My Stepsister in Kyoto

It's just an ordinary story where I am reincarnated in Kyoto and have a stepsister. If there is something special, it's just that I have a system. --- If you wish to see advanced chapters, you can check the link below: https://www.patreón.com/akikan40

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The best way to live is to enjoy trouble!

Closing the door of the student council, Mizuto clearly expressed his purpose for coming to this place. 

"A club?" 

As expected, the one who answered was the girl who had this special aura around her. It could be seen that within this place, she was the leader of this club. 


Mizuto nodded. "We had previously talked about our purpose to Ootake-sensei, and she was willing to become our advisor teacher. She told us to give our registration document to the student council, and we came here with that purpose." 

"I see." The girl nodded and said, "Please sit down. Please let me see the document first." 

"Thank you." 

Hearing those words, Mizuto and Akatsuki sat opposite the girl and gave her their registration form for the new club. 

"What kind of club are you going to make?" The childish girl, who also happened to be the tallest among the three, asked curiously, so Mizuto said, "A History Research Club." 

"History Research Club?" 

Everyone was surprised since no one expected that Mizuto would be attracted to history. 

"History? Isn't it a little boring subject?" Somehow, the girl commented, but Mizuto only glanced at the girl. He didn't bother to say anything, ignored this girl, and focused on the girl, who should be the one with the most authoritative power before him again.

No matter how boring or uninteresting something was, it depended on the individual. Having their own opinion was fine and all, but judging it directly like that while saying that the subject that they had chosen was "boring," Mizuto didn't bother to talk with such a rude girl, even if she was a 2nd year. 

After all, what could she do with him?

If he made her angry, he could make her parents lose jobs, and he could even make her into a sex slave, so she should be careful rather than trying to make such a joke. 

Frankly, in this school, he could be as lawless as he wished to be since no one could stop him, but he wouldn't do that unless someone didn't trouble him. 

If someone treated him politely, he would treat them politely, but if they treated him rudely, then they should say goodbye to their lives. 

His motto was as simple as that. 

However, he wondered whether this girl did this to attract his attention. If so, then he had to refuse her since a "tsundere" wasn't his type at all. 

Watching Mizuto, who ignored her, the girl was stunned and got angry. "You are rude!" 

"You are the rude one, Senpai!" The smallest girl looked at the tallest girl and scolded harshly. "You said the interest of others was boring. You should apologize instead of getting angry at him!" 

Mizuto and Akatsuki looked at the smallest girl in surprise since even though this girl was small, she was the spiciest. 

"Ranran..." the tallest girl was shocked and hurt. "You defended the outsider instead of me?" 

"...." The girl, whose name was Ranran, was silent for a while, glancing in Mizuto's direction and lightly blushing before she looked at the tallest girl and said, "I am not defending an outsider or anything, but I am just stating the fact that your words were rude to him." 

Mizuto looked at the smallest girl in doubt, feeling that he had seen her, but his waist was nudged by Akatsuki. 

"Do you know that one?" Akatsuki whispered. 

Mizuto looked at Akatsuki speechlessly and answered softly, "There are many girls who come to me every day. Do you think I will remember them?"

"You are right." Akatsuki nodded, thinking that she might be a little sensitive after she found out about his affair with Nami. As always, she knew that if Mizuto wished to, he should be able to sleep with all the girls in this school. Moreover, with his wealth, he could threaten the girl and the girl's mother into his sex slave and let the father of the girl be obedient. 

When she thought about this, she realized how high Mizuto's standard was. 

At the same time, even without that wealth, if he wished to, he could seduce any woman if he wished to. 

Still, as Mizuto and Akatsuki talked in a whisper, the argument between the smallest girl and the tallest girl became heated. 

"Ah, I see! You must like him, right? Ranran?" The tallest girl suddenly said when she realized the smallest girl was peeking at Mizuto. 

The smallest girl blushed and quickly said, "How could you come to such a conclusion? I was just saying that you were rude, Senpai! We're a student, a council member! We should act more appropriately as the representative that is chosen by the students!" 

"Bu-But that's true, isn't it? It isn't fun anyway..." The tallest girl said in a mutter. 

Still, when the conflict was about to get bigger, the girl, who seemed to be the leader of the student council, looked at the two and said, "You two, stop being noisy. We're in front of the guests. Don't be so rude and make an embarrassment." 

"Ye-Yes, Senpai!" 

"But... Suzurin..." 


The tallest girl quickly shut her mouth and pouted while looking away as she glanced at Mizuto with an annoyed gaze since this guy's existence brought a conflict to the peaceful student council. 

Yet, even though this guy was hateful, she had to admit that he was so damn handsome! 

Watching him from a close distance, she fell into a daze, especially when she looked into his eyes from his side profile. 

When the two girls were quiet, the girl with the most authority, whose name seemed to be Suzurin, looked at Mizuto, falling into silence once again, trying to calm herself. It wasn't that she fell in love with him instantly, but his face was really that handsome. Even if she had someone inside her heart, she couldn't help but appreciate Mizuto's handsome appearance. 

"Sorry for our shameful show previously, and I am sorry too for Aisa. She might have said something rude before, but she isn't bad." 

The tallest girl, whose name seemed to be Aisa, looked at Suruzin, then Mizuto before she looked away with a blush since she knew that she might have said too much, but with her personality, it was impossible to admit that act. Still, since her friend had said so and apologized in her place, she could do nothing and just stay in silence, considering she would be lying if she didn't feel guilty. 

Yet, did Mizuto care?

"So, is our registration finished?" Mizuto asked.

"..." Everyone. 

Usually, when Suzurin said something, all the students who knew her would follow her words subconsciously like they were under mind control. 

However, Mizuto ignored that and straightforwardly asked to finish the registration for his club.

Suzurin fell in silence, then asked, "You don't forgive her?" 

Mizuto wondered why women were sometimes so troublesome, but this was old news since he had many of them. "Is that important?" 

"It is." Suzurin nodded and said, "I think it is important for every student in this school to have a good relationship with each other. Even if they are not, at least we shouldn't have problems with each other, so we can have peaceful students in the school. Do you think the same, Irido-kun?" 

Mizuto looked at Suzurin, who asked him this question as if she tried to push him into the corner, telling him that he loved to cause trouble. He didn't deny it since he loved to make trouble, especially for such a self-righteous girl like her, who thought that she had always been correct. 

"That's true. If we have a peaceful school environment, everyone can learn well." 


When everyone thought that the conflict was over, Mizuto said, "But the person who you tried to defend didn't think the same way, though." 


Let's have everything burnt! 

While everyone was in silence due to Mizuto's words, since no one expected such a sharp comeback, Akatsuki knew that Mizuto was having fun now.

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