My Stepsister in Kyoto

It's just an ordinary story where I am reincarnated in Kyoto and have a stepsister. If there is something special, it's just that I have a system. --- If you wish to see advanced chapters, you can check the link below: https://www.patreón.com/akikan40

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There is only one winner among us

"Are you ready to call me Onii-chan, Imouto?" 

"Say that after you have gotten the 1st rank, shitty little brother!" 

Today was the day for the placement test to be held, and it was time for them to determine who a little brother and little sister were. 

"Wait, it's only for a week, okay? Please remember that premise!" 

"If you are scared, just say so." 

"I am not! But you only said that it was only for a week! No more than that!" 

Before the exam, the two had breakfast with their parents, filling their stomachs so they could focus on the battle ahead of them. 

Still, watching Mizuto and Yume, who were in an argument, Yuni and Mineaki felt relief that they were close, but at the same time, it was like they were flirting in front of them. 

"You two, this is still early in the morning. Don't fight, okay?" 



While Mizuto was as nonchalant as ever, Yume glared at her little brother, who was also her secret lover. At this moment, she could tell he was looking at her with a smile. 

What should she do?

Frankly, she didn't really mind becoming his little sister, especially when she knew that she didn't have a chance to take the throne of the 1st rank from him. Why did she say so? It was because even though they competed with each other, they were still studying together. While she only focused on learning the knowledge that would be shown on the exam, he was already studying all the relevant subjects that would be taught in the 2nd and 3rd grades. Still, even so, he could teach her perfectly without making a single mistake, which made her at a loss, wondering how to beat this monster. 

It was like she had climbed a mountain, thinking that the summit was before her, yet the real summit was still so far and hidden between the clouds, making her realize that she hadn't closed the gap between them at all! 

Or rather, was it even possible for their gap to be closed?

Yet, it didn't mean that she was going to give up. 

Yume might not be able to defeat him in many other areas, whether it was a physical ability, drawing, or many others, but in study? 

Yume swore that she was going to defeat him!

Watching Yume, who was brimming with a fighting spirit, Mizuto thought that this girl was really a good girl. It was his first time seeing someone become such a good girl. Yet, it didn't mean that he was going to hold back and let her win this match since, as a good girl, he knew that she would hate him if he let her have the victory on this placement exam. 

More importantly, whatever their age or gender, Mizuto didn't have any intention of purposely losing any matches. This wasn't because he was childish but because this was his way of life. Moreover, as they had decided to enter a competition with him, they should have prepared for losing since he hated losing the most. 

Still, Yuni, who saw the two, felt a bit worried as the two became closer and closer. Moreover, on Golden Week, they would go to Osaka together. By then, they might lose their virginity at the same time! 

Or had they lost their virginity?

Yuni wasn't sure, but she could imagine how creepy she appeared to be if she tried to creep to the second floor to peek or eavesdrop on them. 

"What's wrong, Yuni-san?" Mineaki asked since he noticed something strange about his wife. 


Yes, it was nothing. 

Yuni had accepted everything. Even if they had a relationship, she was okay with it. Still, if there was a reason why she was okay with everything, it was because they could still maintain decorum, so they wouldn't do something like naughty flirting before them. Nevertheless, she felt like she needed to be careful in case they entered their room. At least she needed to knock on the door of their room several times and harder before she entered. 

Knowing what she should do, she felt like it was meaningless to worry about this matter anymore and just thought about her honeymoon with her husband to Sapporo. 

"I can't wait for our trip to Sapporo~!" 

"Me too~!" 

Watching their parents start to get flirty, Yume and Mizuto roll their eyes and quickly finish their breakfast before they go to school together. As usual, the two walked together while holding each other's hands. As for his motorcycle, they had already ridden it around the neighborhood yesterday, which was quite nice and novel, but as expected, it was impossible to ride it to the school.


"...why did you laugh so suddenly?" 


Yume just felt happy that she could have such ordinary days where they could hold each other's hands, walk to school together, and live under the same roof. At the same time, she also prayed that such a day could continue forever. 

Mizuto didn't know what Yume was thinking, but since she was in a good mood, it was better to let it that way. Was it because she was able to smoothly take a shit in the morning? Probably, he thought. Nevertheless, as he walked, he didn't see Rinko Akashigata, who often greeted them previously. This happened from the start of this week, and it made him worried somehow. 

In the beginning, he might not have thought too much about this relationship, but as he had changed due to Sonoko, he knew what he wanted to do. 

Still, was it his imagination?

However, he felt like someone was always watching him for some reason. 

"What's wrong?" 

Yume suddenly stopped as she noticed that his expression was quite strange. 


However, Mizuto fell into silence, wondering how much she had been staring at him, and she noticed a change in his expression. He looked around for a while, confirming that no one was around before he took her lips. 

"...." Yume. 

"Let's go." 


There was no need for such nonsense, just kissing her enough to solve all the troubles. 

As the two walked, they quickly arrived at the school, greeted by their classmates and many others whom they had known from the beginning of their admission till now. Even though all of them were quite nervous about the placement exam, there was no doubt that they would be excited about the aftermath since they would have a "Golden Week," a total week's worth of holiday during the spring. 

"Good morning." 

"Irido-kun, good morning~!" 

"Are you confident with your exam?" 

As usual, Mizuto was popular and even surrounded by many girls. Fortunately, Yume, who was quite flustered, quickly found help. 

"Good morning, Yume-chan~! Mizuto-kun~!" 

"Let's go to class." 

Akatsuki and Reina appeared at the right time and helped Yume protect Mizuto from the naughty kitties who wished to put their claws into him. 

"What's wrong, Mizuto-kun? Are you unhappy that we pushed all of those girls away from you?" 

Akatsuki suddenly asked, causing Yume to turn sharply and Reina to stare at him silently. 

"...of course not, right? I am happy with your help." 

Mizuto sighed inwardly while trying to show that he was okay. 

Nevertheless, there was no doubt his answer brought satisfaction to the three. They knew while it was impossible for the others if Mizuto wished to, he should be able to sleep with all the girls in this school. 

How was that possible?!

Was that even humanly possible?!

Was he even a human?!

Many would start to question this, but the truth and reality were more ridiculous than one imagined. 

Nevertheless, Mizuto never intended to do so. It was troublesome, and he had something that he wanted to achieve first, such as building a space elevator. With that ambition, how could he waste his time doing a stupid thing?

Still, as the three talked and he just listened to their conversation and joined occasionally, he suddenly widened his eyes and was startled when a figure fell from the stairs. 

Not only he but many also noticed, but everything happened so suddenly that no one could react. 

Mizuto knew that this was dangerous, but somehow, he moved fast and caught this girl in his arms. However, the girl's elbow hit his head, causing him to frown and grunt due to the pain. Yet, even so, he could still catch the girl safely in his arms. "...are you okay?" 

"Ah, um, thank you..." 

Mizuto wasn't sure whether the girl's face was red due to embarrassment, fear, or both.

Yet, he had to say, she was so red. 

Oh, wait! 

Smelling the unique metallic scent as something warm dripped over his face, Mizuto realized that he was bleeding. 


Do you want me to list his job, too?

By the way, as I have mastered the art of "Cliffhanger," I also have started to realize the art of "Lemon," which is kind of fun somehow. 

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