My Stepsister in Kyoto

It's just an ordinary story where I am reincarnated in Kyoto and have a stepsister. If there is something special, it's just that I have a system. --- If you wish to see advanced chapters, you can check the link below: https://www.patreón.com/akikan40

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Everyone is happy!

The girl, whose name seemed to be Suzurin, implicitly told Mizuto to try to forgive others so everyone could live peacefully. 

If Mizuto had just accepted the apology, then everything would have been good, and everyone would have lived happily. Yet, he wouldn't be satisfied with that since his good mood would be sacrificed for that peaceful life. 

He wasn't the one at fault, nor was he the one who caused trouble. 

Why should he be the one who felt uncomfortable? 

If the others could let those girls easily due to their cuteness or beauty, then Mizuto had to apologize since he wouldn't treat them differently. He knew that he might seem petty, especially toward the girls, but this conflict was a harmless one, and the feeling to make those haughty girls who thought that they had always been correct bow their heads under him... wasn't that exciting?

It had been a while since he had such a fun game, especially when all the girls he had ever with would suck his cock and open their legs obediently. 

Still, as expected, living peacefully definitely wasn't the way to live, especially when it was so much fun to live with trouble. 

Nevertheless, Suzurin was in silence, realizing the core of the problem. She tried to push Mizuto to the corner since he was unreasonable, but was he? He didn't do anything, and he just came to register for his new club, but a member of her student council said something rude to him. While this member of her friend hadn't apologized, she had apologized in her place. 

Yet, he didn't accept that apology. 

However, when she pressed him, he told her to look at her surroundings first instead of trying to correct him. 

If it was others or those insensitive girls whose heads were filled only with love and many, they might not think too much. Instead, they would happily follow Mizuto since they felt lust toward him. 

However, Suruzin was different. She had always been correct, and due to her beauty, ability, social status, family, and many others, no one pointed out her mistake. Even if she was wrong, everyone could only agree with her as they didn't want pointless trouble, yet the one whom she had fallen with was different. 

Yes, the one who she had fallen with dared to point out that fact to her face, telling her what kind of mistakes she had made and what kind of mistakes she might have in the future due to her personality. 

However, it seemed the one she had fallen with wasn't the only one. 

Looking at Mizuto, who was looking at her calmly, she knew that she had made another mistake. The one who was at fault wasn't him, but it was hers; she expected that someone would do everything in her favor, yet when it didn't follow what she wished, she started to get emotional and used rationality to attack him even though he did nothing wrong. 


"I am sorry." 

"It's okay. You are not at fault for this, Senpai." 

"No, I am at fault. I am purposely targeting you even though you didn't do anything wrong. You have a right to get angry at me." 

"But you have realized that problem instead of insisting that you are right. That part of you is worthy of my admiration, and I understand why you were chosen as a student council member." 

"Thanks..." Suruzin blushed at his praise since it was her first time being praised like that. While it was true that many might praise her beauty, no one praised her personality like that in such a straightforward manner. More importantly, she was just in high school. No matter how high or old she was, it was impossible for her to experience many things in life. 

"....." Akatsuki. 

"....." The glasses boy. 

Nevertheless, there was no doubt everyone in this place felt speechless by how close Mizuto and Suzurin had become, even though they were on the verge of fighting previously. 

Still, Suruzin knew that this wasn't the end. She looked at her friend and said, "Aisa, apologize to him." 

"What?!" Aisa, the tallest girl, was surprised, but at this moment, she realized that no one in this room followed her, and except for Mizuto, she felt like everyone was looking at her. 

Yes, the fault was on her in the beginning, but she didn't expect that everything would become like this. 

Even her best friend turned against her! 

Yet, Aisa wasn't someone who was good against pressure, especially when she was shocked at how everyone had turned against her. She knew that her situation was bad, and her instinct told her to apologize since it was the fastest way to solve everything. 

"I-I am sorry... Irido-kun..." 

While she said so, her eyes were reddened, and she was even on the verge of crying. 

Even if the situation was solved, some might notice that the situation of the student council wouldn't be as harmonious as before. This conflict caused a crack in everyone's relationships, but what should they do to solve this situation?

Suzurin and Ranran might not notice it since they only felt satisfied that Aisa had apologized. 

However, the two guys on the student council were different because they knew that, because of Mizuto, everyone couldn't become what they used to be. 

Still, those two guys weren't the only ones who noticed this situation. Akatsuki also realized this, but she didn't care because she wasn't involved with the student council. Even if this group was destroyed, she couldn't be careless, but she knew that Mizuto's personality would enable him to solve this situation. 

"Thank you, Senpai. I am happy to hear your apology." 

Instead of mocking Mizuto, what Aisa heard was sincere words from Mizuto, which made her since she didn't expect this cold guy to say such sweet words. 

"And I think this sincere part of you is cuter, Senpai..." 

His voice was soft, mellow, and warm. 

At that moment, Aisa felt like the Tomahawk missile exploded before her and made her heart feel so much pain. "Ugh!" She held her chest since it beat so fast! 

Dangerous! Dangerous! Dangerous! 

Aisa had an urge to confess to him, then be rejected! 

Wait, am I going to be rejected?

Still, the pads on her chest were so uncomfortable, considering how it stopped her from touching her chest.

"My chest... I can't breathe... don't say something like that again... you are going to kill me..." 

However, before Aisa fell, she left those words to him since this guy was too dangerous! 


Yet, at this moment, everyone was in silence, watching Asia, who fell to the ground as she clutched onto her chest painfully. 

Nevertheless, watching Aisa, Mizuto touched his face, wondering whether his face was so destructive. He then turned his attention to Akatsuki, who was also staring at him. She didn't say anything, only lightly smiled, so watching this reaction, he also showed a light smile. 

Watching his reaction, Akatsuki's lips twitched before she let out a long, helpless sigh. 

Yet, what could she do? 

However, whether it was Akatsuki or Mizuto, they tried to see everything in a positive manner. 

The conflict on the student council disappeared. 

Everything returned to normal. 

Everything was in a happy ending, right?