New King Of Eternal Lands Book

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New King Of Eternal Lands


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Andrew lived a peaceful and modest life, always eager to assist anyone in need, revealing his kind spirit. However, fate played its cruel trick on him, and he faced an unpredictable and untimely ending. He couldn't escape death, but his story didn't end there. Through the mysterious process of reincarnation, he was given a second chance at life. He awoke in the body of a person named Luke, who lived a solitary existence, keeping minimal contact with the outside world. Luke's life in high school appeared normal on the surface, but there was a lot going on beneath the surface. He struggled to regain his position in school, facing new challenges and obstacles. However, his innate charm and kindness won over the hearts of everyone around him, including the girls at school. But just as he was starting to get back on his feet, he met Ken, a formidable opponent on the path to the top. As Luke navigates his new life, he comes across many challenges and obstacles, including Ken. Will Luke be able to regain his position in this new world? Will Ken pose a threat to him? As Luke struggles to find his place in this new life, one thing is for sure, this will be an exciting journey full of twists and turns. Only time will tell if Luke will be able to rise to the top, or if he will be beaten by Ken. ______________________________________________ Keywords: Reincarnation, Action, Adventure, System, Magic, Harem __________________________________________________ Sugary Scene: Akki approached Luke with determination in her step, "Luke, Get over here." Luke, focused on his work, replied, "I'm busy! Just wait for an hour." Unfazed, Akki moved closer to him and rested her head on his shoulders, planting a soft kiss on his cheek. The sudden display of affection caused a red blush to rise to Luke's face, and he relented, "Just wait for 15 minutes." Akki took advantage of his momentary distraction and wrapped her arms around his chest, playfully nibbling on his ear and blowing a soft breath against it. The sensation sent shivers down his spine, and he couldn't resist her any longer. He pounced on Akki, lifting her off her feet and pulling her into a tight embrace. "Now say what you want," he murmured, holding her close. Akki simply smiled, her cheeks pink with pleasure, "Nothing!" and enjoyed the moment in his embrace. __________________________________________________ About the Creator: Discord Id - Kita8944 #8944 Insta I'd - ankita_fatania