My Stepsister in Kyoto

It's just an ordinary story where I am reincarnated in Kyoto and have a stepsister. If there is something special, it's just that I have a system. --- If you wish to see advanced chapters, you can check the link below: https://www.patreón.com/akikan40

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You have a talent to become a great schemer

At that moment, everyone was happy. The situation turned how it used to be, and everyone's relationship returned to normal. 

Then, the guy with the long hair also sighed in relief when he saw Aisa's idiotic reaction. 

Yet, what they forgot was that Mizuto had made this mess. 

Mizuto was the one who caused trouble; then, he was the one who was the one that everyone was grateful to, making them have a good favor to him and manipulating with ease as he breathed. 

Frankly, he didn't do this manipulation deliberately since he just wanted to have a space to have sex at the school, but then, as they had troubled him, he might as well control them tightly, giving them chains on their necks, so they would become an obedient pet for him. 

As expected, his experience as a pet trainer made it easy to tame all of them. 

Nevertheless, one person, the one who was ignored, acted as the observer as always, and the other guy, with a bland appearance and figure that made people forget about him, subconsciously realized everything. Frankly, he shouldn't say anything, especially what kind of trouble he might receive by trying to antagonize Mizuto, yet when he saw Suzurin's sweet smile toward Mizuto, he couldn't help but feel a tremendous sense of crisis. 

However, due to his personality, he couldn't say those words openly, especially when Mizuto was right in front of him. It felt like... he was facing a behemoth somehow. Still, it was also due to this that he wished for them to finish their conversation as soon as possible. 

"Kurenai-san... if I am not wrong, Misuzu-sensei is looking for you, right?" 

Akatsuki was startled and forgot that someone else was there. Unlike Mizuto, she had not realized there was this young man before, which made her lips twitch, and she wondered how someone's presence could be so low. 

Mizuto didn't say anything, and his expression didn't change, but he smiled inwardly, thinking that someone was jealous. Still, he didn't have an interest in Suzurin even though she was pretty cute. Moreover, he had so many women, and taking care of them took a lot of his time, especially when he also needed to handle his business. 

Even though he had taken care of Tsubaki before, he didn't stop his plan to control the food in this world, including grains, fruits, animal husbandry, fish, seeds, and many others. He was going to make the most of it. Moreover, with his title as the "Logistic King," it was as simple as walking into the part to transport all of it. 

Still, he remembered that he hadn't explained the skill of his "Farmer" job, so he was going to explain it later. 

Suzurin looked at this young man, but she didn't immediately answer. She thought for a while and said, "I think you remember it wrong, Joe. My appointment with Mizusu-sensei is after school." 


The young man, whose name was Joe, looked at Suzurin in silence, nodded, and said softly, "You are right. It seems I have made a mistake." While he wanted to argue more, he knew that he was wrong and he couldn't fool Suzurin, so in the end, he decided to keep quiet, especially with his weak personality. 

"You sure make a funny mistake sometimes," Suzurin said with a smile. 

Yet, for this young man, Joe, who saw Suzurin's smile to face toward him, he felt this was enough. 

Still, this smile didn't last long as Suzurin continued to look at Mizuto once again. "Yes, I have received your registration, and there is no reason for me to stop you from creating the History Research Club." 

"Thank you." 

"But before you can officially start this club, please answer some of my questions and listen to my explanation of how the club works in this school." 

"Please." As this was a standard procedure, Mizuto wouldn't have trouble, and it wouldn't have been bad to hear how the club at this school worked. 

"While we don't force the students in the club to show their achievement in their interest, such as if you want to get more resources from the school, you have to show more achievement." 

"Resource? Such as club budget allocation?" 

"Yes." Suzurin nodded. 


This is the resource that every club seeks. 

"How do we determine this "achievement? After all, not every subject will have a tournament like a sports club, right?" 

While Mizuto didn't care about the "money," since he had a lot of "money," he just asked so his guise of making a club so he could have a place to have sex at the school wouldn't be revealed. 

"That's a good question. Not every club will have its tournaments like the camping club where everyone goes to the camp and enjoys nature, so the achievement that we talk about, except for the "result," which is based on the tournaments, is also based on the total number of members and presence." 

"The number of members aside, what is presence?" 

"It's how you present your club during many events at the school. If possible, you should make your club the trademark of our school so you can gain more budget allocation." 

After all, their school was private, but their school wasn't the only one. As Kyoto was the center of many educational institutions in this country, every school needed to have its own advantages. 

To get that advantage, the number of graduates who entered the famous university and the club's achievements were essential to attract new students and gain more prestige for the school. 

The number of graduates who entered the famous university aside, the club's achievement might seem like something minor in a foreign country, but it was something special in this country. It was the beginning of everything for everyone before they entered adulthood, and many also made nationwide events on various bases of interest, such as sports such as baseball, football, and even a bike race. There was also an art subject or even astrology. 

Those clubs could also hone the skills of the students in the future when they entered a workplace, considering how there were many similarities between the club and workplace, especially the relationship between a "Senpai (Upperclassman)" and "Kouhai (Underclassman)." 

Mizuto didn't like how older people had always been favored due to being older, and even though they didn't have an ability, it was a social norm in this country. Moreover, as it was working and no one could deny its advantages, no one changed since it was troublesome. Naturally, it didn't mean that everyone loved it, yet what could they do? After all, they weren't those who lived with privilege. 

While this was a social norm, naturally, there was an exception, especially those whose parents, families, or acquaintances had a high position in a certain organization. There was no doubt that for those "people," their journey, whether it was in the club or workplace, would become so much smoother. 

Yet, if one didn't have a backing, then they could only bitterly swallow everything and fight by themselves since fighting the current meant that they had to fight everyone. 

Mizuto knew that he was lucky to have a system, and that was why he was going to use it well to gain his position in this world. 

"Are you going to attract more members?" Suzurin asked. 

"No, probably, our club won't have many members." 

"Oh? Why? Shouldn't it be easy for you to get more members?" 

"It's because it is easy, and I don't want to, and that's why I hope that you can keep the existence of this club low-key." 

"Can I ask the reason?" Suzurin asked curiously. 

The rest were also curious, but Mizuto wasn't sure how to answer this since it felt like he was narcissistic if he said so. 

"If he announces that he has created a club, there will be many women who have fallen for him and will try to forcefully join," Akatsuki said in Mizuto's place. 

"..." Everyone. 

Suzurin, Ranran, and Aisa looked at Mizuto at the same time, and somehow, they could imagine such a situation. 

While Mizuto appeared so helpless as he looked at Akatsuki, who smiled, he sighed, then looked at Suzurin firmly and said, "I know that this might be a strange request, but I hope to learn this subject without being distracted." 

As he explained, his appearance resembled that of a young man who truly wished to learn history, causing many to feel in awe. 

Yet, Akatsuki, who knew the truth, had to say that Mizuto was as awesome as ever. After all, they only made a club to have sex, yet why did it feel like... they tried to discover the mystery of the world through history?

However, there was no doubt that his words made everyone believe that he made this club for a greater purpose. 

Even without money, Akatsuki was sure Mizuto could live well with this communication skill, causing all the women and men alike to fall for his magical words and open their wallets for him happily. 

Still, even if this guy was so bad, Akatsuki had to say, this guy was much, much more charming~!


"Achooo!" Reina suddenly felt her nose was itchy. 

"What's wrong, Reina? Are you okay?" Yume asked curiously. 

"No, it's okay. I feel like I missed something important..." Reina looked in the direction of the student council room and felt jealous of Akatsuki, who went with Mizuto.