Naruto: Trading System

Traveling through countless worlds, doing business and exchanging goods. Follow Uchiha Kenzo on his adventure. Uchiha Itachi: "I want to buy the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan from Sasuke." Naruto: "I'll trade you the stinky fox for the revival of my mother and father." Kurama: "...." Uchiha Sasuke: "I don't know who gave me this gift, but these eyes are incredible!" Shikamaru: "The Shadow Monarch?" Kiba: "Entei Pokémon?" Uchiha Kenzo: "I have everything to offer, you just need to have goods to exchange!" . . . . (⁠⊃⁠。⁠•́⁠‿⁠•̀⁠。⁠)⁠⊃.....Cover photo is from a Chinese site, all copyrights reserved.....⊂⁠(⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠*⁠⊂⁠)

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Chapter 070

"What do you say? Do you dare to bet?" Fan Ye challenged Kenzo.

Kenzo paused for a moment before asking, "What do you want in return?"

"The vacation card," Fan Ye quickly replied.

Kenzo raised an eyebrow in confusion. "How do you know I have it?"

"You're not the only one who had that mission, unfortunately, you completed it first," Fan Ye responded.

Many others, besides him and Kenzo, also had that mission, but with different contents.

"It has a random world, it's useless to you."

Kenzo knew that this guy wanted to return to Earth, even if it was just for three days.

An interesting fact was that Earth was not among the planets for sale.

The reason?

It is still unknown to them.

Nor was it colonized.

This only meant one thing.

That it had not been discovered yet!

"That's not your problem. So, do you dare to bet?" Fan Ye insisted.

Kenzo didn't respond.

He was very good at reading faces.

And from Fan Ye's expression, he was eager to have that vacation card.

"Alright, let's bet," Kenzo smiled.

"Very well," Fan Ye smiled with excitement.

He moved away from Kenzo and assumed a battle stance.

Kenzo did the same and waited for the start of the battle.

On the sidelines, Li Muwan was cheering him on.

"This time, the fight will be a bit more fierce," the effeminate young man from the Ouyang family said playfully.

"That Fan Ye is one of the most talented among the enlightened ones, he's in the first stage of a Master God. The Nalan family really put in a lot of effort in such a short time," the young Miss Ouyang said sarcastically, slightly impressed by Fan Ye's level of cultivation.

"On the other hand, that boy..."

She glanced superficially at Kenzo and shook her head.

She could easily deal with Chen Fei because he hadn't even reached the peak stage of a Beginner God.

But this Fan Ye was already a Master God.

She herself, along with the successor of the Nalan family, were in the 9th stage of a Master God, and it took them hundreds of years to reach that stage.

So, upon seeing Fan Ye, she wasn't foolish and deduced that he had something special that made the Nalan Family give him a good amount of WP to promote his cultivation.

The battle began, and Fan Ye was the first to charge towards Kenzo.

Kenzo, with his gleaming sword in his hand, exuded a determined, yet serene presence.

The fight started with a clash of swords between the two figures.




The metallic sound echoed throughout the room, where everyone was paying close attention to this battle.

If you looked closely, everyone's face was serious.

Because Kenzo did not appear at a disadvantage against a cultivator with a much higher cultivation level.

He surpassed him by a whole realm and did not show any difficulty.

What concept was this?

Kenzo was not lagging behind, each of his strikes was calculated and strategic, taking advantage of every opening in the opponent's defense.

In the face of this, Fan Ye was incredulous.

Because Kenzo's physical strength was gradually becoming more severe.

"You see, it's that beast again."

Ouyang Yangxi's eyes were special, and besides a few cultivators of the same level as his father, no one imagined that Kenzo could stay on his feet thanks to the possession of his spiritual beast.

Each possession is special, and you cannot fully ascertain when the enemy is possessed or not.

Only figures with high cultivation are able to notice it.

And of course, special people like Ouyang Yangxi, who was born with an innate quality in his eyes, and was able to superficially see through Kenzo.

"I thought his limit was only the Beginner Realm, but who would have thought he could match the physical strength of a Master God." The effeminate young man was equally surprised as his young mistress.

"Do we need to reassess his level of danger?" he told Ouyang Yangxi.

"For now, let's keep observing," she said.

Returning to the battle, Fan Ye attacked with unrestrained fury, not caring about technique or precision. His raw spiritual energy allowed him to unleash powerful attacks, but he lacked the necessary skill to fully maximize his potential.

He had planned to finish off Kenzo in just three moves, but he did not expect him to have an ace up his sleeve that allowed him to match him.

To fight someone one realm below you and take this long is a lifelong shame.

As the battle progressed, Fan Ye's arrogance faded, replaced by frustration and surprise.

Both young sword cultivators unleashed their most powerful techniques.

Kenzo displayed fluid and elegant movements, combining his spiritual energy with the precision of a Master God. Every strike he delivered carried his determination.

At the guest tables, the Patriarch of the Ouyang family was speechless.

"Who is this young man?" he asked curiously.

"Patriarch, he is the enlightened one who was rejected back then. Chen Linjan took him in after no family showed interest in him."

An advisor approached Patriarch Ouyang and whispered to him.


Patriarch Ouyang narrowed his eyes at Kenzo's moving body.

"I cannot identify his spiritual beast, it is too strange."

He has the cultivation of a 3rd stage God Emperor, which is enough to identify all spiritual beasts.


"A legendary beast of the highest rank." Patriarch Ouyang opened his eyes, slightly surprised and excited.

Legendary Beasts are so rare that even he does not dare to tame them.

They live deep in the ancient wasteland and only come out when they seek a contract with a human.

"Without a doubt, it is a legendary beast, and it seems to contribute greatly to a cultivator's physique," Patriarch Ouyang said as he watched Kenzo gradually corner Fan Ye.

"Put his name at the top of the Assassin Guild and Pirate Cultivators' list, I want his beast for Feng-er," Patriarch Ouyang said with a vicious voice.

"Patriarch, this time you will have to bid more than usual, he is not the only one here who wants to kill the boy."

The advisor looked at the other Patriarchs and said.






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