Beast Control Arcana, Ultimate Treasure

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Below the dimensional passage, inside the maglev airship. 

"Old Ma, see that? Your Tianwei's Bai Ya is no match for Ling Jiu!"

"How did this kid get so strong?"

The old man who looked like The Beast from Kungfu Hustle could not hide his shock. "The tortoise shell that Bai Ya could not even destroy using her Annihilation Thunder was smashed apart by him with just a punch?"

"Bai Ya that lass sure is strong but the Annihilation Thunder seems to consume an extreme amount of Gene Arcana. Otherwise, she would have killed that tortoise!"

The camp commandant's eyes let out a sharp glint. "It's a pity, if this girl had the Hundred-fold or even the Thousand-fold Gene Arcana, her combat power would have changed dramatically."

"Aih, Old Li, your eyes sure are sharp."