Naruto: Trading System

Traveling through countless worlds, doing business and exchanging goods. Follow Uchiha Kenzo on his adventure. Uchiha Itachi: "I want to buy the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan from Sasuke." Naruto: "I'll trade you the stinky fox for the revival of my mother and father." Kurama: "...." Uchiha Sasuke: "I don't know who gave me this gift, but these eyes are incredible!" Shikamaru: "The Shadow Monarch?" Kiba: "Entei Pokémon?" Uchiha Kenzo: "I have everything to offer, you just need to have goods to exchange!" . . . . (⁠⊃⁠。⁠•́⁠‿⁠•̀⁠。⁠)⁠⊃.....Cover photo is from a Chinese site, all copyrights reserved.....⊂⁠(⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠*⁠⊂⁠)

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Chapter 069

But then he quickly came to his senses and doubled his effort to finish the last bottle of pills.

When the small bell rang, everyone stopped refining.

They were exhausted.

Sweating profusely. There was even a disciple from the Chen Family who fainted on the spot.

Chen Dongai almost went down to hit him.

Qin Sheng approached Li Muwan and evaluated her work.

The girl wiped the sweat from her forehead and with an excited look stepped aside for them to check her work.

Mr. Qin was surprised by the quality of the pills.

But not just because of this.

But because a mortal who had not yet reached the Novice God Realm had managed to refine a high-grade pill.

This talent in Alchemy is truly terrifying.

"Girl, would you like to be my disciple?"

This question made everyone comically open their eyes.

Especially the Patriarchs of each Family.

A mortal had managed to catch the attention of the President of the Alchemist Association.

How much luck and accumulated karma did you have in your past life to achieve this?

Li Muwan's mind went blank for a moment, not knowing how to respond.

She just wanted to win the 100,000 WP and give them to Kenzo.

She didn't expect to attract the attention of a big fish.

However, seeing Kenzo nodding, she quickly reacted.

"The disciple greets the master."

She bowed respectfully to her new master.

On the other hand, Kenzo smiled.

Are you kidding me?

You know how much wealth the Alchemist Association has.

Everyone knows that one day, this old man will retire.

And one of his disciples will take over.

If Kenzo could help Li Muwan become the next head of the Alchemist Association.

It would mean that he could indirectly control it.

In addition, his cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds.

He would have the strength to protect the huge secret he holds inside in no time.

Qin Sheng stroked his long beard and said,

"This is your disciple token, when you finish all your worldly affairs, just crush it from wherever you are."

Mr. Qin said.

Then he turned to the crowd of young participants.

"All of you stink, you should also encourage the younger generation not only to take the path of beast tamer, but also the path of alchemy."

"After all, you can't always rely on WP to increase your cultivation."

Mr. Qin made his words clear before leaving and announcing Li Muwan as the winner.

The young man from before approached Li Muwan with an excited look and was about to introduce himself as an older apprentice brother.

But he saw Li Muwan run towards Kenzo without paying him the slightest attention and then be fiercely kissed by the young man.

A kind of fury invaded him but he didn't dare to act.

He had seen Kenzo's strength before.

He didn't think he was stronger than Chen Fei.

He would only make a fool of himself and embarrass his master.

'Hmph, when I go to the alchemy planet, I'll see if he still holds that love for you.'

The young man thought before waving his robe and leaving with an air of arrogance.

His talent is not inferior to Kenzo's. Besides...

An Alchemist is no less important than a cultivator.

He was confident that he would court her at that time.


"Older brother, I managed to win as I promised you, you can use the WP for yourself, they're useless to me anyway." Li Muwan couldn't contain herself and hugged Kenzo around the waist, she was very excited.

Kenzo smiled at this;

"Well, I actually need WP, but since I plan to participate as well, I won't take them all from you, you can keep half, after all, your Sect could use many materials, in the future, the Zhao Kingdom will face a disaster and may cease to exist."

Kenzo shamelessly spurred Li Muwan on.

"What do you mean?"

Li Muwan's heart sank when she heard this.

The elders and sect leader pamper her too much, which has made her loyalty to the Lou He Sect unquestionable, a sect famous for its formations and alchemy, especially when it came to pills.

"There is a hidden danger in the Zhao Kingdom that will wipe out everyone, the mortals would be the most affected, but don't worry, if I win, the master will pass on to me the purchasing rights of your world, then it won't be too late for me to give you instructions on how to act."

Kenzo affectionately kissed Li Muwan's forehead.

Kenzo's words left her very worried. But her response managed to calm her to a great extent.

The beast tamer conference was not as impressive as the Alchemist conference, after all, it is a profession suitable for special cultivators.

Which could be counted on one hand.

Unexpectedly, a never-before-seen young man won among the younger generation.

Yes, it was Song Yungeng, the boy who was recruited along with Li Muwan.

The three days in the Ancient Wasteland, where he risked his life and entrusted everything to his survival, were not in vain.

Unexpectedly, he had managed to attract the attention of two beasts.

Rank 6 Fire Lion

Rank 7 Celestial Venom Python

The day of his revenge was not far away. And the first step would be to buy the ownership of his world.

After the announcement as the winner.

They quickly moved on to the next conference.

Martial Arts Conference.

In this conference, the young lady from the Ouyang Family withdrew and also Chen Fei.

The first one's motives were unknown, anyway, the Ouyang family has always been a reserved family when it comes to their military power.

But the latter was not in a condition to fight.

And with Kenzo participating, he knew he had no chance of winning.

When Kenzo stepped into the open space, he saw a somewhat familiar figure.

He had an enviable bearing, with dark and straight hair. His eyes were sharp and penetrating.

Looking like daggers at Kenzo.

His perfectly arched eyebrows highlighted his air of superiority.

With a clean and luxurious suit.

"Long time no see, Kenzo!"

The young man said with an air of superiority.

"Fan Ye?"

Kenzo coughed with annoyance while unsure of the identity of the young man who addressed him.

So many strange names would drive him crazy.

And he wouldn't bother to remember the names of men.

"I'm glad you remember me. That day, I thought I told you that there are people who take all the love in this world, while others receive nothing."

Kenzo looked at the ideological boy like an idiot.

What the hell was he talking about?

"Kenzo, you belong to those who never receive anything and I made that very clear that day. But look at you now, surviving like a worm."

"Cut the nonsense if you're going to fight. I'm not someone who gets easily angry with just words," Kenzo said with boredom.

If it weren't for the 100,000 WP, he wouldn't even bother talking to these lapdogs.

"You've become very rude!"

The young man smiled maliciously.

"Maybe you need an intensive training in our battle. After all, I wouldn't want you to take me as a joke, my young master. I want to see a real spectacle."

The young man laughed shamelessly and pulled out a scroll.

"Hana told us something very interesting, that the first thing you would do if you had enough money would be to buy this world, a world where becoming its owner excited you."

Upon seeing the scroll, Kenzo's eyes became vicious.

"My young master has located it and bought it for me, and seeing your face now, I don't regret making that request to him."

Kenzo clenched his fists in anger, while this time, he didn't draw his usual spear, instead a luxurious sword materialized in his hands.

"Fan Ye, I'll tell you that you have successfully angered me. I hope you're prepared to leave your life in this place."

"I'm not good at threats, so killing you will make my heart return to its usual calm."

"That was the expression I wanted to see in you," the young man called Fan Ye said with madness and ferocity.

"Don't worry, when I kill you, I will personally absorb the life essence of that planet, but not before plunging it into chaos."

The young man called Fan Ye smiled as he put away the scroll.

In it, a Japanese kanji shone brightly.

If you looked closely, it said:

¡Demon Slayer World!




Author: "I really went a bit overboard with this part of the plot, I didn't plan for it to be so long, but well, I write from the content of my heart and these things are inevitable. I hope you're enjoying it. In the next marathon, we'll go back to Naruto, creating new plots of comedy, drama, and action."

"Remember that if you have any ideas for a plot, let me know. I like taking your opinions into account."

"A psychological kiss and hug to everyone. Thank you for following this humble story."







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