My Pirate Wives Book

novel - Fantasy

My Pirate Wives


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No man will ever sail under my flag - but plenty of women will! These pirate wenches are crazy about a man who can read! A young outcast transmigrates into a fantasy world as a beginner pirate. Bastian is made into an even bigger outcast by his traitorous bully brother who turns out to be the infamous pirate wizard Captain Gorgo, in charge of the most dangerous crew on any seas. Cursing Bastian so that no man may sail under his flag, Gorgo fails to account for one thing...women. Continuously adding new saucy wenches to his crew, Captain Bastian Black battles keepers of mystical occult literature to utilize his rare power: literacy. He's on a quest to become so strong in magic and pirating that he can finally kill Captain Gorgo and leave the sibling rivalry behind. In a world of swashbuckling adventures, every lass with a sword counts... Join Captain Bastian Black on his epic voyage with women who are excellent with swords! In case you didn't figure it out yet, this book contains violence and harem stuff, so +18 readers only, please. Hope you enjoy. Leave comments! discord link finally. it's an actual functioning server afaik: https://discord.gg/tmeZKG5dqT Sorry for changing the A.I. cover a lot. I edited a pic of a future pirate lass who might interest my readers!