Naruto: Trading System

Traveling through countless worlds, doing business and exchanging goods. Follow Uchiha Kenzo on his adventure. Uchiha Itachi: "I want to buy the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan from Sasuke." Naruto: "I'll trade you the stinky fox for the revival of my mother and father." Kurama: "...." Uchiha Sasuke: "I don't know who gave me this gift, but these eyes are incredible!" Shikamaru: "The Shadow Monarch?" Kiba: "Entei Pokémon?" Uchiha Kenzo: "I have everything to offer, you just need to have goods to exchange!" . . . . (⁠⊃⁠。⁠•́⁠‿⁠•̀⁠。⁠)⁠⊃.....Cover photo is from a Chinese site, all copyrights reserved.....⊂⁠(⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠*⁠⊂⁠)

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Chapter 071

Everyone had the same intention as Patriarch Ouyang.

Since they were already too old to establish a contract with a legendary beast, they wanted to kill Kenzo to force the beast to establish a contract with their children.

In another corner, the Nalan family was also excited.

And the eldest son of the Patriarch, a mysterious figure, agreed with his father's idea of killing Kenzo.

But well, those are empty words at the moment.

The battle seemed to be coming to an end.

Fan Ye desperately tried to counter Kenzo's attacks, but his lack of technique and control was starting to take its toll.

This is the consequence of not establishing a solid foundation and only wanting to advance recklessly in cultivation.

Kenzo's speed did not decrease. Instead, it became even faster.

His sword strikes, filled with energy, almost managed to break through Fan Ye's enormous defense.

However, Fan Ye was not a pushover.

With incredible effort.

A secondary image of him suddenly appeared where Kenzo was and turned into a sword energy that stabbed towards him.

Kenzo's speed was truly fast, but he couldn't match a flying sword with his current level.

This was a concept suitable for Master Gods.

And it was also filled with sword energy.

When he retreated, the flying sword had already caught up to him. This flying sword was very fast.

In the blink of an eye, the flying sword pierced through his chest, or so everyone believed.

Kenzo's fingers caught the body of the sword with a pair of claws.

Kenzo's face was gloomy. It was almost impossible to defend against Fan Ye's flying sword.

Fortunately, he was far enough away to have some time to react, otherwise the consequences would have been unimaginable even for his physique.

The flying sword trembled a bit before breaking in two from the center. A black flame appeared where the sword broke and quickly turned the entire sword into dust.

"What is this?"

The audience squinted at Kenzo's hands, which now looked like terrifyingly hot claws.

"A Dragon Beast?" they all exclaimed, a little surprised.

The Dragon clan rarely seeks contracts with humans. Their arrogance is such that they look down on cultivators.

To them, they have only come to invade space, which is the territory of the ancient races.

"And it's still a Rank 10 Dragon (Legendary)." The Patriarch of the Chen Family couldn't help but say aloud, alerting the other clans.

Even the Imperial clan, who rarely attended these events.

Kenzo paid no attention to the surprise of the audience, he was too angry for that.

'Thank goodness they thought it was just a beast from the Dragon clan.' He thought as he sighed in relief.

However, his gaze landed on the fatigued Fan Ye.

A secondary image of him appeared in front of Fan Ye as he said aloud,

"Phantom Fire."

An infernal black fire covered Kenzo's sword as he swung it horizontally towards Fan Ye.

The infernal black fire engulfed Fan Ye's body as he tried to devour it.

The impact was so powerful that Fan Ye was thrown several meters back, defeated and humiliated.





The whole place fell silent.

No one spoke, they just watched as Kenzo approached the unconscious body of Fan Ye and took the golden scroll.

Kenzo returned to the podium and sat in a lotus position to recover his spiritual energy, closing his eyes in the process.

'How many secrets does this brat have?'

On the side, Chen Linjan watched this scene with reproach.

I am your master, you are supposed to tell me these things!

However, he secretly rejoiced that Kenzo had been able to win without revealing that he was the owner of the 'Path of Ashura'.

He would be targeted from all sides.

Sometimes having so many secrets revealed is a bad thing.

"Although right now it already is." Chen Linjan murmured with an ironic smile.

"Anyone else want to challenge."

The announcer snapped out of his stupor and said loudly.

However, no one dared to bet.

Even the effeminate youth belonging to the Ouyang family.

Kenzo was too strange, and he wasn't a hundred percent sure he could easily defeat him without revealing his hidden cards.

"So we have a winner, Uchiha Kenzo!"

The man shouted with some excitement.

Upon hearing this, Li Muwan was the first to rush out and hug Kenzo, who had stood up and looked more recovered.

"Big brother, you were amazing."

Li Muwan was very studious, in this short time she had been away from her planet, she not only focused on improving her refining art, but also studied a lot of important data from this higher plane.

She was aware that a normal cultivator wouldn't even last two rounds against someone one realm above them.

She was very happy that her man came out victorious.

Kenzo pinched Li Muwan's nose affectionately as he headed towards his table.

In a few seconds, his reward successfully arrived.

Right now, he had a balance of 150,000 WP.

Excitedly, he began devouring all the food that Li Muwan had set aside for him.

"Thus ends this conference, undoubtedly this is the best generation of enlightened ones. Now enjoy the upcoming show."

Every family, sect, and clan present began to enjoy the service.

Many others also started bidding their farewells.

This had been a day with too many surprises.

Amidst the celebration, Chen Linjan approached Kenzo's table with some distinguished figures.

"What do you want, old man?" Kenzo asked irritably. He didn't like being bothered while eating.

"Show some respect!" Chen Linjan smacked his head.

"Mr. Yang, this is Kenzo, my disciple." Chen Linjan introduced Kenzo to the older man.

Beside him, two ladies looked at Kenzo curiously.

These two ladies were incredibly beautiful in Kenzo's eyes.

The younger one had shoulder-length hair, clear eyes like autumn waters, a sharp nose, and enchanting lips with light pink lipstick.

At first glance, this face seemed like that of a Korean celebrity on Earth who underwent perfect plastic surgery, but upon closer inspection, one could feel a heroic air emanating from her bones.

As for the older one, she was like a more mature version, only she seemed less fierce and much kinder and gentler in character.

Kenzo dared not look at anything other than their faces.

For the simple reason of the kanji on the top of their clothing.

Which read;

"Imperial Clan"

The older man smiled and nodded towards Kenzo.

"Kid, you have a lot of talent, I hope you can survive from now on."

He said and after giving one last look at Kenzo, he left.