally killed the Triceratops and ended the fight. I thought about what to do now. I was here for training but also to explore and to get myself some metals, to create my weapon. 

"Say, my lady. Do you happen to know a place where I could train myself uninterrupted? I am here to better myself among other things."

She smiled at me again and then nodded her head.

"There is a place where no animals live and you could train. Your quest to find rare metals is also something I can help you with.", she says and then leads me somewhere. 

"I am interested to know how you have this knowledge, my lady. I acknowledge your prowess but I didn't know that clairvoyance was part of it too."

"Huhu, well it is not.", that's all she said. 


Gaea led me somewhere and I could tell that we passed through barriers to reach this place. We were on a mountain that was protected and separated from the outside. It seemed like its own dimension. We came to a very nice and cosy-looking little mansion. I thought it had a Japanese touch to it, at least judging from the meta-knowledge. 

"Do you live here?", I ask Gaea.

"This is the place where you may stay for the duration of your stay. Do you like it?", she asks. I began to look around and thought that it was indeed a pretty and practical little home. I didn't need luxury right now, I was in training, not on a holiday. 

"It is indeed pretty, my lady. I am very thankful for your generosity in letting me stay here.", I say respectfully. 

"That's my pleasure, Odin."

I'm not sure when we got to the first-name stage. But apparently, she thought it was correct to call me by my first name. I can understand it somewhat since she is that much older than I am. 

"Then I will start my training. It has been a pleasure meeting you my lady.", I say and then walk higher on the mountain. Something is calling me and I wish to meditate on my divinities. I believe that I will be able to unlock them now. 

I reached the top of the mountain and sat in a meditative position. The first thing I did was calm myself. I got rid of all unnecessary thoughts and then slowly started to focus on my senses. I let them roam freely and unrestricted. I looked deep inside myself and tried to find the spark. That one spark of my divinity. 


I was meditating for a long time. My senses picked up on many things which I first had to get used to. But after what I assumed to be weeks, I finally found and unlocked my divinities. I found 6 different sparks but one of them seemed to be greyed-out. Like it wasn't available for me at this point in time. 

I focused on these sparks and then connected to them using the Odin Force. When I did an energy wave of universal proportions exploded out of me and permeated the universe, telling the powerful characters that a new god had been born. Odin, god of the Sky, Wind, Crafts, Time, the Dead and another one that was not unlocked just yet.

I felt this power flow through me and it catapulted me to new heights of power. I had to take a lot of time to get all of these energies under control. I managed to do that and I marvelled at my new understanding of the cosmos. I felt a great connection to the sky, the wind and also time. It was a feeling I had only ever felt once before. The last time was when I gained the Odin Force and the realms shook for a moment. 

I open my eyes and look up to the moon of this planet. My vision zooms in, to the bald being standing there and observing me. I use the Odin Force to talk to him as if he were right next to me. 

"So you are the one that has been observing me since I arrived on Aesheim. You are one of the Watchers."

"Indeed. It is my responsibility to observe everything that happens in this sector."

"Don't invade my privacy, Watcher. We wouldn't like the outcome of this.", I warned him. 

"Don't worry young godling, your secrets are your own."

I then stopped talking to him. The Watchers were a powerful race but normally they don't interfere with anything. So he should leave me alone. I could feel that my divinity of the sky seemed to be noticed by someone. This person was watching me as well and then decided to appear before me. 

He looked like an elderly man with white hair and only a cloth to hide his private parts. He had an aura of arrogance on him that bothered me somewhat. 


"Would you look at that, a new god of the sky. And one so young too. I am interested to know what you believe you can do to me in my domain.", he said to me.

"And who might you be?"

"I am Ouranos! Primordial of the Sky. You should feel lucky to stand in my presence, young one."

"Ouranos is it. I am Odin Borson."

"I didn't ask. Now what are you doing here in the home of Gaea? Are you intruding? I should kill you here.", he said and I could feel the weight of the entire sky beginning to pressure me. That was enough for me and I felt this primal urge to let this disapproval and arrogance out. 


This unknown energy as well as my Odin Force and my new control over the sky began to fight this attack. 

Energies clashed and I could feel that my control over the sky was akin to a newborn in front of Ouranos. But I would not relent. I could see his surprise as he tried to pressure me more and more, while I refused to accept this and unleashed more energy that the planet began to shake. My Odin Force was truly powerful and the longer this went on, I began to understand all three of these energies I used and grew more powerful and proficient in using them. But ...


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