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My Dark Angel Prince: Trapped in Death’s Embrace

Avalyn is a college student majoring in art, struggling to find her place in the world. On her way home, she stumbles upon the Angel of Death. At first, Avalyn is convinced that she's hallucinating, but as the gorgeous angel begins to speak to her, she realizes that this encounter is all too real. Avalyn becomes increasingly agitated as the angel continues to speak in riddles, unsure of what to believe. She begins to question her own sanity, wondering if this encounter is a product of her own imagination or if there's something deeper at work. She begins to find beauty and comfort in the Grim Reaper. The experience forces her to confront her own mortality and to embrace the uncertainty of life. Ultimately, she emerges from the encounter with a newfound sense of purpose, ready to tackle whatever the world has in store for her.

Egyptiangodess98 · Fantasy
20 Chs

Red hair on the Run

Volume one Anna sat by her window side looking outside. She was listening to the evening news on radio since she couldn't afford a television,she listened to the news as she kept staring ahead and looking at the now destructed city. She listened to how girls were dying on a daily basis and this scares her alot. First some very powerful people came from nowhere and now girls were dying? what was happening? who was doing these? what did they want? She stood up and looked at her red hair in the mirror. Why did this always caused trouble? even her mother was killed because of it! Could she perhaps be the person they were looking for? *********** Volume two A witch princess in love with a demon king. The love is forbidden yet will it last? Even though it is against everything the demons stand for? Read to find out.

cenna45 · Fantasy
60 Chs


"Like a fairy tale, I turned into a crown princess in just one night. Why did the crown prince choose me?" - Renny "I have loved you long before you knew it." - Jayden Renny's life changed in just one night when an announcement from the kingdom stated that she had been chosen as the Crown Princess of the kingdom of Wei. Lost all her freedom and her love outside the majestic walls of the palace. Could Renny find her love and life again in the terrifying palace conditions and situations? Just an ordinary love story... But it can make you feel extraordinary Original story by Belleame. Plagiarism will be reported legally as the law. 21+ mature contents (Reader discretion is needed. Harsh words, acts, violence, sexual harassment.) The cover is not mine, the copyright belongs to the owner. Happy reading, Belleame

Not enough ratings
115 Chs

Forbİdden Love

[VOLUME - 1 : Forbidden love ] The king of the monocot kingdom is pursuing his son - the only prince of monocot kingdom to marry a daughter of the late king who died twenty three years ago. Prince Asa is against of this arranged marriage out of love but only to save his life and the life of the one he loved. Prince fell in love with the palace maid who later broke his heart and run away with the castle guard. The maiden had no choice in order to keep everyone safe, she ran away but the fate kept them back together in a very different way. What awaits them ahead is the mystery!

Mayatella_ · History
Not enough ratings
19 Chs

Don’t you love me, Your Highness?

Saffron Fae is the first princess of the Fae Kingdom. Despite having a birthright claim to the throne, she is ineligible as she never grew her wings. Sheltered, gossiped about and shunned by her own Kingdom, "What good is a fairy without wings?" they said. On the day of the Rebirth Ball, where the Phoenix and Fae Kingdoms united every three years to celebrate peace between their lands, Prince Ash, Crown Prince of the Phoenix Kingdom, falls into the lake. After Saffron saves him with the kiss of life, King Ignis orders their marriage to preserve both of their honour. Enraged, Prince Ash refuses, though he is eventually forced by his father, he mocks Saffron's winglessness and spends their wedding night drinking himself into a stupor. Finally fed up with the treatment she has suffered all of her life, Saffron vows to make Prince Ash fall in love with her, and then shatter his heart.

Miss_Seren_Dipity · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
15 Chs

Aithne: Daughter of the Flame

“You are destined for great things, child. Doom is a great thing.” Aithne is a sweet and adventurous free spirited girl, but she’s also a noble princess of the Megorian regime. Her and her twin sister, Katherine are as thick as thieves, though with often contrasting personalities and beliefs, they would die for each other. The century long war against magic has finally ended, though the magic-borne continue to be persecuted, there’s finally peace across the continent of Bermiizhe. The ancient prophecy about ‘The Curse’ is known only to a few who have long forgotten its existence. Minds have become comforted with the facade of peace the people now thrive under, but their blanket of comfort is about to be ripped in the middle. The fire has begun to rage and rumble underneath Aithne's skin. It's begging to be unleashed. Like a volcano on the brink of eruption, it bubbles underneath her skin and goes unseen. But Aithne is a gentle soul, though rebellious with a knack for breaking rules, the princess is adored by all. This treacherous evil couldn't possibly exist within her. But the evil exists. ‘The Curse’ has finally begun to manifest, and the kingdom of Megor is at the brink of a civil war. It's almost naming day, and the next ruler of the West lies between the princesses and their uncle who's the rightful heir to the throne according to the laws of the land. The King is at an even greater war with himself. His decision could be the start of a revolution but he has to make the right decision even if it kills him. Betrayals and treachery, mixed right in the middle of a far greater evil continue to lurk within the walls of the palace, and the fate of the world rests unknowingly on Aithne's shoulders. But the evil isn't planning on staying hidden. It's brewing, bubbling, waiting to erupt. The Circle of Five are planning something sinister. The evil brewing within the walls of the Western Megorian palace must be stopped before it grows big enough to swallow them all, and they would do anything to stop it. Or rather, to stop her. Trigger warnings: -Violent speech/actions. -Very explicit descriptions of murder. -Depictions of suicidal thoughts/tendencies. -Non-explicit gore. -Explicit descriptions of a horrific birth.

Harleeyah24 · Fantasy
2 Chs

The Era of the New King

It speaks of the age when a woman took over the throne—a taboo according to the traditions of the ancient practice.

Eucharisthymn · Urban
Not enough ratings
21 Chs

The Forsaken Princess Bride

The King of Galbore made a promise that the hero who ends the worst war of the century will marry his daughter. He did not expect that the hero will be Prince Cassian from a foreign kingdom which he never got along with. Trying to keep the promise to upkeep his reputation, he lets the prince marry the child from his first marriage instead of his gem. What the king did not realise was that the prince knew of his scheme and he intentionally went ahead with the marriage with the forsaken princess. Moreover, Cassian has an unexpected history with Princess Isabelle. But she does not seem to remember him… Isabelle posed as her sister Adeline during the wedding and thereafter, hoping to save her father and kingdom she learns how to be a princess she should be, facing the challenges along the way and many heartbreaks.

Klaudia12 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
67 Chs