Mutual Cooperation, Skyfire Bull Dragon

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"A favor?"

Ling Jiu raised his eyebrows. 

"I know a place that has a lot of energy crystals, but there's a powerful monster there and I can't deal with it alone.

Bai Ya went straight to the point. "I'd like to ask for your help. Let's take down the monster together, and then split the crystals evenly."

"How many energy crystals we're looking at?"

Ling Jiu raised his eyebrows and asked. He had 85 energy crystals on him now, which was already plenty among the trainees. If there were too few energy crystals, he would not be interested. 

Bai Ya frowned and said, "I don't know the specific number, but there should at least be more than a hundred pieces?"

"I'll help with this!"

Ling Jiu's eyes brightened. He then glanced at Wangwang, who was standing beside Bai Ya, and said faintly. "I'll make it clear first. The split is just between us, if you want to inflate your share with freeloaders, I won't agree to that."