My Stepsister in Kyoto

It's just an ordinary story where I am reincarnated in Kyoto and have a stepsister. If there is something special, it's just that I have a system. --- If you wish to see advanced chapters, you can check the link below: https://www.patreón.com/akikan40

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Effortless Day


Mizuto wasn't sure whose voice it was, but this voice was quite annoying, especially when his head was buzzing and hurt. "Can you stand up?" He looked at the girl in his arms, trying to endure his pain. 

"Ah, I, um..." 

The girl couldn't say anything since she was probably so nervous. 

However, Mizuto didn't wait for the girl to talk and put her away on the ground since it was pretty challenging for him to stand as his head was so dizzy. His face was bloody red, and the blood gushed out like a geyser that fell on the ground, stunning everyone in the place. 

Naturally, this stunned everyone, and they fell into silence, unable to comprehend this situation. 

The girl whom he had saved wanted to say something, trying to help him, but a sharp voice interrupted her. 



Reina's sharp voice quickly awakened all of them, pushing the girl away, getting angry at the girl, and wishing to beat her up. 

"Mizuto!" 2x

Yume and Akatsuki were shaking in fear, thinking something serious might happen to him, and quickly held him, trying to help him. They didn't care if their uniforms were dirtied by his blood and wanted to help him. 

"Are you okay?" 

"Let's go to the hospital!" 

"Wait, wait. I am fine." 

Mizuto quickly stopped them when they wanted to call the hospital. While it might seem messy, he knew his condition well, and he understood that there was no need for him to go to the hospital as it was only part of his head that was scratched by the girl's elbow. 

Still, he wondered whether the girl did martial arts as her elbow's attack was so powerful. 

Nevertheless, this situation also made him realize that he might need a self-protection job that he thought to be. The "Merchant" skill might be able to save his life, but facing this type of situation, he knew that whether it was money or a "Brainwashing" skill, it was meaningless. 

"How could you be fine?!" 

"Your head is bleeding!" 

Watching his bleeding head, how could they stay calm?

Their faces were covered by tears and snot, clearly falling into a great panic. Moreover, Reina wanted to fight the girl, who made him bleed. The surroundings also panicked even more, and the noise became even noiseier. 

At the same time, Mizuto felt his head was going to split for some reason, but he forced himself to calm down. 

"Reina, enough!" 

"I..." Reina was stunned when Mizuto raised his voice. 

"I am okay. I am fine. You don't need to worry. Thank you for worrying about me."

Mizuto tried to be as gentle as possible, then he looked at the girl whom he had saved, and she was still on the ground, probably feeling weak, but he didn't have a leeway to help her, like a prince, who would hold her and reassure her that everything was fine. Moreover, it seemed she didn't need his help since there was a guy and a few girls who came to help her.

However, the girl didn't seem to care about the others and was still stunned, staring at him with guilt, blankness, panic, and many emotions that emerged from her. 

"You don't need to worry about me. I am fine. It's just a small cut. By the way, Yume, Akatsuki, and Reina helped me walk to the infirmary." 

"Infirmary!" 3x

The two quickly reacted and brought him to the infirmary. 

Reina also quickly helped him, but the surroundings were still noisy, as no one expected an incident like this to happen in the morning. 

"Shikimori-san! Shikimori-san! Are you okay? I am sorry!" 

However, the girl didn't look at the boy, ignoring Mizuto's blood that fell on her face and uniform, and she kept looking in Mizuto's direction, feeling helpless, guilty, and having other emotions as she knew she had to help him instead of making more trouble. 

There was also another girl among the crowd, and like the girl whom Mizuto had saved, she felt regret for being unable to do anything. 


"There you go." 

"Thanks, Sensei." 

Mizuto then looked at the three girls and said, "Look, I am fine." As expected, it was just a small cut on his temple, but as there was an artery on the temple, there was a lot of blood that came out from that small cut. Still, he knew that the reason that he could stand up until now was due to his strong physical body. 

Still, the girls didn't answer him since they were still scared. 

When Mizuto wanted to comfort them, the door of the infirmary was opened once again, and it was Nami. 

"Irido-kun, are you okay?!" 

Her face was full of sweat, and panic was clearly seen on her face. Her chest was trembling and undulating, and her breathing was rapid. 


Mizuto fell in silence for a while, but he nodded. "I am fine, Sensei." 

"Really? Are you sure?" Nami then confirmed that Mizuto was fine, but she felt that this wasn't enough, so she asked the school doctor, who also affirmed that he was okay. 

"However, you might as well visit the hospital to see your situation." 

"But the exam..." 

"Who cares about the exam? What if you die?!" 

"...I am not going to die. Don't exaggerate something." 

Nevertheless, his uniform was quite dirty due to his blood. 

Still, due to what was happening, no one asked why Nami was so close to Mizuto, or rather, they felt like it was normal as she was his homeroom teacher, and he was also the student who was often being scolded by her. It was like how someone they hated was someone they cared about the most, right?

Nevertheless, if Akatsuki wasn't so panicked, then she might notice, but her mind couldn't work, especially in this situation. 

However, there was no doubt that going to the hospital to check his wound was the best thing to do, but Mizuto said, "Let me take the exam first. I don't want to waste time on the future exam." He didn't want to have a "0" score on his exam, and he also didn't want to waste his time on the remedial exam due to this little incident, especially when he had so many plans.


"When it is over, I can go to the hospital. It will be fine. The exam won't take much time anyway." 

They knew how stubborn he was, and they knew it was meaningless to dissuade him more. 

"Are you sure that you are really fine?" Nami asked once again worriedly. 

"I am fine, Sensei. You should know my physical ability, right?" 

Nami blushed, then let out a helpless sigh. "But tell me when you feel uncomfortable. I will take you to the hospital right away." 

"Okay, thank you, Sensei." 

"But when the exam ends, you need to follow me to the hospital, okay." 

"Thank you for listening to my selfishness, Sensei." 

While Yume, Akatsuki, and Reina wanted him to go to the hospital right away, they knew that Mizuto was okay now, and he wanted to take the exam, so what they said was meaningless. If there was something that they could do, it was to do their best on their exam, as he had told her. 

"Don't worry about me, okay? And once again, you should know how strong my physical ability is." 

"....." 4x

Whether it was Yume, Akatsuki, Reina, or Nami, they could only sigh helplessly, yet three of them blushed. 

However, once again, Reina felt like she was being left out. 

Still, when Mizuto came to the class, everyone quickly rose from their seats and tried to surround him, asking whether he was okay. 

"Okay, okay. I know that you are worried about him, but he needs to have a quiet environment." 

Fortunately, Nami was there, and she quickly gave Mizuto a moment of peace.

Mizuto also told everyone that he was okay before he sighed in relief, as he could have his quietness. 

Nevertheless, Yume, who saw how stubborn he was, made her wonder whether he wanted her to become her little sister so much. Compared to his wish, what was the use of her pride?

Yume thought that she didn't mind becoming his little sister. 

Still, if Mizuto knew what Yume was thinking, he would roll his eyes, thinking that this girl was as helpless as ever. 

"The exam starts!" 

With those words, everyone held their pencils and started their exam. 

However, they had to say it was hard to concentrate, especially when all of them recalled Mizuto, who was bleeding all over. 

Yet, for him, he felt like this exam was easier than he had thought.