The Eye of Blessed
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The Eye of Blessed


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What is The Eye of Blessed

Read The Eye of Blessed novel written by the author Book_Pen on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering weaktostrong, vampire, werewolf, loveatfirstsight, sweetlove. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Would you ever meet the person who can completely collapse your dreams into ashes? But that is what happened with Nina. Her desire to explore the world and become strong and independent has been broken into pieces when she accidentally met with James. "You are destined to be Luna!" A marriage with the next Alpha that would make her bond to the village. Who is the next Alpha? Will Nina marry, sacrificing all her dreams?


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If you are looking for any one of below features in a novel, I highly recommend giving this novel a try. -A strong and beautiful female lead whom you can relate to. -Many relatable scenes for youth. -Handsome, kind and strong male lead. -Werewolf and human romance. -Daily chapter updates.


Well, not a romance genre fan, but still could appreciate one. 1. Writing quality is good, it has good grammar and punctuations. 2. Story is interesting with a fast pacing which makes it easy to read and understand. Just had a problem with how fast Ace and Nina started to like each other in first 8 chapters. 3. Characters are also nicely fleshed out, I see no error in that. 4. Updating stability is also good. 5. Don't know much about world background, since I haven't read the whole chapters yet.


Great story, no doubt. Writer knows what he is doing. Writing is amazing. Close to no grammar mistakes. Stability of update is great to. Chapter a day is more than enough. All the characters have different personalities. I liked Nina's personality the most. She is rather unique character. Have strong personality. All and all, I have read all the chapters, and I liked every last one of them as the explanation was precise and cut to the point. I recommend everyone to at least try this novel once. You won't regret reading it. I assure you that.




The novel is very smooth in her writing, its like a magnet that pulls me to read every word and sentences, Even though i like action- comedy novel, this novel's plot and lines are very professional that will like to read all the chapters now and the upcoming ones


I have read til chapter 12. Writing Quality: There are multiple times I struggle to read not because of the grammars (because the grammars is actually good) but because there wasn't enough details to set the scene. I didn't understand what's going on in certain scenes so maybe author could really pause and write the scenes with extra details to engage in the reader's senses. Stability of Updates: Updates are consistent and promising. Story Development: I actually really like the pace the story is developing at. It's not too fast and not too slow. Again, I would appreciate it if the author transition slowly and set up scenes with lots of details so I can understand what's actually going on. Character Design: All the characters so far are very unique and they were described to us enough just to get the jist of each person's personality. However, I couldn't help but feel like it's too much telling and not showing. I want to see all of character's personalities more from Nina, Ace, Tala, Czar, etc. World Background: It's obvious that this is a werewolf genre, but it would also be helpful if the author tell which parts of the world the setting is taking place. It seems like a lot of the issues to make this book better is more details and descriptions of the settings. Including the moon village.


Read the first few chapters and it was really interesting and I wished to read it longer but *sigh* I don't have enough time but no worries I have kept it in my collection. The starting of the strip was well written as it directly grabbed the readers attention and as for the dialogues and characters styles, they are nicely done thou you can put more effort into it.


One way to summarize it, AN AMAZING NOVEL! The writing style of the author is exact and smooth. I don't like prolonged scenes, but that wasn't an issue while reading this novel as it is itself of an addictive nature. The characters are designed in an alive like way. Waiting for the next chapters.


Here is my honest review. This book is written beautifully (grammatically speaking and story-wise speaking). The characters and scenes are so well described that you imagine it easily. Keep on with the good work and good luck in the contest![img=recommend]


Amazing novel! Keep up the good work! Can't wait for more chapters to release! And don't keep us hanging, dear author! I read everything in one go, but can't wait now!


i haven't read the whole book yet but so far the language is very good and the way the plot is explained is quite detailed . i loved the book and it's sure worth reading .


Hello, Author! I've added this book to my library. Here's my review for this wonderfully written book! First of all, for the story development. The pace was quite fast but still enjoyable as the author managed to describe the main character's actions in a natural and also vivid way that didn't seem to be forced and hard to digest despite the many things happening in each chapter. The progression of the plot was quite slow so I understand the rush. For the character design, the characters was unique each in their own way that they could be differentiated just by the way they act. The characters weren't perfect and some might appear unlikable at their first appearance. But that's what make their characters alive. The stability of the updates seems to be good as the author updates 9 chapters a week and for the world background, I'll give it 5 stars for now as the story was still in their early chapters. So overall, I really like the direction of where this story goes. The author did a good job with the concept of the book and their characters. For those who like books about the love story of a normal human girl and a werewolf, and for those who seeks for books with character development, I think this book might be your cup of tea.


The Novel is brilliant, it really hope it win a high rank in the contest, the author explains everything detailed, so you can imagine everything precisely in the story Very nice keep it up


I felt this was a very realistic portrayal of life. I thought the story was well written and the characters were well thought out. I'm excited to see where this goes!


this book is highly addictive, I was excited to read a new chapter everytime, the author's way of writing is really impressive[img=update][img=update]


Reveal spoiler


Interesting story concept. The plot is very well done with enough twists and turns to keep me invested. The development is steady. The character is designed wonderfully with amazing depth. All in all. a nice read.


Ouch! This book hit me hard. I felt the protagonist, I am currently taking a course that I regret taking. But just like an arrow released from the bow, I can no longer stop. The book in overall rating was good. But it should be better if the commas are in the right place.


Great start to the story!! Keep them updates coming! [img=recommend] Is it me or was the job search very relatable? Cracked up when the interviewer wanted experienced candidates only T.T That's a feelsbadman.


Writing Quality: Good and readable Updating Stability: Always updated! Story Development: Nice pacing Character Design: It's nice and clean World Background: Had enough to engage more readers.


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