31 Ningguang caught on camera, Lynn squirts his milk tea

"Hey look over there, who is that woman? Her clothes are very conspicuous."

"She's also very pretty! Her white hair is shimmering and her eyes look beautiful!"

"Maybe that woman is doing cosplay?"

"Does she have a boyfriend?"

"That woman looks confused."

"She looks like a hillbilly who just saw the city. Maybe it's a character design she's playing on purpose?"

Bla bla bla.

Many people walking in the city glanced at her, whispered as they passed, and some inexplicably took out a small square object and pointed it at her. Since they had no malicious intent, Ningguang also did not act rashly like using her geo vision or anything like that to defend herself.

She was now in a strange place with a culture and everything else that was foreign to her. In terms of technology, the technology in this place was definitely more advanced than Liyue's, even from anything she had seen on the Teyvat Continent.

She walked lightly in a random direction, as if following a path where people walked in a certain direction. While looking around curiously, she could not help but be amazed, especially when she saw a four-wheeled object that walked while carrying people inside.

It definitely looked like a means of transportation, and there were so many of them. It had various shapes, sizes, colors and all of them were walking on a special road that was black with white stripes.


'This place is amazing...'

Ningguang knew that right now she also had to find a way to get back to Liyue as soon as possible, all of Liyue's problems would not wait for her to return. But it was hard for her to hold back her curiosity when she saw the things in this place. It made her want to explore every corner of the city and gather information about many things in this place.

As a businessman, she was even interested in learning about the technology in this place, such as the four-wheeled transportation and so on that looked sophisticated and unfamiliar to her. She thought those things would be great if Liyue could also produce them or maybe she could also buy them?

When she thought of using the power of money that she would normally use if it was in Liyue/Teyvat. In this place, where everything seemed more developed and advanced. For the first time, she began to doubt whether her wealth or the amount of money she had in Liyue was enough to buy the production costs of those things etc?

If it was something smaller, she was sure she could afford it. But is the currency in this place the same? Looking at what looked like a four-wheeled object with food-like images and food menus attached to it.

Ningguang also saw that the people waiting in line were giving a paper to the person inside the four-wheeled object in exchange for something that looked like bread piled with vegetables and meat. Leaving aside the details of the food, she knew from what she saw that the currency in this place did not use mora!

This meant that the many mora she had probably wouldn't work to buy anything here. And that made her even more certain that she was now completely out of Teyvat!

She even suspected that this was not the same world as the one she came from. The portal seemed to take her to a very distant place, making her even more worried whether she could even return to Liyue?

Although Ningguang had a strong and calm personality. When she was in a completely unfamiliar place and none of the people there were familiar to her. She even started to feel scared. Even so, she didn't show it on her face so that others wouldn't see her weakness.

This was the least she could do, she had to blend in with these people and not make trouble before knowing a lot of information about this place.

At this point, she might have to call this place another world because she was sure this was not the continent of Teyvat.

"Excuse me miss. Are you in cosplay?"

A woman in a light blue uniform, with several badges and black trousers asked with a posture like telling her to stop.

Looking at the woman blocking her way, the other party had a formal uniform that seemed to be something of an identity. Surprisingly she understood the woman's language, even the people who were previously whispering when they saw her appearance, she also understood their language. Although the content they were talking about she still didn't understand, but she understood the language of the people of this world who were basically different.

With her intelligence, Ningguang guessed that it was related to the portal that brought her to this world that allowed her to understand the language of the people in this world, and she even felt that she could speak the same language as these people.

Even so, the limited content that she did not understand was still a problem. For example, what is cosplay? It seemed like the woman who stopped her was referring to the clothes she was wearing because compared to the others, her clothes were very conspicuous indeed.

Ningguang realized this, but she did not panic and smiled kindly at the woman in front of her. "Yes, miss. Is there a problem?"

Although she didn't know exactly what cosplay was, thinking back to the people who whispered that she was cosplaying, especially the ones who commented on her appearance. From the tone of their voices, cosplay was not something evil and it was more like she was pretending to be a certain character and mesmerizing some of them.

So it didn't seem to matter if she admitted that she was cosplaying to avoid trouble.

The woman who actually asked Ningguang, she was actually a police officer who was patrolling the city of Queens. Hearing what the woman with white hair and red eyes in front of her said, she nodded.

"So that's it... You seem to dye your hair and wear very conspicuous contact lenses."

"Eh? Yes, it's like that." Ningguang was relieved that it seemed like she made the right choice and simply agreed with what the woman in front of her said, despite her original hair color and eye color.

The police officer nodded again and smiled. "Please continue your journey, miss. Sorry to stop you, eather I just wanted to make sure."

"Oh, that's okay. It seems to be your job..."

Ningguang smiled faintly, she spoke with her own temperament, which made the female police a little embarrassed.

Even when she found out the woman in front of her was cosplaying, the female police somehow felt the other party's temperament was too good, making her feel inferior.

"Y-Yes, miss. I'm a police officer after all, it's my duty to ensure the safety of people while I'm on duty."

The female police officer immediately bowed slightly quite politely before heading towards the police car parked by the roadside and leaving to continue her patrol.

Ningguang who saw that the woman had already left, held her chin with one hand and her expression looked brooding.

"Police? Ah... I see. It must be similar to the Liyue soldiers who often patrol to keep the city safe."

"Besides that woman, there must be many other officers who are currently scattered and traveling around while riding their means of transportation."

After speculating, she continued walking while secretly worrying what she should do next?

She wanted to find her way back to Liyue, but she didn't know where to start.

There was also the matter of currency in this world, without money to use, how could she survive in this world?

Ningguang thought hard as she walked, even though she was the richest person in Liyue. But Liyue and this world are of course different.

She didn't even bring mora because before coming here, the portal brought it directly from her boudoir, which made her less prepared. At least if she had brought mora, although the currency in this world was different, mora was basically made of gold. Gold was something valuable and had an exchange value, so maybe she could exchange the mora for money in this world.

At this moment, she suddenly heard the sound of an explosion from a certain direction. It was maybe 15 meters away from her, and the people there started running around as if running away from something.

Ningguang frowned, some people were also running past her and she couldn't help but ask one of them.

"Mister, what's wrong? Why are you and the other people running?"

A man who was stopped by Ningguang looked at Ningguang with admiration. He was amazed by her beauty, but he remembered he was running away from here. So with a panicked expression, he said to the beautiful woman in front of him.

"Miss, run away from here quickly! There's a group of dangerous mutant rats on the rampage!"

"Mutant rats?"

The man didn't elaborate because behind him, he saw several mutant rats heading his way. He was a coward, so he immediately ran away, without even caring about Ningguang.

Ningguang also didn't care about the frightened man, she looked at the three, or five figures that looked like 2-3 meter rats.

She was naturally shocked to see such large rats and it seemed that they were very ferocious, more ferocious than like the Hilichurl monsters in Teyvat!

The rats seemed to attack anything that got in their way, even some poles and four-wheeled objects, all of which were damaged and some people who were fleeing were also brutally attacked by biting.

Ningguang wondered if she should make a move to kill the rats? Although she was not the fighting type, she was a vision user and still knew some skills to attack using her geo elemental manipulation.

If that the rats were planning to attack her, she certainly didn't need to think about attacking or not. It was just that the rats were still quite far away from her, and even before she moved.

It seemed like someone had moved first. In the sky, she saw a white masked figure swinging between buildings and that figure shooting spider webs from its hands at several rats.

The so-called mutant rats were now caught in the spider web and stuck to the road while struggling to move.

She could hear many people cheering at the arrival of the masked white figure.

"Spider Woman!"

"Spider Woman is here! We're saved!"

"Come on! Defeat those mutant rats Spider Woman!"

"Yes! Defeat them, Spider Woman!"

Gwen, who had just arrived and shot with her Spider Woman identity, didn't pay much attention to the cheering people and her gaze was focused on the people who died from the mutant rats.

She clenched her fists, and felt somewhat self-blame for being late to arrive. But remembering what Lynn had said, she gave the remaining mutant rats a stern look.

"There's no point in blaming yourself, it's better to take it out on those rats."

Jumping into the crowd of mutant rats, she punched and kicked rats that were three times her size. The rats were thrown against the wall and at the same time she instantly shot out her spider web to hold them back.

She continued to do the same to every mutant rat that came along and it only took five minutes before she finished trapping all the rats with her web. As for killing them? She could do it, only she preferred the police or soldiers to handle the rest.

The people cheered again and praised Spider Woman for defeating the mutant rats.

Gwen just nodded at the people cheering and praising her, but her spider senses detected something moving from the roof of the building.

She looked back, and saw a mutant rat jumping from the rooftop towards a white-haired woman standing on the street!

"Be careful!"

While shouting, she naturally rushed to get to the front of the woman. But since they were 10 meters apart, even with her physical strength, it would still take her a few seconds to get to the woman.

And the mutant rat only took faster than her to get to the woman because of their closer distance difference.

'It's too late!

Gwen saw the mutant rat open its mouth that had sharp fangs at the white-haired woman. Not only Gwen, even the people watching from a distance also actually panicked when they saw this.

But the unexpected happened, before the mutant rat could contact the white-haired woman. The white-haired woman waved her hand indifferently and a transparent golden shield suddenly appeared like a dome to protect her.


There was a loud sound like an explosion when the mutant rat failed to attack and crashed into the golden shield protecting the woman. The mutant rat was even thrown backwards like a bounce that made it crash into the wall of one of the buildings.

Everyone was stunned to see this, even Gwen under her Spider Woman mask.

But Ningguang wasn't done yet, she wasn't as gentle as Spider Woman. After putting away her geo shield, she stared at the mutant rat that failed to attack her coldly and waved one hand forward.

At the same time, several golden flickers appeared in the air, manifestations of her elemental power. Shards of rock crystal appeared all around her, quickly drove towards the mutant rat. The mutant rat screamed in pain as numerous crystals pierced its body like bullets.

In the end, it didn't take long before the mutant rat died with many holes in its body.

Ningguang, who had finished defending herself, sighed. Not because she was tired, but because there were a lot of stares on her. She didn't even realize when a large object with propellers flew in the sky with a person inside holding something towards her.

What Ningguang didn't know was that her action in defeating the mutant rat was recorded by some people from the TV station and broadcasted live to the news on TV. Unlike Gwen with her Spider Woman identity who was fine being covered by the cameras because her true identity was hidden behind a mask.

Ningguang, however, was completely exposed and many people would definitely question her in the near future out of curiosity about her identity or other troublesome things.


At the same time.

Lynn had finished showing Natasha around his mansion and introducing her to the things inside that were related to her babysitter/maid job. He had even introduced Koko and Mao Chan to Natasha. Now Natasha was cooking food in the kitchen at the request of Koko who said she was hungry.

Natasha seemed to have good feelings for a cute little girl like Koko, she herself didn't seem to realize that she was starting to think like a mother taking care of her daughter.

Only Lynn was aware of her mental activity with his powers. With Mao Chan napping on the floor, sitting on the sofa, he turned on the TV out of boredom.

While drinking milk tea, he was looking forward to what the latest news was on TV. Perhaps it could be news about Iron Man fighting with his uncle, things about Meta Human, especially the X-Men group and Jean was had been more active in super hero activities lately.

Maybe some evil mutant groups, such as the ones led by Magneto or Shaw are making trouble?

And some super villains decided to come out of hiding to do something stupid?

Lynn was actually kind of looking forward to interesting things happening. But when he changed the TV channel to the news channel. He was so stunned that he choked on the milk tea he was drinking.

*Cough* *Cough*

Seeing a beautiful white-haired woman with a familiar appearance who seemed to be from another world and she seemed to have just finished defeating the mutant rats with Gwen. Gwen was of course wearing her Spider Woman suit, but that wasn't the case!

The problem is, why...

'Oh, wait. I know the universe is getting weirder and more random. So there's no need to be too surprised, especially when the Abyss Order has suddenly appeared before as well.'

'I was waiting for those people to come again to respond to my offer. But now, instead of seeing Aether and his Abyss Order group.'

'Now another character from the heroine's camp appears, and it's still from the same universe that the Abyss Order came from.'

'That woman, Ningguang. It looks like she's in trouble after being highlighted by many cameras.'

The corners of Lynn's mouth rose, he grinned. He instantly thought of a good idea and immediately disappeared from the living room using his teleportation ability.

As for where he teleported to?

Isn't it obvious?

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