My Stepsister in Kyoto

It's just an ordinary story where I am reincarnated in Kyoto and have a stepsister. If there is something special, it's just that I have a system. --- If you wish to see advanced chapters, you can check the link below: https://www.patreón.com/akikan40

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I need a power!

"The exam ends! Put down your paper and pencil!" 

With the voice of the teacher, everyone put down their pencils, but some of them didn't give up and tried to struggle until the end. 

"Come on. Let's go to the hospital." 

However, Nami didn't care about that and came to Mizuto. 


While the exam was easy for him, Mizuto had to say that he felt quite dizzy. At the same time, he thought that he should go to sleep after he went home later. Bringing his bag, he looked at Yume and said, "I will go to the hospital first. You can go back by yourselves, right?" 

"Yes." Yume nodded worriedly, then looked at Nami. "Sensei, please take care of him." 

"Of course." Nami nodded, then led Mizuto to her car, bringing him to the hospital. 

Nevertheless, the class became noisy once again as they wanted to know what was happening. Everyone had seen how he bled, and the remains of his blood were still on the ground before, but they didn't know much about what was happening. 

Yet, how could Yume, Akatsuki, and Reina be in the mood to talk?


"Are you fine?" 

Entering her car, Mizuto sat on the passenger seat and then nodded with a gentle smile. "Thanks, Sensei. I am fine." 


Nami wished to attack him, especially when she saw how weak he was, but as expected, her maternal instinct was stronger. "Let's go to the hospital right away." While her sexual drive was strong, if she lost him, then it was meaningless. 

As Nami drove her car, Mizuto also felt sleepy, so he slept immediately as he knew everything was okay. 

Watching his sleeping face, Nami drove her car slower so she wouldn't wake him up, but at the same time, she wondered whether he forced himself to take an exam for her since that way, as his homeroom teacher, she could get a bonus, which made her responsible. 

Nevertheless, if Mizuto knew what she was thinking, he would say that a woman really loved to overthink, which made him helpless. 

Still, the trip to the hospital was quite smooth, and the doctor checked his wound, saying that everything was okay. Frankly, there was no need for any exaggeration as he only needed to rest.

The human body wasn't so weak. 

As long as there was a will, everything was possible. 

Still, even if there was a will, an effort was necessary, so his wound was cleaned up and disinfected before the doctor prescribed him a few medicines and told him to drink them if he didn't feel comfortable. 

If he is comfortable, then that's it. 

Thanking the doctor, Nami and Mizuto left. 

Still, he had to say the hospital in this country was relatively cheap, but even so, it was great that he had insurance as it made the cost practically free. At the same time, he knew that an insurance business made a lot of money, making him think he should get an insurance company. 

Well, he had a bank, so there was no need for him to do so. 

The two banks he bought were Aozora Bank and Shinsei Bank, which he combined into Mizuto Financial Group. 

Yes, he directly used his name, as it was troublesome to think about a name. 

However, he had to say that there were many famous banks in this country with "M" letters, such as Mitsui Bank, Mizuho Bank, and Mitsubishi Bank, so even if he used his name as his financial group, it didn't give him much of problems. 

Yet, he knew that this was just the beginning, and he also wanted to do something more. 

Currently, his businesses are in several sectors, but his main business is in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, railways, and a bank. 

All of them generated a lot of money, especially the restaurants and railways, but then, he felt that it was far from enough. Then again, he wasn't in a hurry as he could search for something that he wanted to do after his trip to Osaka. 

Nevertheless, it might seem weird of him to talk about his business when he had just come out from the hospital, but he needed to think something, or else he might be seduced by Nami. 

"What do you want to do after this?" Nami asked as she put her hand on his thigh, rubbing and pinching as if giving him a massage. 

After coming out of the hospital, the two returned to the car, and he wanted to go home, but— 

"Sensei... I am wounded." 

"...that's true." Nami sighed, then asked, "Do you want to eat before you go back?" 

Mizuto hesitated for a while, then shook his head. "Sorry, Sensei, I am sleepy. I think I will go back to sleep."

"It's okay."

Probably because she had tried to endure it as he had his exam, but when they met each other, her body became hotter, so she couldn't help it.

"But... I don't mind resting for a while." 

Nami smiled sweetly, then said softly, "You don't need to move later. Just rest." 

"...." Mizuto. 

Could he even rest?

Mizuto knew that it was impossible, especially when Nami brought him to her house once again.


Two hours later, Mizuto returned to his house while he was helped by Nami. At this moment, he confirmed that he needed a job that could enhance his physical ability. Still, he noticed that Nami was staring at his house. "What's wrong, Sensei?" 

"Nothing." Nami couldn't tell him it wasn't the first time she had come to his house. However, it was her first time walking into his house, and every time, she would just pass it, looking at it as she passed with her car, especially when she went home after school. 

Still, at the same time, she should be glad that Mizuto wasn't around whenever she did that, or else he would think of her as a stalker. 

Nevertheless, unlike Mizuto, who was quite exhausted, Nami's skin was moist and radiant. 

The two walked side by side as she helped him walk. 

"Then, Sensei here is enough." 

"Don't you want me to send you inside?" 

If you send me inside, then I might die.

Mizuto rolled his eyes and didn't allow himself to show his weakness. "There is Yume inside." 

"Your stepsister, huh?" 

Mizuto could tell that Nami was suspicious, but it didn't matter since their relationship was nothing but just sex. "Then, see you tomorrow, Sensei. I am sorry for not being able to entertain you inside." 

"It's okay. I also need to go back to school, after all." 

While she wanted to go inside, she knew that he needed to rest. Still, she wanted to ask about his plan during the "Golden Week," but the door was opened suddenly, and Yume, Akatsuki, and Reina were there. 


"Are you okay?" 

"How is it?" 

"I am fine." Mizuto wasn't sure how long he had said this, but he told them again and again. 

"Sensei, thank you for taking care of him." 

The three thanked Nami, and Nami told them that it was okay before she decided to leave. Nevertheless, her eyes were staring at the three girls for a while before she let out a helpless sigh, but her eyes became even more determined. 

Still, Akatsuki, who saw Nami's car left, was in doubt. 

"What's wrong, Akatsuki?" Reina asked. 

"Nothing." Was it her imagination?

Well, if it was him, Akatsuki wouldn't be surprised somehow. 

Nevertheless, with the help of the three girls, Mizuto went to his room and lay on his bed before he slept directly. 

Watching his sleeping face, the three girls stared at his face for a while, having an urge to kiss him, before they let out a helpless sigh and didn't bother him as they knew that resting was something that he needed the most at that moment. 

Still, Akatsuki and Yume sighed in relief since they knew that Mizuto was okay. 

Reina stared at him in silence, and her heart was in a state that she had never felt before. 



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