My precious possession -: Arrange marriage. Book

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My precious possession -: Arrange marriage.


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My precious possession-: Arrange marriage. A mix emotions flow through our whole body upon listening this name. Kinda sweet, possessive as well as kind of complicated. Two unknown souls who doesn't know about eachother get's bounded up in a sacred thread, named "MARRIAGE" for the whole life or we can say eternity. It's not always a girl who doesn't want to get married but sometimes it's a boy also. According to world, arrange marriage is very difficult for a girl but not for a boy. Agree that girl's faces more difficulty but that doesn't mean the boy doesn't faces any sort of difficulty. It's both who faces difficulty and it's both who had to face everything together with eachother, with eachother's, families support. He's a multi billionaire businessmen while she's a model. He, who is a born perfectionist with everything except his dad. She, who lives to her life to fullest, she had craziness, she's totally immature in front of her loved one while a lil mature infront of others. Both are fully dedicated to work. Both had different lifestyle, are from different world. Will they be able to understand eachother...?? Will they be able to love and trust eachother...?? Connection from soul to heart or heart to soul or heart to heart or soul to soul...?? The story has twist, love, romance, care, quarrel, fight, anger, maturity, immaturity, childishness jealousy, possessiveness, heart break, trust, hate and everything. Join the journey of two different souls of becoming one, turning of the marriage from arrange to love.


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